Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bicultural and Bilingual Educational Interpreters Problems????

See both the hearing leaders from Bush's Administration (White House)& US Senates (US Capitol Hill both Democrats and Republicans) were NOT GOOD at focusing and respecting us all Americans. We people workers do pay our Federal Taxes and State Taxes from our biweekly pay checks or once a week:

1. Factories: Drinks, food, Ketchup (Kerry's wife owns Hunts Ketchup), chocalate, candies, and many other things like electric appliances, cell phones, CDs and DVDs;
2. Farms
3. etc...,etc..., etc....

To my own opionion and concern about Bush's Administrator, Spellings from US Department of Education did seriously focus on "Private Charter Schools" too much while NOT ALL American military cannot afford by enrolling in private charter. Not all American military do NOT have Bilingual and Bicultural Education from their own public schools. I sometimes wondering if US Dept. of Education Secretary, does Spellings spend time focusing on "Bicultural and Bilingual Education" issues in public schools??? It bothers me sometimes when I did opened from this link: http://www.ed.gov/index.jhtml I do not see any "Bicultural and Bilingual education issues" at public schools...

So far I know that the British troops withdraw from Iraq base will be expected in few days!!! Look at 10 years ago, Princess Diana was pregnant from Dodi and wondering why was one of the 5 Conspiracy Theory possible murdered because of her planning to get married Dodi. The British Royal disliked that idea of her marriage plans to Dodi??? Which that it is NOT diversity!!!

So it comes to my thought why waste our time for NO DIVERSITY RESPECT for all whole Global World... Of course waste our taxpayers for more problems with many mistakes in Iraq while there are not enough Bicultural and Bilingual education in our public schools !!! We need to be flexible with our own religion belief while we CANNOT be perfect religious humans!!! If we do act like PERFECT RELIGIOUS ourself, we will go CRAZY!!! NOT ALL marriage are PERFECT LIFE!!!!

Thanks to this Deaf guy who did shared his own video response to Mish's Vlog from this ASL Deaf TV video link: http://asl.deafvideo.tv/watch/2547

Thanks. Shawn


RLM said...

I will give Larry Flynt's latest book some reading which it have been well-researched. He is kinda my hero for making a fool out of Rev. Jerry Falwell on the parody issue in the 80's Hustler magazine.

Flynt won the major court case at the U.S. Supreme Court on the freedom of satirism.

I do read magazines of all the ideological spectrum for my piquety. I consider myself politically moderate, but could be very socially liberal and fiscally conservative from time to time.

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

ASL Risen said...

Hello RLM!

Looking forward to your blog about Larry Flynt's latest book. I always enjoyed reading your blog!

Have a nice day! Shawn

Jose Soriano said...

Hi, if u were hearing,teacher for English in High school. and why not u have know Spanish, and English, it is will be better. because it is important need to know Spanish of the speak. and Students will be understand like translation that is easier..

ASL Risen said...

If I am hearing teacher, I may not have experience social with Hispanic students' culture in my former high school education.. I will be STUCK for not knowing how to make Hispanic students to enjoy their learning English. Thanks