Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Deaf Mainstream Meet The Parents about JrNAD?

WAKE UP NAD!!! Don't avoid this serious matter issues!!! Don't WASTE our time!!!

My response for Adain Mack and a special Guest Vlogger, Liza Offreda. I don't know if my feedbacks are good enuff because I grow up in Deaf Oral Catholic school from age up to 8th grade and myself alone at hearing Co-ed Catholic High School in my lifetime. Sorry that I do not have expereience in mainstream public school with other Deaf students. Just want to give my feedbacks of how the Deaf mainstream students meet their parents at home. Good luck with your briefing chat with other Deaf students outside of school campus or possible you will have a free time with only brief chat with mainstream students at lunch break time. This is America and you have a right to have freedom of speech (or expression). Why punish the students with free time at lunch break and after school??

What happen and what's WRONG with NAD with no response??!

Will pray and hope things will work out for JrNAD...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Deaf Become Slaves Again Just Like Roman Catholic Empire History?

From my own time researching on this History of Catholic Popes from this link: http://bessel.org/popes.htm

The problem is that I do not see where is Pope Felix V who was already a Married Man from his Papacy Year (1439 - 1449) on this original List of Popes' link: http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/12272b.htm . Can you see the number 208th and 209th Pope??? Why was Pope Felix V not on the List of Popes?

About the priests wives were thrown off to the slaves, go read down on 7th to around 14th paragraphs on this link: http://www.heretication.info/_slavery.html

Wondering if we Deaf still have to be slaves for the Hearing People by forcing us, the Deaf to become "hearing minds" and force us to use English Sign Language (forbid using our natural ASL)?? Just wondering if we, Deaf have to be suffer SLAVES from Hearing People again by covering up our Deaf Culture and history just like Roman Catholic tried to cover up their own messed up Roman Catholic Empire history????

Friday, December 07, 2007

Shawn Meets Lovely Southern Deaf ASL Lady

Greetings Everyone!

It was so fabulous for me meet Susan Cole from her blog link: http://susan-stritasvictims.blogspot.com/

Me Ready Fly Home? My guess NEVER! Need more vacation, anyway!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

My Video Msg for Honorable Prez SDAD and Officers!

This video clip will go this SDAD's contact link: http://www.sdad.org/board.aspx

Dear Honorable President of SDAD and SDAD Officers,

I feel that both Aidan Mack and Jack's eyes did gave us very appropriately information. Let me try to express my feelings to you.. Hope that you, the SDAD officers do not mind to go ahead make appt to talk with CSD to find a way to remove our guilty from using our pagers and paying monthly services to support the Cochlear Implants Fundings Only now these days. It will not hurt you all, SDAD Officers to go make appointment with the CSD's Headquarter. SDAD is very nearby the CSD's headquarter??? Me Right or Wrong???? Hope that SDAD and CSD will NOT GIVE UP to find a way stop the bill and have it expired, nulled and voided. Are there any possible way to have more than 80 percents to support ASL/Global International Sign Language Program Fundings from our pager monthly services???

Good luck with your success! Thank you all, SDAD Officers for your own time reading and watching my vlog. I need to go out of town as soon as possible from the BIG 4 Powerful Oral Deaf Schools here in the state of Missouri.... Bye... Shawn

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Why CSD NOT WARN US to WATCH OUT for Legisltors?

For a rush (in a hurry) viewers or double doses of coffee users veiw on this video clip:

This video for relaxing and taking own time ASL viewers on this video clip:

I want to thank Jack's Eye's ASL TV video link: http://www.deafvideo.tv/watch/4292

Also thanks to Aidan Mack's ASL vlog link: http://deaffilmblog.blogspot.com/2007/11/telecommunication-relay-service-funds.html

FYI: I did watch this SDAD President's recently message on this vlog link: http://www.sdad.org/

To my question for SDAD President: Why we, the Deaf NOT BEING WARN to WATCH OUT the legislators??? We, the DEAF do have a RIGHT to know about this before the legislators passed the law!!! Can this bill nulled, expired or void???? We need to see this bill support ASL/ Global International Sign Language Programs, also to prevent the early language development delayed for our future Deaf children's education rights!

Thanks so much for your cooperated if you are willing to accept DEAF South Dakota, Frank Turk's FAMOUS QUOTE: T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieve More).

For my video comments to those commenters on down below, pls view this video:
(Canceled) due to one of the commenters who do not even bother to warn us first before he blow the horns to the legislators!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Different Deaf Religous People Think About Future DBC Supporters

Of course there are MANY Different Religous Church do STILL INVOLVED Government Politics and Fundies now these days! This is my feedbacks for different Deaf religious who really cares about future Deaf children to get their Deaf Bilingural education.

This video for "RUSH" or "IN A HURRY" viewers to learn about Different Relgions do involved Government and Fundies:

Or view this video for "relaxing" or "taking own time" viewers:

This video for "RUSH" or "IN A HURRY" viewers need to think about their own performing different than my "NOT OFFICIAL Catholic's Lord's Prayer" in their home hearing mainstream local church:

Or view this video for "relaxing" or "taking own time" viewers:

Well, see my lord's prayer seems not right but someone did asked us Deaf Catholics for more need feedbacks to support ASL not English Lord's Prayer. That's why I just happened to volunteer but don't take my Lord's Prayer seriously, please!!! I just want to help future DBC because so many local churches did helped many hearing parents to save their own money by sending their own Deaf child to Orally Deaf Catholic School, SJI (St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf)..

Thanks for your understanding! Smile and Bless you all! Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with your family!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oral Deaf Children: To Be Mainstream OR Not To Be Mainstream

My home local public elementary school district of hearing parents of hearing children and I went to night meeting. Several hearing parents who live in my home local district did complaint about FM Systems in the classrooms because the sounds were disturbing and confusing some of their hearing children in the classrooms. FM system speakers confused some hearing children in classrooms because the sounds were not the same in their outside hearing world!!!! What's the points for parents (including Deaf and hearing) of Deaf Oral mainstream students who live from far outside of my home district did took advantage of us, the Ladue District parents taxpayers???

I will make this video clip subtitling later for my home district parents of hearing children to save our taxpayers when I have more time. Have a very blessing day!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Differences Both NTID Students Were from Orally SJI Graduated Got Killed

I was thinking "Why that Hearing Orally SJI Nun Principal do NOT send us letter to us all SJI Class of 1978 about our "day student sister" who got killed from a car crash on the way to NTID from here in St. Louis???? Why does that Hearing Orally SJI Nun Principal did sent the letter to a whole SJI Class of 1980 about "our dorm student brother" who got killed from jumping off the top of Empire State Building while he was a student of NTID???? Know who was that hearing Orally SJI Nun principal??? You can go figure out yourself with who is that Hearing Orally SJI Principal Nun from reading on this blog link: http://www.bloglines.com/blog/Deaf-Advocate?id=126

Friday, November 09, 2007

Can Laurent Clerc Become Deaf Saint?????

To inform you that there are some hearing Saints who are NOT Catholics!!!! What's the difference??? It is really not making any sense that Laurent Clerc cannot become Saint because he married to his not Catholic Deaf wife! That is so much insulting and discriminating to have NO DEAF SAINT!!!! Some Saints are not making their own miracles but they do have good heart for the global community. So it is time for us to honor and respect Laurent Clerc to become Deaf Saint because he did worked so hard to educate Deaf children and community.

Here's the update latest news for the American Catholic Delegation to the International Deaf Community MILAN PADUA VENICE PISA FLORENCE ASSISI ROME, June 16 – 27, 2008 on this blog link: http://deafcatholiclatest.blogspot.com/2007/09/pilgrimage-t.html . Just wondering about Papal Audience June 25, 2008. Could we, the International Deaf Community request the Pope to have Louis Laurent Marie Clerc to become Saint and celebrate on every year on December 26. That will help our future Deaf children education rights to use sign language to prevent the early language development delayed. It is NOW time to stop the abuse sign language education in our global world community!

