Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Deaf Dorm LIfe FUN But Dorm Grade Level Worth or FAIR????

Oh ooops my bad for stealing LaRonda's awesome stories with some brilliant and curiously fun questions recently!
I did sometimes wondered with my questions once in a while:
1. Do the Deaf Boy Dorm Students made bed better than Deaf Girl Dorm Students?
2. Do the Deaf Dorm Students made bed better than both Deaf Day and Mainstreamed Students?

I have to respect my Deaf son because he told me that he RATHER TO STAY at dorm better than staying home while his dad and I are both BUSY FULL TIME WORKING PARENTS!!! So I understand some Deaf Dorm Students do like to stay at dorm better than staying at their home while they were so boring at their home. And also their own parents are full time working parents and do want save their gas mileages from the expensive gas prices after school events and activities like sports, organizations. True!!!! And also some dorm students do have their own family problems at home like lack of communication, divorce or etc..., etc..., and etc...

I would like thank Deaf Dixie's vlog links: (You can go find her subject called "The Houseparents discipline kids to make up bed at the dorm" and click there. Enjoy!

Of course Deaf Dorm Life is so much more fun better than staying home after school on down below video clip:

Do the Dorm Grade Level worth for the Deaf Dorm Students?? I don't think it helps the Dorm Students to improve their self esteem while the Deaf Day Students do not have the dorm grade level at thier home life!!!!

Thanks, Shawn


Lisa Marie said...

It's so sad that deaf children don't have anyone to sit down and talk with them about their problem. My deaf brother and I have been through different things in school and we can't communicate with our hearing parents when we were very young...We grew up "on our own". Know what I mean?

ASL Risen said...

Hi Lisa Marie,

Yes, I know what you mean. But I was lucky to have both 2 former RAs (Deaf of hearing parents) who graduated and grow up dorm life from same school in SJI here in St. Louis because they both were more sensitive to our sensitive feelings from home problems with our hearing parents and also did know how to have MORE good times with us, Oral Deaf Dorm students better than those 2 other Deaf RAs who grow up Day Students and also have hearing parents, too!

Thanks, Shawn

Domvera said...

Hi Shawn,

Thank you for your sharing upon your dorm life experience. We are all the same boat as deaf residential schools across the nation.
I grew up with dorm life especially personal growth through social gathering, clubs, sports, activities, and field trips including good/bad experiences. It's great reflections of our dorm life. Absolutely, I agreed with you about day students especially the difficulties of communication at hearing family homes. During the academic year, I stayed at dorm/school. The worst experience that I had to stay with my hearing family during the summer time. I attended two times of deaf/hard of hearing camps in two years a row. There were short time about 1-3 weeks. Also the summer school were not offered during my time.
Nowadays, most deaf residentials offer deaf/hard of hearing students to take some academic classes to keep up their education during the summer school. That's very fortunately for them!

For my input for your deaf son, I strongly recommend you to visit NTID and Gallaudet during Junior/Senior year to explore his future career possibities. Currently, NTID offers young high school students to visit for "Explore Your Future" to taste of the sample majors. I wish Gallaudet should offer the same functions for Junior and Seniors to decide which one they prefer to attend.

Keep up with your vlog.

Nick Vera

ASL Risen said...

Nick Vera!

Thanks for letting me know about NTID's "Explore Your Future" !! I did NOT KNOW about that! Where should I get that information???

Thanks, Shawn

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