Saturday, July 28, 2007

No Love for Parents, Kids and Babies from AGBAD!

2 Video Clips:

(first video clip about 2 and half minutes)

Makes me wonder why NTID did asked us donate our money for NTID but they will give whole money to AGBAD to attack toward on us our family??? Not worth to feel bear (suffer)living in too much oppressive world from community, job, and everywhere on this earth!

(2nd 4 minutes video clip)

Sure no problem, Amy! Hope all of us do vent out our feelings to help us feel more better and more stronger!

Have a very nice weekend! Shawn


cnkatz said...

The cognition and psyche of scores of deaf adults were scarred by oralism and audism. Most of them, safely to sign, went on with their lives. My father, blessed be his name, and my mother was/are ones of them.

For their psyche to cry out, artists of all stripes need to bare their souls. Your art work "spoke louder" than what you signed.

To cry out, temperance is needed.

Good job vlogging, which is a NEW powerful tool we can use to cry out.

Donna Rae Cross said...

I have viewed several of your flogs and could never understand why you seemed to "hate" or despise the hearing who have been involved in your life. Now I understand only too well and I feel shame for what all those other hearing "nuns" and others put you through when you were a child. I wish I could go back through the years and hug that little gir. Wonder if those "nuns" ever think about the little girl and the bad things they did to her?
Lets pray these things never happen to another deaf child.

ASL Risen said...

Donna Rae Cross,

Me hate "hearings"! BIG NO! If the hearings respect me and I will respect some of them too! (Not all hearings! Same thing some Deaf too!) Understand?

Thanks for your response!

Susan said...

I'm sorry about what the nuns did to you, Shawn - this is child abuse.

ASL is wonderful, we are so blessed to have it.

Makes me wonder - what do AGB do with children who want to sign? What actually happens? Do they (AGB and parents supporting AGB) get frustrated? angry? or are they neutral?

But - with what happened at the protest, are far from neutral. Makes us wonder how they treat deaf children who actually want to sign, but are in their pogram.


Jean Boutcher said...

From your story and drawings, I see that the nuns at your school were different from those at my school (St. Francis Xavier's private oral school). The nuns were so kind and gentle and loving to me and all pupils that we still have not forgotten them. We were allowed to use sign language when not in the classroom.

Were I in your shoes, I would sue the school for the abuse the nuns had inflicted upon you. Shawn, it is not too late. In California, there were a number of people suing priests for the abuse.

ASL Risen said...

I agreed with cnkatz's comment! It is good for us to cry out because we need to concern for some future Deaf children who have been struggling with oral education for too long time...

As for lawyer?? Someone told me that it is way too late for us to get a lawyer because of the law already passed in 1990's... I still don't understand that, Boutcher!!!

Myself, I do not know how to get good lawyer because I was NOT GOOD ORAL STUDENT at SJI with not so good English writing and reading skills.. It was so gawd dang hard for me to understand English while I was an oral student! Thanks alot!

Keep on vlogging and blogging to make yourself feel better! Iam gonna take a break because I found out that Andy's comment on Gary Brook's blog stated that he finds seeing the Deafread so boring all about AGB protest on this blog link:

Sorry that I cannot be good advocate because Andy finds so BORING!!! I am taking a BIG BREAK..

Jean Boutcher said...

Be it yesterday or 40 years ago, it is still not too late. Many men aged between 18 and 70 have developed psychological problems because of their childhood experiences from priests' abuse. Three weeks ago, a big headline ran on the front page of The Los Angeles Times: "$660-million settlement in priest abuses. The Archdiocese of Los Angeles agreed Saturday to a $660-million settlement with 508 people who have accused priests of sexual abuse, by far the biggest..." Visit Google and type in "priests abuse".

Even adults sued against Maine School for the Deaf and Washington School for the Deaf. Reason? Hearing supervisors abused them when they were children. It does not matter if it happened yesterday or 40 years ago -- as long as a person still suffers psychological problems, including humilitation, from supervisors or teachers of a school he attended.

Consult the NAD. They would be happy to direct you to a lawyer. It is of utmost importance that you have peace of mind after filing a suit against your school.

ASL Risen said...

Interesting, Boutcher! I wish there is a vlog from NAD to help us understand how that will work for some of us who had been experienced from the abused..

Thank you so much!! Shawn

Jamie said...

There is an alternative to protesting. Check what I wrote on Berke Outspoken.

ASL Risen said...

Thank you Jamie!

I wonder is there any alternative for the Deaf Children who felt left behind in oral education??? How???


ASL Risen said...

ok, the real white ghost here's my email addy is deafbambi at yahoo dot com