I would suggest to have Ella Lentz to be a keynote speaker to explain to the Pope to understand why it is important to recognize to have Laurent Clerc to become a Saint for our future Deaf children education rights. Or have Ella Lentz refer someone who can be able replace her if she cannot make to Rome on that date from June 16 to 27, 2008.

November 10, 2007:

My today video goes for comments on down below:

Have a good holiday weekend. I need to spend more time with my Deaf son before go work today because he has to go back dorm tmw (Sunday) and has class on Veteran's Day!!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

NAD??? Parents of Deaf Children with Other Disabilities???

Photo Nbr 1:

That's why I had to hold on by not donating my money to NAD from CFC while I am too busy full time working mom and still confused about the NAD's system problems.... Thanks for your understanding, NAD...

Photo Nbr 2:

Photor Nbr 3:

Any medication including cochlear implants will NOT CURE Autism!!! Too much distracting noises from enviroment will not help the children with Autism paying attention to teachers... Preferrably silence or one on one face to face will help the children with Autism more enjoyable to learn in classroom... Plus also they with the Autism have misunderstood language development too much or language delayed..

So far there are parents of Deaf Mainstream children that have other disabilities DID NOT SHOW UP at morning and night workshops! I am not going to waste my BREATH by advocating for Parents of Deaf MAINSTREAM Children that have other disabilities because I already know that they did dumped them to mainstream public school from Deaf Oral education... Then they dumped them to America Schools of the Deaf... Why WASTE of time for Deaf Schools RAs and Teachers have to start all over educating to the new Deaf students???? See I am a full time working mom and did go workshop. I won't share more info about Autism to the Parents of Deaf mainstream students that have other extra disabilities because I do NOT WANT TO waste my breath.. Thanks for your understanding. I need to sign off my PC because I need to enjoy my day outside with a very beautiful weather since I had been working for another straight 9 days.

Oh forgot to tell you that MSD football team won the game and I wanted to tell the Ohio School for the Deaf football team that they did great job at the football game too!!! WOW, OSD's football team did GOOD JOB!!! I did enjoyed watching the football game!!! HOT EXCITING GAME!!!

ASL Respectfully Yours, Shawn

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Deaf Oral and Mainstream Education Harm Family Values!

Just want to express my own opinions and thoughts to support and give more feed backs by helping other Deaf vloggers to create their own express on their own video clips. Let us keep on saving ASL education for Family Values forever! Sorry I cannot make this transcript because I am not in the mood and need to get some more sleeping hours before go work and will be busy this weekend.

Oh one more thing before I forgot to let you know that I got email from NAD last Tuseday, October 23, 2007 about 2pm to response back my video comment on this link: http://blogs.nad.org/advocacy/?p=47 Her reply on down below was:

Hi Shawn,

Thanks for submitting your comment about NAD Takes Action for Deaf Babies. We are developing more material for the EHDI section of the web site, and we hope to do more vlogs in the future. I agree with you that state EHDI panels need to be more open to ASL. I hope to post some information about deaf community representation on EHDI panels soon.

Thanks again.

Barbara Raimondo, Esq.
National Association of the Deaf
8630 Fenton Street
Suite 820
Silver Spring, MD 20910
301 587 1789 tty
301 587 1788 voice
301 587 1791 fax

Monday, October 22, 2007

SEE Do Not Know How Support Domestic Violence Programs!

This October 27th, 2007 will be 30th Anniversary to honor the First Black American MSD's 1977 Fall Homecoming Queen! We, the hearing and Deaf Federal workers will ALWAYS miss her and her hearing mom and her hearing sweet CODA daughter! God bless her ASL soul and her family!

I want to thank my manager and supervisor who gave up allowing me to get this weekend off from my work to honor my very good friend by going to MSD's Football Fall Homecoming game playing against Ohio School for the Deaf. Deep sighs, I will be working straight 9 days with no day off from work. I will be DEAD TIRED from working too many hours! Have a very good week!!!

Respectfully yours, Shawn

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Not Deaf Enough Book Written by WHO?????

I feel that Ricky Taylor from http://www.ridorlive.com/ should have get a job as a Chief of WAPO as soon as possible because I strongly know that Ricky protect the DBC. WAPO did their poor job by spreading out the media news to destroy the DBC..

Don't bother me by begging me to have my video subtitled because I have a RIGHT to POSTPONE until I retire from my oppressive federal work floor everyday. Perhaps I will work on subtitling when I become 80 years old after I recover or get healing from the oppressors on this earth!

Thanks for your time watching my videos! Hope you will have a very blessing day in this OPPRESSIVE hearing world!!!

ASL Respectfully Yours, Shawn

For my video response on 6 comments from down on below:

WAPO is more POWERFUL media news for all over the world than our local home media news. That's why we need Ricky to help WAPO to get President Bush more attention to protect his first dog from a terrorist, Jenny Botero who did harmed an innocent DBC Child, Brianna! So the WAPO should report on the popular media news so we the local will be more aware than the regular local media news from DC Examiner! That's my opinion. I better get ready go work. Have a very good day! Shawn

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Need Advise For Full Time Working Parents of Deaf Babies NOW!

I did took advise from my vidoe tube fans comments to force myself to work on this Subtitle video from my 4 months ago video clip with no subtile on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZdX68QmorA

About time that I am done with my subtitling from Overstream but I do NOT know how to download that subtitling and then feed on video tube with subtitling?? Huh???

Bye, have a very good day. I need to get some rest before go to work. Peace and hugs, Shawn

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Silence = Death !!!! It's Time To Tell !!!

You are receiving this message as a fellow supporter of survivors of all forms of child abuse. I found your (Shawn's) email address by searching websites which address the issue of child abuse - but this is by no means spam or generated automatically!

Catharsis Foundation is trying to reach survivors of all forms of child abuse and requests your assistance.

We only wish to be of supportive service to survivors (entirely free) and to encourage survivors TO TELL
(tell authorities, tell in a book, tell someone close - but don't keep the secret) because telling stops abusers from hurting more children!

However, reaching survivors is a challenging task - which is why your help would be extremely appreciated! If you are able to help us reach survivors of all forms of child abuse - either by email, a link on your website, information in a newsletter or by any other means available to you, we would be extremely grateful.

Please feel free to check out our services at http://www.catharsisfoundation.org/home.html. It is, and always will be, a work-in-progress as we grow to meet the needs and requests of survivors - suggestions are welcomed!

However, if you prefer to never receive another email from Catharsis Foundation, please reply to this message with REMOVE or NO THANKS and your email address will be removed immediately! Also, please forgive me if you accidentally receive this email more than once.
It is not our intention to irritate or anger anyone - only to help!

Very Sincerely,

Catharsis Foundation

"It's Time To Tell!"
Books By & For Survivors & Supporters of Survivors:
More information about these books is located at http://www.catharsisfoundation.org/Books/bookstore.html
Add your book at http://www.catharsisfoundation.org/submitbook.html

(Catharsis Foundation only promotes books written by, and for, survivors of child abuse.)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Stop the Lies! End Aerial Gunning of Wolves!

Shawn's short note: (That is disgusting and confusing example of why do they want to use the wolves' ASL PAWS??? It made me so SICK and CONFUSE from reading on down below that someone who did sent email to me this morning!)

