Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Why CSD NOT WARN US to WATCH OUT for Legisltors?

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To my question for SDAD President: Why we, the Deaf NOT BEING WARN to WATCH OUT the legislators??? We, the DEAF do have a RIGHT to know about this before the legislators passed the law!!! Can this bill nulled, expired or void???? We need to see this bill support ASL/ Global International Sign Language Programs, also to prevent the early language development delayed for our future Deaf children's education rights!

Thanks so much for your cooperated if you are willing to accept DEAF South Dakota, Frank Turk's FAMOUS QUOTE: T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieve More).

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(Canceled) due to one of the commenters who do not even bother to warn us first before he blow the horns to the legislators!


OCDAC said...

I did blow the horn on legislation affecting the deaf communities in the past. The reactions by the community has been negative toward the people who blew the horns. So there was a major DISINCENTIVE for people to be blowing the horns out like it and thus they didnt blow their horns.

ASL Risen said...

Roehm, I don't understand what you are talking about. I am only asking the Prez of SDAD to have her look and asking some questions for the CSD to work out having that bill to be nulled and voided to change to have that BILL to support ASL/Global International Global Sign Language education or program for all Deaf people including poor Deaf people who needs that sign language education program to be set up.

I do NOT understand what you mean about the HORNS.. Thanks for your comments.

Dianrez said...

That's a great idea, having two speeds of vlog so people can condense the time and watch as rapidly as they choose. I wish more vloggers did that!

Agreed, there should be no discrimination in funding programs that use ASL. Making them aware of the ASL programs might make a difference.

ASL Risen said...

Thank you Dianrez!!! Hope that the Prez of SDAD could see this vlog!

Jean Boutcher said...

What a brilliant idea for setting up two vlogs -- one at the higher speed and the other at the regular speed.

The president of MAD (Missouri Association of the Deaf, a chapter of the NAD) should write to the newspaper explaining that ASL is the birthright of deaf children and should not be deprived of by school teachers.
Try to find the name of the president of MAD at

OCDAC said...

In layman's terms;

Deaf man warn deaf

Other deaf say 'cry wolf!'

Other deaf see other deaf say 'cry wolf!'

Other deaf shut up think not good idea warn deaf.

Hows that?


Domvera said...


I understand that you just mentioned about "THE BIG THREE" in your home state which they are like Golitah (spell error).

Hopefully, one day, if the conference occurs in St. Louis, MO, definitely DBC-Missouri will be rallied peacefully and open the dialogue with them like DBC-Indiana. I personally believe your group will stand firm and promote the precious ASL for deaf babies and educate them. Otherwise, there are broad opportunities to learn in oral methods, cochlear implant, and others. The most important thing is to teach ASL with deaf babies to improve their literacy skills, social emotions and developments, and others.

Thank you for ongoing issue about the oral methods in your home state.

Nick Vera

ASL Risen said...


Yep! Just pray and hope there will be Missouri DBC asap as long as we need to roll up our sleeves even though the BIG 3 or 4 (one Deaf Oral school outside of St. Louis city) affected us divided Deaf community. It is really so hard for us to be good team work.

I am still praying and hoping that the SDAD will NOT give up their teamwork to work out with the CSD headquarter in SD. Hope that they, SDAD will be success so then we the Deaf will not feel guilty using our pagers while we have to pay monthly services for our pagers! hugs, Shawn