It's simply outrageous. Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has signed off on a $400,000 state-funded propaganda campaign to justify the state's barbaric wolf slaughter from the skies.
Why? Because Governor Palin and her political cronies in the state legislature are afraid that Alaskans will vote - once again - to end the brutal, unfair and unnecessary aerial gunning program.
Urge Governor Palin to stop the lies and end aerial gunning of wolves!
Alaska is truly our nation's last frontier. It is also the last place in the U.S. where a few hunters still use aircraft to chase and kill wolves. They shoot these animals from the air or chase them to exhaustion before landing and shooting them point blank.
Our partners at Defenders of Wildlife have made tremendous progress in Alaska recently - with the help of citizens like you, they stopped Alaska's grisly bounty proposal for wolf paws and blocked Governor Palin's plan to allow the use of helicopters to kill hundreds of wolves.
Now we need to counter Alaska's misinformation campaign. Please sign our petition today and urge Governor Palin to stop allowing trophy hunters to gun down Alaska's wolves.
Thank you for all that you do to protect wolves,
Rebecca YoungCare2 and ThePetitionSite Team

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Are some of us "Guinea Pigs" before the Cochlear Implant invented?

I was so FASCINATING and learn alot from Deafmom3's ASL video link: http://asl.deafvideo.tv/watch/3015

Is that how some of us former Deaf catholic and non catholic students as "GUINEA PIGS" as some of the Catholic nuns took advantage of the Bible under Mark 7: 1-31 while abusing some of us did tried and struggled learning how to ENJOY read and write for so many years????

Sunday, October 07, 2007

My Reading Skills Level Low on Bible?????

Here's the transcript on below:


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


(view this with no closed captioning video clip)

View this with captioning video.

Hat tips to Former SJI student, Charles (graduate in 1979).



Obtained from STL TODAY:
http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/classifieds/obituaries.nsf/bydocid/A0FBCFACB279F74586257369001C53D5?OpenDocument&highlight=2,"sister"+AND+"laurentine" :

LAST PUBLISHED: OCTOBER 3, 2007, 12:00:00 AM)

Lorenz, Sister Mary Laurentine C.S.J.~of Nazareth Living Center, Sun., Sept. 30, 2007. Beloved daughter of the late Joseph and Mary Lorenz (nee Lorsbach); dear aunt, great-aunt, cousin, friend and Sister in Christ.Services: Funeral Mass Thurs., Oct. 4, 10 a.m. at Nazareth Living Center with burial following in Nazareth Cemetery. Visitation Wed., 3-7 p.m. (no prayer service) and visitation 9 a.m. until time of Funeral Mass on Thurs. Contributions may be given to Sisters of St. Joseph Retirement Fund, 6400 Minnesota Ave., St. Louis, MO 63111. FEY Service.

http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/news/stories.nsf/deathsobituaries/story/7166E21C4792F3018625736800102BB4?OpenDocument :

Tuesday, Oct. 02 2007

Sister Mary Laurentine Lorenz, a longtime teacher at St. Joseph Institute for
the Deaf, died Sunday (Sept. 30, 2007) of respiratory failure at DePaul Health
Center in Bridgeton. She was 93.

Born in St. Joseph, Mo., Sister Lorenz entered the Sisters of St. Joseph of
Carondelet in 1936 and professed final vows in 1942.

She graduated in 1936 with a bachelor's degree in art and certificate in
teaching from Fontbonne College (now Fontbonne University). She earned a
master's degree in deaf education from Kentucky State University in 1960.

In 1939, Sister Lorenz began her teaching career at St. Joseph Institute for
the Deaf in St. Louis. In 1992, she retired from full-time teaching at the
institute. She then stayed on as a volunteer with the school until she retired
to Nazareth Living Center in south St. Louis County in 2005.

Visitation will be from 3 to 7 p.m. Wednesday and 9 to 10 a.m. Thursday until
the funeral Mass, to be celebrated at 10 a.m. Thursday at Nazareth Living
Center Chapel, 2 Nazareth Lane in South County. Burial will follow at Nazareth

Sister Lorenz had no immediate survivors.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet,
St. Louis Province, 6400 Minnesota Avenue, St. Louis, Mo. 63111-2899.

"THAT'S ALL FOLKS" !!!!!!!


Charles (former SJI student - Grad' 1979)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Deaf Oral Kids Suffered From Abused Straight Nuns & Women

View this part 2 video clips with subtitled or closed captioning.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Deaf Oral Children Suffered From Abused Lesbian Catholic Nuns

View this subtitling or closed captioning video clip for not Deaf people or not hearing people.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Deaf Dorm LIfe FUN But Dorm Grade Level Worth or FAIR????

Oh ooops my bad for stealing LaRonda's awesome stories with some brilliant and curiously fun questions recently!
I did sometimes wondered with my questions once in a while:
1. Do the Deaf Boy Dorm Students made bed better than Deaf Girl Dorm Students?
2. Do the Deaf Dorm Students made bed better than both Deaf Day and Mainstreamed Students?

I have to respect my Deaf son because he told me that he RATHER TO STAY at dorm better than staying home while his dad and I are both BUSY FULL TIME WORKING PARENTS!!! So I understand some Deaf Dorm Students do like to stay at dorm better than staying at their home while they were so boring at their home. And also their own parents are full time working parents and do want save their gas mileages from the expensive gas prices after school events and activities like sports, organizations. True!!!! And also some dorm students do have their own family problems at home like lack of communication, divorce or etc..., etc..., and etc...

I would like thank Deaf Dixie's vlog links: http://www.deafread.com/blogger/729 (You can go find her subject called "The Houseparents discipline kids to make up bed at the dorm" and click there. Enjoy!

Of course Deaf Dorm Life is so much more fun better than staying home after school on down below video clip:

Do the Dorm Grade Level worth for the Deaf Dorm Students?? I don't think it helps the Dorm Students to improve their self esteem while the Deaf Day Students do not have the dorm grade level at thier home life!!!!

Thanks, Shawn

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Experienced Mainstreamed Problems

I want to respect Gnarlydork by sharing my own experiences with struggling to get my Deaf son to get top qualified level 5 educational interpreter in mainstream for tooo long time WHILE I'm a FULL TIME WORKING MOM! But seems ADA and IDEA laws are VERY WEAK SYSTEMS for the Deaf Education!

I may be so STOOOOPID about Deaf History... I may be WRONG if that Deaf mainstreamed started in 1970's.. I am not sure because I do not have much time to take Deaf Studies while I am a full time working mom with my 2 boys..

I already know that IDEA and ADA laws are still very weak systems.. Including my Deaf and 1/2 blind husband and I are still full time working parents that we do feel so much pressures from the hearing workers on our work floor. Seems that the ADA law do not have good systems on our work floor, too!!! We do still feel oppressed from our work floor but we managed go to work and then go home. We feel that we are suffered to pay our Federal taxes and seem wasted our time with the ADA law systems that are STILL WEAK SYSTEMS!

I did had my own experience with 4 hours of battle war in my Deaf son's IEP meeting before go to work. My Deaf and 1/2 blind husband was stuck at work and couldn't go IEP meeting! I was ALONE and got suffered with my BIG HEADACHE to go work on that night!! I was WORN OUT from the 4 hours war in IEP Meeting!! Plus my Deaf and 1/2 blind husband and I grew up from lack of education from Oral Deaf school here, too! That's why we prefer to have our Deaf son to get far better Deaf education than ours while we already experienced isolated in our mainstreamed high school without educational interpreter provided before the 1990's ADA law passed!!!

Thank you, Gnarlydork for your own express from your feelings! Hope you will feel a lot better asap.. Hope you that you will understand our situation problems.. Don't give up yourself, Gnarlydork!! I better go get busy myself. Smile, Shawn

Monday, September 24, 2007

Why Some Hearing People Still Calling Me Names!

I gotta go now because I am too busy with my full time working schedule! Have a very good week! Shawn

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Excuse me!!! I did said SOME (not all) of us have ASL BRAINS! Sorry NO arguments! We do have every RIGHTS to express our concerns!

To let you know that I had some experiences with only one qualified certified ASL interpreter did got worn out from interpreting for more than 2 hours meetings and workshops. That one qualified ASL interpreter got worn out from signing ASL for 20 or 30 minutes then started to sign English because the brain got so tired from translating to express ASL for more than 20 to 30 minutes. It's important for us to find out how long the meetings or workshops will take, it will be best for us to ask for 2 qualified certified ASL interpreters are required to come to the meetings or worshops to save their alternative ASL breaths.

Thanks, Shawn

Friday, September 07, 2007

Why Not Enuff Deaf Male Actors????!!!!

I praised Gary Brook brought up his own perspective for needing more Deaf Male Actors! You can go find and click on his own video clip called "Why Some Deaf Actors Are @&!%@#!?!?!" on this vlog link: http://www.deafread.com/blogger/306

Oh yes, I wish there are more Deaf actors like CJ Jones!!! I did watched his performance at MSD's high school graduation ceromony! Gosh, he made me laugh so hard!!! CJ Jones is so awesome Deaf actor!!!

And also I would like to see older Deaf male actors to perfom in Rated "R" movies to help me and other Deaf women to understand and know what to do with our Middle Age Crisis relationship life! I do not want to see the Rated XXX porn movies because I want to see more Deaf Culture movies with Rated R to educated us what the real serious relationship life looks like. We need to know what is the real relationship life look like before we the Deaf decide to keep our marriages and other partners more healthy serious relationship stronger.

I do have a question for ChrisH !!! Bye, I gotta go start my engine now and go out of town for a whole long weekend. Will be back home on Tuseday! Hope you will enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Not Alone Feeling Oppress by Hearings & Deaf

My video message for Roehm, the Nesmuth and other Deaf who may be ALONE feeling OPPRESSED by hearings and Deaf for many years. I hope you will understand some of us Deaf did felt oppressed by hearing controllers with the lack of Deaf Education for so many years!

Here's my 2nd video important message for one of the Interpreter Agencies here in St. Louis who already got contract from my work company. Please do your honor to watch from this video link: http://asl.deafvideo.tv/watch/2584

FYI: Interpreter Agent, last week my hearing co-workers and my hearing supervisors did informed me that they were satisfied with that interpreter who has level 4 from Missouri Interpreter Certification but has Level 5 under NAD Interpreter Certication. Possible hearing Missouri Interpreter Evaluators were jealous of that interpreter who has fabulous ASL skills and voicing skills. My meeting with my manager who has disability and my Union Representative will be next week. Hope my manager will feel better herself by developing good teamwork on my work floor. I don't know if my manager knew about ADA and I will need to check with her first next week. Or up to you may possible find top qualified level 5 under Missouri Interpreter for my next week meeting. Thank you.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Oral Schools for the Deaf: A Future Sound: Boring Education

First I want to thank to Welcome to Seek Geo's Vlog for his sharing express from one of his wonderful day experiences from his vlog link called "Cochlear Implant the Only Option": http://www.deafread.com/blogger/594

My opinion that there are some problems from Clarke School for the Deaf did use their own fancy advertisement to make the hearing parents attracted. That advertisement has NO INFO with Deaf children who were born Deaf or hearing then later become Deaf.. That oral deaf school may be using some Deaf children who were born hearing and then later become Deaf which that may possible take advantage to make the parents more attraction????

Thanks for allowing me to express my opinions since we have the right to have our own freedom of express (speech) here in America! Have a very nice day!


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bicultural and Bilingual Educational Interpreters Problems????

See both the hearing leaders from Bush's Administration (White House)& US Senates (US Capitol Hill both Democrats and Republicans) were NOT GOOD at focusing and respecting us all Americans. We people workers do pay our Federal Taxes and State Taxes from our biweekly pay checks or once a week:

1. Factories: Drinks, food, Ketchup (Kerry's wife owns Hunts Ketchup), chocalate, candies, and many other things like electric appliances, cell phones, CDs and DVDs;
2. Farms
3. etc...,etc..., etc....

To my own opionion and concern about Bush's Administrator, Spellings from US Department of Education did seriously focus on "Private Charter Schools" too much while NOT ALL American military cannot afford by enrolling in private charter. Not all American military do NOT have Bilingual and Bicultural Education from their own public schools. I sometimes wondering if US Dept. of Education Secretary, does Spellings spend time focusing on "Bicultural and Bilingual Education" issues in public schools??? It bothers me sometimes when I did opened from this link: http://www.ed.gov/index.jhtml I do not see any "Bicultural and Bilingual education issues" at public schools...

So far I know that the British troops withdraw from Iraq base will be expected in few days!!! Look at 10 years ago, Princess Diana was pregnant from Dodi and wondering why was one of the 5 Conspiracy Theory possible murdered because of her planning to get married Dodi. The British Royal disliked that idea of her marriage plans to Dodi??? Which that it is NOT diversity!!!

So it comes to my thought why waste our time for NO DIVERSITY RESPECT for all whole Global World... Of course waste our taxpayers for more problems with many mistakes in Iraq while there are not enough Bicultural and Bilingual education in our public schools !!! We need to be flexible with our own religion belief while we CANNOT be perfect religious humans!!! If we do act like PERFECT RELIGIOUS ourself, we will go CRAZY!!! NOT ALL marriage are PERFECT LIFE!!!!

Thanks to this Deaf guy who did shared his own video response to Mish's Vlog from this ASL Deaf TV video link: http://asl.deafvideo.tv/watch/2547

Thanks. Shawn

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Representating Role for Future Deaf Community?

Good afternoon it's Labor's Day Weekend!

I want to express my thoughts from my own perspective as a (either Deaf or Hearing) Mom or Parents representating for Future Deaf Community from Sharon Duchesneau's "Communication Abuse and Deaf People" on her ASC's vlog link: http://www.ascdeaf.com/blog/?p=318

This is what I am concern for our future Deaf /hard of hearing/CODA Children's role for Future Deaf Community with Equal Communication Access Needs with a better positive attitude model role representative without attacking ASL. To let you know that I would like to borrow famous Deaf Frank Turk from South Dakota's quote "T.E.A.M." as "Together Everyone Achieve More".

It is very important for us all to have good teamwork to more positive attitude model role representating for the Future Deaf Community with respect Equal Communication Access Needs without oppressing ASL access. It will be so hard for us to improve as TEAMwork as for our Future Deaf Community need while there are some people who want to keep English Language in more power of control to confuse and oppress some of our brains, souls, spirits, identity and minds.

My lonely dog is now happy to be with my Deaf son at home. My Deaf son is now home for a long Labor's Day weekend. Please pardon me recently I was watching the cable national news about a married man, Republican US Senator from Idaho… Wow very interesting news!! I couldn’t imagine myself as his wife with kids!! It’s gonna be very INTERESTING since he did said himself “never been gay” but but he has been strong against gay marriage!!

To let you know that there was very interesting histroy and article info about US Sentor from Idaho on this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_Craig

Hope you will enjoy Labor’s Day weekend! Shawn

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Not Against Gay/Lesbian/Straight Deaf/HOH/Hearing Humans

My lonely dog who sat and sleeping on my lap while I was uploading and working on this v/blog. My lonely dog and I want to express you all "Good Morning!"

I am NOT against gay/lesbian/straight! I do have several hearing and Deaf friends who are gay/lesbian/straight. I sometimes wonder about my dear Deaf friend who graduated from my old oral deaf school, SJI here in St. Louis and got killed herself while I was second pregnant in 1993. I cannot go funeral in San Francisco while I needed to save up 6 weeks of maternity leave from my work after my 2nd baby was born in 1993. I cannot fly out in a very expensive far trip out there from here St. Louis. Sad there was no photo of the funeral in San Francisco Bay that I did missed it!!!

Thanks for understanding! Yes, Gary is right about important for us all to take the STRESS off from our chests and emotions to make us feel MORE BETTER! My concern about Social Peer Pressures Counselor for all public hearing schools for Deaf mainstream students, Oral Deaf Schools and America Schools for the Deaf now these days to help and develop the Deaf/HOH students to become MORE RESPECT for Unity!

Hope you all will have a very good and Happy Thursday!
Respectfully Hugs Yours, Shawn

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where's "RESPECT"????!!!!

My thoughts about Deaf students do have their own rights to withdraw and changed class just like the same with hearing public high schools. Why new Deaf students from hearing schools do NOT have education about "HARASSING" gay/lesbian/straight? Again go read on this "NEA's Safe Schools for Everyone" link: http://www.nea.org/schoolsafety/glbt.html

To my concern thoughts about Where's "RESPECT"????!!!! Thank you. Shawn

Monday, August 13, 2007

upcoming plan from asha

(3 minutes and 37 seconds video clip)

The 2007 ASHA Convention upcoming plan info link: http://www.asha.org/about/events/convention/

One of sponsors for ASHA's 2007 Convention on that link : http://www.expocadweb.com/07asha/EC/forms/attendee/index.aspx?content=list&filter=alpha&searchText=all&mode=att

See where Oral Deaf Education 's comes from and that location booth.

ASHA's Ethics from that link: http://www.asha.org/docs/html/ET2003-00166.html

Will be away from my computer! See you later!!! Have a very nice summer and pls do stay coool! Shawn

Thursday, August 09, 2007

“Deaf” Jerry Springer Talk Show about "Deaf Wedding Planner" Reviews

(7 minutes & 10 seconds video clip)

Hey “Deaf” Jerry Springer where he could bring two sides of stories to audience! I am a straight married woman. I wanted to express my own thoughts! Don't I have a right to have "Freedom of Speech (or Express)"??? We the parents are responsible to educate our children to learn how to stop the "Hate Crimes" from anywhere.

Thank you, Blueapplefilms (Gary Brooks) for your wonderful "Deaf Culture" entertainment! We need to learn from our own Deaf Culture too but not only "hearing culture" entertainment! We need to be more inclusive!!!

About NEA (National Education Assocation) Safe Schools for Everyone
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Students on this link: http://www.nea.org/schoolsafety/glbt.html

Should we watch out and read about HIA (Hearing Industry Association) working close with ASHA (America Speech Hearing Association) on the Capitol Hill from on those links????:

1. http://www.audiologyonline.com/theHearingJournal/pdfs/HJ2002_05_pg19.pdf

2. http://www.drf.org/hearing_health/archive/2003/winter03_championHHcaphill.htm

Okay now I respect few of the vloggers who wanted to keep the comments be open to the public from my vlog and I understand that we have to learn how to FACE the criticisms from the "Anonymous" commenters in our lifetime until we die on this earth.

Enjoy your weekend!!! Shawn

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Wonder about DBC's Flyers????

(under 4 minutes video clip)

I did watched Shrimpy's video clip called "Response to ASL MUSIC (B.A.B)" on her vlog link: http://wwwblogdeafreadcomshrimpy.blogspot.com/2007/08/response-to-asl-music-bab_5667.html

And wow very hot interesting issues from ASL Music's vlog link: http://aslmusic.blogspot.com/2007/08/why-do-parents-ci-their-baby.html

I want to thank both Shrimpy and ASL Music for their awsome hard working to express their thoughts and perspective!!!

Just wondering myself if the DBC will be okay for some of us to post that DBC's flyer on the bulletin board at food shoppings, public library, some stores, and anywhere nearest by the hospitals and Deaf Oral Schools??? Or what????!!!! Or should we wait until later after the DBC's decisions first????

Hey Deaf Columbia, Missouri... Someone told me there is possibly will be 5 (five Deaf Oral School) here in Missouri but I do not buy from that hearing person who did informed me... Please do check out the new Deaf Oral School called "Moog" just moved to 3301 West Broadway... Is it much more bigger school building than the old Moog's school on 600 Silvey Road????

Boy, it's SO HOT weather outside! I missed my cool early morning long walk today!!! I better do my indoor work out from my watching at least 6 minutes on Blueapplefilms' vlog called "Everybody Love ASL!!!!" and then will do 30 more minutes workout before jumping myself in the shower!!!!

Hope you will have a very NICE day and take it easy with the HOT weather!!! Shawn

Monday, August 06, 2007

Come Meet Gary Brooks & Keith Wann St. Louis!

Please pardon me for watching too many times from Gary Brook's vlog: Everybody Love ASL!!!! or this link: http://blueapplefilms.com/blog/2007/07/31/everybody-love-asl/

My CODA, DODA sons, my Deaf husband and I are looking forward to meet Gary Brooks and Keith Wann here in St. Louis on Sept 27 to 30, 2007!

Come one! Come all! Show Me Deaf Film Festival!

Thanks, Shawn

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Something Happen In Gallaudet's Cochlear Implant Survey Committee????

1 minute and 2 seconds Video Clip was filmed last August 03, 2007, 06:02 AM (Friday morning) was already reported to make my comment on this link: http://cochlearized.blogspot.com/2007/08/cochlear-implants-do-work.html

That was happening from Gallaudet's Cochlear Implant Survey Committee after I King Jordan became President of Gallaudet in 1988. The Gallaudet Cochlear Implant Survey Committee did quit after they throw the "negative survey form papers" in the trash. Some of us are concerned to know why they, the Gallaudet's Cochlear Implant Survey Committe were not in good team work to respect Deaf community around the global world to become more healthier teamwork and leaderships????

Thanks. Shawn

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Still War for Oralism VS ASL ????

Video clip (2 minutes & 4 seconds)

Here's the picture of Laurent Clerc (born Louis Laurent Marie Clerc) was born December 26, 1785. He should become St. Laurent Clerc! So we should be off from work on every Dec. 26 as "Holiday with paid" as Clerc has been called "The Apostle of the Deaf in America" and "The Father of the Deaf" by generations of American d/Deaf people!

For Concern ASL Bible Lovers:

There's a book called "GERMANY AND THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE" written by Gerald Flurry, J. Tim Thompson and Stephen Flurry. Here's the link:


Many people are aware of the atrocities committed by Germany in World War ii, but would consider them ancient history. These people are completely unaware of the legacy which Adolf Hitler drew upon in creating his Nazi war machine. His was merely the latest resurrec­tion of a war-making empire with a long and bloody history. Did you know that the Bible prophesied of his regime—as well as the terrible emergence of one last resurrection in our day?

It is time we need to build more STRONGER DEAF FORT to protect and gaurd ASL for our future Deaf Children generations! Thanks, Shawn

Monday, July 30, 2007

Children and DBC 's Peaceful Demonstration at AGBAD Inspired Me!

(view on 7 minutes video clip)

JohnABC, thank you so much for accepting my vlog, yesterday! You ARE NOT ALONE! We, the Deaf Advocates need to be educated how to "BE ALWAYS COOL" whenever there are Deaf against Deaf, too! (Some of us, Deaf Advocates were already victims from some Deaf back stabbings,too just like hearings backstabbings on other hearings, too! There are some Deaf Oralists against some Deaf Oralists too!) Thank you so much for your response and shared your v-blog link: http://johnlestina.blogspot.com/2007/07/not-my-comment-but-im-still-abc.html

We (I need) Brianna, AV-Anthony, Mark's 2 children and Jehanne to educate us how to be PEACEFUL Demonstration before we go Milwaukee, Wisconsin next year!

My opinion: YES we should go ahead to have PEACEFUL demonstration in AGBAD at Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

Of course, I will not give up myself for advocating the DBC while there are too much Deaf against Deaf. I know that someone did used White Ghost's name! But I cannot accept bad words on my vlog's comment.. Sorry!!!

Thanks so much for all who involved in last weekend with the PEACEFUL protest at AGBAD! (including vloggers, bloggers and reports from email!)


Sunday, July 29, 2007

WHAT John ABC the Always Be Cool!!!

(View on my under one minute video clip)

I was so disgusted to read what John, ABC (Always Be Cool)'s comment on "This Is Only The Beginning!" from Ricky Taylor's blog! You can go find Ricky Taylor's title "This Is Only The Beginning" from the Deafread!

I don't understand what's going on with John, the ABC! I will lose my motivation skills from advocating for the Deaf children's sakes!!! It will be a waste of time from the beginning for the DBC (Deaf Bilingual Coaltion)!!! I am so impressed with the DBC's and Amy Cohen-Efron's hard work!!!

I am taking a long break from my vlog because I am feeling so DISGUSTED!

Thanks for your understanding! Shawn

Saturday, July 28, 2007

No Love for Parents, Kids and Babies from AGBAD!

2 Video Clips:

(first video clip about 2 and half minutes)

Makes me wonder why NTID did asked us donate our money for NTID but they will give whole money to AGBAD to attack toward on us our family??? Not worth to feel bear (suffer)living in too much oppressive world from community, job, and everywhere on this earth!

(2nd 4 minutes video clip)

Sure no problem, Amy! Hope all of us do vent out our feelings to help us feel more better and more stronger!

Have a very nice weekend! Shawn

Friday, July 27, 2007

How Alexander Graham Bell Lied and Hurt Deaf Women!

(my under 6 minutes video clip)

Dear Honorable Deaf Bilinqual Coalition,

I’ll be keeping my prayers and will be thinking of you all for the sake of our Deaf and HH children while I will be at work today and tomorrow!

Respectfully Hugs, Shawn

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Response LaRonda, Hearing Loss Soldiers and Baby Signs

(less than 3 minutes video clip)

LaRonda, WHEW thank you SO MUCH for not giving up your story from your own v-blog! Please do remember that WE NEED YOU (I need you too)!!! Why? We need to understand the hearing loss culture from the war!!!

Any Baby Signs DVD to sell for sponsoring DBC (Deaf Bilingual Coalition)? Please do let me know asap!

Have a very nice week! Shawn

Friday, July 20, 2007

Why NO Inclusive Signing CODAs

(04:16 video clip):

I support SIGNS FOR A LIFETIME for all Deaf and Hearing (CODA and KODA)children to be inclusive! So that will help our future children to build up their own more positive self esteems! I do not understand why someone did mentioned that that "AGBell is very inclusive group" while there was an harmful attacked toward on my Deaf son's forehead when he was in mainstream public school. My Deaf son cannot go to my hearing son's public elementary school because that public elementary school rejected my Deaf son who did already know how to use sign language at his age 5 years old (kindergarten)!

Thanks for your own time to read my short msg and watch my video clip!

Respectfully Signs For A Lifetime Inclusively yours! Shawn

Monday, July 16, 2007

Wondering Alexander Graham Bell ???

My 5 and half minutes video clip.

Wondering about those 4 Candidates who will be running for AG Bell Board Candidates will be supporting "Bilingual" during the term from 2007 to 2010???? Please go read on this link:


Have a very good day! Shawn

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Roehm vs Ridoraudismil Tonic

Roehm, pls do WAKE UP and view on my 4 minutes 8 seconds video clip. Thank you for giving me a chance to get my own freedom of expressions (speech, opinions)!@

We need to grow more ASL groups by supporting more Deaf Bilingual Movement NOW!!

I gotta go now! Have a very nice weekend! Shawn

Friday, July 06, 2007

Destroy and Oppress ASL

View on my under 5 minutes video clip.

Does it means that interpreter who tries to teach from age 7 to 14 Oral and TC (Total Communication or Sim Com) campers how to have their own rights to DESTROY and OPPRESS ASL campers? I NEED take a BIG BREAK for this whole summer because I did volunteered at that camp from 8 am to 1 pm for whole 5 days before went work at night shift hours.

Have a VERY GOOD DAY! Shawn

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

History: Catholic Aborted ASL (American Sign Language) Deaf Education!

My 3 minutes and 47 seconds video clip.

Since 1837, SJI has provided a nurturing ASL (American Sign Language) environment for children and families until 1934 the Catholic aborted our beautiful ASL (American Sign Language) here in St. Louis.

Right now to my concern: Does St. Louis Archbishop have a right to abort the closed captioned from his own video clip on both Quick Time format and Windows Media format?
Please do go view on St. Louis Archbishop Burke's video link:


What shall we, Deaf Catholic Community do with St. Louis Archbishop Burke if he do still stubborn for not using the Closed Captioned for us all Deaf Catholic Community??

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Deaf Mom Stands Firm to Request Archbishop Burke to RESIGN!

Below is the information I submitted:
Mrs. Shawn Elfrink

Dear Archbishop Burke -
Blindcopied: Deaf Missouri Advocates
CC: St. Louis Post Newspaper Editors
CC: The Polish Heritage Center, Saint Stanislaus’ Parish Staff
CC: Honorable Missouri Governor Blunt
CC: 2 Missouri US Senators (both Republic and Democrat US Senates)
CC: 1 US Missouri Congressman
CC: Missouri Senator
CC: Missouri House Rep
Blindcopied: Deaf and Hearing Catholic Missouri members
Blindcopied: (National-USA and International Global) Deaf community

Archbishop Burke, I am standing firm to request you resign immediately for the best future St. Louis Community.. I do not see any more respect here Deaf St. Louis Community. Of course we do need to have good leadership and teamwork model role. Please do go view on my 4 minutes google video link:

Archbishop Burke, please do consider yourself to resign and leave (get out) from here St. Louis community and state of Missouri.. This will be very blessing appreciated for you to resign and get out of here state of Missouri.. We need healthy, understanding and better attitude archbishop and leader here in St. Louis Catholic Community.

Archbishop Burke, St. Louis Post Newspaper Editors, Saint Stanislaus’ Parish Staff, and hearing Catholic members, please do contact me if you need to understand from my 4 minutes video clip, I will be so happy to give you a list of qualified certifed ASL (American Sign Language) Interpreters so you can contact them by through via phone.

St. Louis Post Dispatch Editors, you can have my permission to send my email to Sheryl Crow. I feel that she is so wonderful mom of new adoption baby!

Respectfully yours, Shawn (dosen't matter both Republican and Democrat because I prefer to vote for RIGHT person who can be good leader for the State of Missouri)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Deaf Still Slave Face Hearing Salespersons????

I am still facing in Deaf Court with an Honorable Deaf Judge Anything from his own vlog link: http://judgesanything.blogspot.com/2007/05/approach-salesperson.html (pls view on my about 2 minutes video)

Here's the map of St. Louis city and county with 3 black X marks for Powerful Oral Deaf schools and plus 3 blue/green X marks as for ASL classes but I do not know where 2 other more ASL Classes in St. Louis County:

Here's my experience as a Deaf Customer in the city of St. Louis (under 2 minutes and half video):

Heres my response to Toby's vlog link: http://welchsasl.blogspot.com/2007/05/david-m-eric-bs-way-to-approach-method.html

See the map with one black X mark where the Oral Deaf School in Columbia! 2 ASL Classes in Columbia with only 2 hearing colleges and 3 ASL Classes in Fulton: WWU (Williams Wood University, Hearing Baptist Church and Fulton Public High School and one Deaf school, Missouri School for the Deaf.

My less stress experiences as Deaf Customer in Fulton, Missouri in regard to response Toby's vlog link: http://welchsasl.blogspot.com/2007/05/clarification-on-approach-method.html

(view on my less than 3 minutes video):

My Warning to Deaf Columbia Customers (about 2 minutes video):

Just my thoughts sharing my suggestions with you all, Deaf to see your opinions if it is okay to put up the bulletin board in any stores by advertising ASL Classes to communicate with any of us, Deaf Customers (under 1 minute video):

Have a wonderful week! Shawn

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Parents Need Education: "It's OK Love Their Own Deaf Baby!

View on this Subtitle video.

View on this no subtitle video.

My Dear Deaf Vloggers!

Hope you will consider to make film or video clips to educate Hearing Parents (including if Oral Deaf Parents like me) better than my video clip because I am too busy full time working mom. Hope you all Deaf Vloggers will make the video clips to educate many parents that "It is okay to have their Deaf baby and Deaf Child" by using ASL no matter if they need to develop early cognitive for their own Deaf Education needs!

Those 2 pictures were made by my Deaf Son, Hopkin's Fall Cross Country meet on down below! My BIG Smile!

Hope you will enjoy your day! Now I am done with washing my face before I need to take a long walk and I need go work later today! Smile. Shawn

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

AG donated $10 to NAD for Alice and Gallaudet Statute?

1. Who was the inventor of the telephone in America ?

a. Alexander Graham Bell
b. Gardiner Greene Hubbard
c. Thomas Alva Edison
d. Antonio Meucci
e. Elisha Gray

2. Who was the first American telephone millionaire** ?
** Meaning the first to make one million dollars from the telephone business or any share in it.

a. Alexander Graham Bell
b. Mabel (Hubbard) Bell
c. Thomas Sanders
d. Elisha Gray
e. William Hathaway Forbes
f. Theodore Newton Vail
g. John Pierpont Morgan

You will find out those "dark red fonts" answer to those 2 questions by keep on strolling down from this link:


Get it clue? Mabel got 10 shares from AG Bell before she got married him on July 11, 1877. Could you figure how many shares does Mabel have in 12 years later on June 1889 with that Alice and Gallaudet Statute? Cheap? huh?

Monday, May 07, 2007

Deaf Dad/Husband One Eye Blind

(about 3 minutes and half video clip)

I want to thank Karen Mayes and Erick, the Deaf Parents of Deaf Children for sharing some of us their own experiences from Deaf Education life. I did enjoyed watching their own video clips! Amazing and AWESOME vlogging Deaf Parents!

If any of you have information about new laser technology, please do put down on my vlog comment with link. That will be gratefully appreciated. I have to respect my husband to take his own time to think about booking an appointment to see the Eye doctor for his other eye. I cannot force him. It is up to him. I have to respect him, "not dorm student" (he was a day student) and "Left Student" from SJI.

Happy viewing, DOH/DOD Dorm Students Advocating, Shawn

"The Blue Brothers" (my 2 sons) from born Deaf "Chicago" Mom

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Secret: Oralisms/Mainstream "Snake Oil"??

I hope some Deaf people to observed any Oral Deaf Schools' links and start make action to help the Deaf Schools by using the "Critical Thinking" of how to beat that Oral deaf schools published their own advertising links. Please go look and read on one of the Deaf oral program's published advertising link: http://www.sjid.org/stl/faq.html

Those 2 pictures were made from my Deaf son's "Big Brother" who is a Future Gallaudet Student!

Thanks and hope you will have blessing day! Gotta go work now! Shawn

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Me Pro Oralist or Not Pro Oralist?

It is really so hard to be unity because we do not know how to be good teamwork by our education in Deaf Oral Program!

This is my last video clip! Shawn

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Deaf Missourians: Deaf Children 's Bill of Rights

Greetings All Deaf Missourians!

You can do your best to write email to MCDHH and cc to President of MoAD to ask MCDHH to set up the vlogs with any related to Deaf Issues on Missouri Legisliations to help us understand better with more visual language than MCDHH's announcement email or MCDHH's website.

Here is the MCDHH's email address is: roy.miller@mcdhh.mo.gov
CC to President of MoAD: moadshowme@aol.com

To inform you that interpreter who did pushed and bad mouthing to that Deaf student, got a job working in Missouri DESE....

My next vlog will be about Deaf Oral Education Problems because I do not see any Deaf oral education policy on HCR 43, Deaf Children's Bill of Rights.

Hope you all Deaf Missourians will consider join MoAD to become united members if we are too busy with our working schedules , families and do have NOT much time to attend to any MoAD meetings!

See you on my next vlog later after this weekend. Hope you all have a very good weekend! Shawn

Thursday, April 19, 2007

MO DESE reported me that 1,000 Deaf students enroll Orally SJI ????

SJIAA Officers??? Where are you???

I got someone from MO DESE (Missouri Department of Education Secondary and Elementary) reported me personally about 1,000 Deaf students are now enrolling in Orally SJI... I do not believe that person who works for MO DESE because I know there is no REAL PROOF OR EVIDENCE!!!

To let you know that I got email from one of SJIAA who wants to nominating me to run for SJIAA Treasurer in 2008 because of SJIAA do not have their own BANK to invest for the alumnians to donate and support some of the Deaf workshops... I told someone that we, the SJIAA members have to vote for the SJIAA to get their own bank first. Someone told me that the SJI Nuns did took all of the money from SJIAA and support the teachers and some Retired SJI nuns (not for the Deaf children)...

I did told someone that I am not interested to run for SJIAA Treasurer because I do not know and I am NOT EXPERT how to take care of the Section 501 (c) 3 at all !!! I did informed someone that I know that I have a big pressures with my full time working schedules and taking care of my 2 kids and my home...

I understand that someone who wants SJIAA to set up their own bank and support to donate the MO DARA and MoAD to set up the Deaf mental workshops by the ADARA and NAD.... But we, SJIAA members must vote through on the internet because most of us could NOT afford to attend the meetings by paying the flight trips, expensive hotel and gas expenses.

Of course, I did told someone that I know that one of the CID professional did asked me because she thought I graduate from CID and did suggested me go ask for CIDAA officers to support my Deaf son by enrolling in CID... That's something I learn from CID professional.

I do not even KNOW why the SJI nuns did took all of SJIAA members' money !!! I know that SJIAA have no BANK to support the Deaf children education needs!!!

Seems SJI nuns do NOT EVEN get the clue of what's their educating role for the Deaf children to grow up in their own real future life needs!!! Most of the SJIAA members do not have job!!! Why??? The nuns seems focus on the money issues with the TAX Return to support themselves for their own SJI nun's fancy retirement life and their own some security needs from the lack of Deaf communicate education in this modern world???

As though I know that there are 2 members of SJIAA did slready met the US Capitol but I wonder if they both knew about Deaf education needs??? I did know one who left SJI after finished 5th grade and he was a former president of AG Bell in the year of 2000.. I am not really sure if they are totally support the Deaf children to be educated in only one oral program at SJI... Pls do click and read those 2 photos of this 2 links:


and this:


I will be grateful if NAD and someone who live in close by Washington DC area and they better go check with those 2 SJIAA members that are currently work closely with the US Capitol for our Deaf Education needs...

What bothers me that one person who works for MO DESE (Missouri Dept of Education of Secondary and Elemantary) did reported me that there are now 1,000 students enrolled in SJI??? How come the SJIAA officers do not report us, the SJIAA members about the number of students are NOW enrolling in SJI this year??? What's wrong with their own communication??? Are they being educated to learn how to become lack of communication from St. Joseph's???? I do not buy and not TRUST this person who works for MO DESE !!!

I want to thank someone who wants to nominating me to run for SJIAA Treasurer but NO THANKS, I am NOT interested to run for SJIAA Treasurer!!! Have a very good day!!! Shawn

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Alumni Leaders? My Report and My Deaf Son

Greetings SJI Alumni Officers and SJIAA members (now free charges to all SJIAA members including Left Students and Graduates)!!!

Here's currently 2 photos from St Joseph's Conversations (formerly SJI Trumpet newsletter)that I got in the mail yesterday.. Interesting about one SJI Graduate and one SJI Left Student did meet the Nation's Capitol. I know those 2 SJI members who are not heavily social with the Deaf community and they both do not have their own experiences by raising Deaf Child themselves because they do not have children at all....

Have a very good Tuseday!!! I need go zoom my work today! Enjoy your day! Shawn

Friday, April 06, 2007

My Message for Aidan, Barb, LaRonda and Teri! And Wake Up SJIAA!!!

Wake Up, SJIAA (St. Joseph Institue for the Deaf Alumnia Assocation)!

Here's my thankful video messages to Aidan, Barb, LaRonda and Teri.

Have a very good holy weekend! Shawn

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Location for RID's Evaluation and Certication

Hello Dennis Bacon!

I forgot to report where is the location for the interpreters who have to go through for evaluation tests before getting thier own RID Certification. Thanks for your time watching my short less than one minute video clip.


Sorry forgot to make a report from Dennis Bacon's link: http://baconsadventures.com/2007/03/29/aslta/

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Must Protect Deaf History!

While I was waiting for the google video link to be processed, I just thought about saving MTB on the photo of cloudy morning downtown in the city of St. Louis.

I did thought about our needs to protect Deaf History for a long time since I did watched this Pure Deaf, Edward Nugent's "Nuke Deaf World" on this vlog link: http://puredeaf.blogspot.com/2007/03/nuke-deaf-world.html

Edward, the Pure Deaf warned us WAKE UP and start building our fort to PROTECT our Deaf History, our beautiful language and Deaf Culture! Sometimes I got so tired of Oralists and Hearing Oppressors did fooled and bragged about Deaf History. I got so FED UP with the Oralists and Hearing Oppressors who tried to steal Deaf History away from our Deaf Culture!!! It's NOT RIGHT for us to be MIXED UP with our Deaf History!!! Edward was right about "Secret Weapons"!!! I was thinking about the factory which were made telephones and cellphones that sold to billions of people who need for their own home and work...

That's why I am so seriously concerned about "Saving Mary Thornberry Building" (MTB) to protect our Deaf History from the large group of Hearing/Speech on each floor in SLCC. We need to protect our Deaf History from our any mistakes. Pls go look and read on the error comment from this I was wrong about AG Bell vlog link : http://puredeaf.blogspot.com/2007/03/i-was-wrong-about-alexander-graham-bell.html

Carl Schroeder, Deaf Professor did his fabulous job to educated us how to preserve our Deaf History about Mary Thornberry on his article link: http://carl-schroeder.blogspot.com/2007/03/mary-thornberry-sophie-fowler-gallaudet.html

I am so grateful to have Carl to teach us about Mary Thornberry because I do not know about Mary Thornberry until Carl did wrote a very interesting Deaf History article about Mary Thornberry!!!! Thank you, Deaf Professor Carl!!!

We MUST PROTECT OUR DEAF HISTORY by perserving and saving the MTB!!!! We cannot trust the hearing/speech to change and steal our Deaf Culture, our language and Deaf History!!! They had already been very good experienced to FOOL and OPPRESS us, the Deaf since the Laurent Clerc Center was built in 1990's (about 16 years ago IJK, JKF and Paul Kelly were in charge of those Gallaudet campus)!!!


Monday, March 26, 2007

Response to Banjo's blog

First, I want to thank to Banjo for sharing your blog with us!

Of course there are some Deaf mainstream (not all) do have problems with drugs in their mainstream public schools, too! Where is that anononoymous hearing mother's common sense!???!!!?? I was so disgusted from reading on this blog link:

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Feelings from Through Deaf Eyes

Yesterday I got home after work, I was shocked with a news about one of my family side who was in the hospital last Thursday! Too much mixed feelings!! Life short!!!

Hope you will have a very nice day!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

AG Bell's DENIAL of the World!!!

Need to CLEAR out the HISTORY FACT of who is the TRUE Telephone Inventor!!!???

ANTONIO MEUCCI was the real inventor of telephony!


What happened to the world do still not know what was going on in 1876? (at least 4 years before the Milan's 1880, the death of ASL) Alexander Graham Bell stole a telephone patent!

Elisha Gray and Alexander Bell Controversy, Early on Monday February 14, 1876: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elisha_Gray_and_Alexander_Bell_Controversy

When Meucci learned of this, he instructed his lawyer to protest to the U.S. Patent Office at Washington, DC in 1876 from this link: http://www.italianhistorical.org/MeucciStory.htm

6 Years after Milan's 1880, The Death of ASL: http://www.italianhistorical.org/MeucciStory.htm

In the court case of 1886, Bell's lawyers oppressed Meucci's lawyer by making millions of money with over 150,000 people in US who have their own telephone! Despite the fact that the United States initiated prosecution for fraud against Bell's patent, the trial was postponed from year to year until, at the death of Meucci in 1896, the case was dropped. (Oh darn that Meucci died 16 years after Milan 1880's!!!!!)

Bell Telephone Company established in 1877 and became millionaries in 1886 by over 150,000 people in the U.S. owned telephones from this last paragraph on "The telephone" 's link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Graham_Bell

That's how AG Bell becomes filthy rich by earning lots of $$$,$$$,$$$.$$$ from the telephone profits for so many years!!!! Is that why AG Bell did escaped to Canada from his getting too much headaches with his Bell company lawyers that were successfully fought off several lawsuits????? Go look on this photo down below:

32 years after Milan 1880's, the Death of ASL and 36 years after AG Bell earned money in his pocket from the Bell Telephone Companies were created and more boomed:
From 1912 until 1918 AG Bell was the chairman of the board of scientific advisors to the Eugenics Record Office associated with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York .

41 years after Milan 1880's, the Death of ASL and 45 years after Bell's earning more money from the booming Bell telephone companies:
In 1921 AG Bell was the president of the Second International Congress of Eugenics held under the support of the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Organizations such as these advocated passing laws (with success in some states) that created the compulsory sterilization of people deemed to be, as Bell called them, a "defective variety of the human race".

Almost 122 years after Milan's 1880, the Death of ASL & after 126 years from creating the Bell telephone companies:

From The LIBRARY of CONGRESS link: http://thomas.loc.gov/beta/billView.jsp?&k2dockey=/prd/k2/congressional_record/xml/107/H11JN2/H11JN2-0022.xml@cong_record&numHits=1&currDoc=1&currentPage=1&107%3Cin%3Econgress%29&congress=107

Whereas Antonio Meucci, the great Italian inventor, had a career that was both extraordinary and tragic; (Engrossed as Agreed to or Passed by House)


June 20, 2002
News Flash: U.S. House of Representatives Says Alexander Graham Bell Did Not Invent the Telephone
By HNN Staff

"Bell, Alexander Graham (b. Edinburgh, Scotland, 1847; d. Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, 1922), inventor of telephone."Dictionary of American Biography

"Resolved, That it is the sense of the House of Representatives that the life and achievements of Antonio Meucci should be recognized, and his work in the invention of the telephone should be acknowledged."United States House of Representatives, June 11, 2002


Original Date of Milan's 1880, the death of ASL was on September 6th-11th, 1880 from this link: http://www.milan1880.com/milan1880congress/intro.html

Did you get the clue that AG Bell was NOT TELEPHONE INVENTOR!!!??? But why does the US Dept of Education do still continuely published the US Social Studies books about AG Bell (not Antonio Meucci)?? Why???? Possible that Volta building is too close to the US Dept of Education building to keep on educating us, the global world how to LIE or how to be DENIAL???