Friday, April 06, 2007

My Message for Aidan, Barb, LaRonda and Teri! And Wake Up SJIAA!!!

Wake Up, SJIAA (St. Joseph Institue for the Deaf Alumnia Assocation)!

Here's my thankful video messages to Aidan, Barb, LaRonda and Teri.

Have a very good holy weekend! Shawn


ginfpca said...

Well-said!!! You are so raw!!! As a fellow mother, I understand where you are coming from! Looking forward to more healthy discussions on the issues we put to heart, especially ASL in all the facets of life!!


drmzz said...

As for LaRonda, it's a honest oversight, I'm sure. No biggie.

You're proud of your boy, Asperger's wow, he seems to be very high functioning person from what you said. Good for him to accomplish such things! We parents try our best, no matter who. :)

Anonymous said...

Oralism is not family-friendly. You should confront your parents about getting together with your brother and DEAF nieces.

LaRonda said...

Hi there. I appreciate your comments about the list I wrote over at my blog. I actually did write in KODA/CODA at first and then I took them out. I was trying to identity as many different kinds of "deaf" people as I could think of.

KODA/CODA's and SODA's (the name you gave for siblings of deaf families) and hearing parents with deaf children are in my opinion definitely a part of the greater deaf community, but they are not deaf themselves. I did not leave them out because they don't count. I just decided I wanted to focus my list on the different identities that "deaf" people give themselves. I hope this is clear.

I did say at the bottom of my list that "the list goes on and on..." meaning that there are probably more names and identities that I may have missed or overlooked. Please understand that I was not purposely being rejecting of anyone.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.



ASL Risen said...

Ginny, I agreed that we need more healthy dicussions on many issues and ASL is our LIFE!

Mike S, yes, my hearing son inspire my life all the time even though I am full time working mom.

Carl, I will do that as soon as possible after I will need some therapy before I confront my parents before get my brother my Deaf nieces. I hope that my Deaf neices will not feel upset. I want my neices to find their own identy and make them feel more comfortable. I agreed that Oralism is not family-friendly at all.

LaRonda, you did really great job trying not to leave them out. I know that you are not rejecting anyone! That's great!

I'm gonna sign off and start cooking supper. Shawn

Anonymous said...


I thank you too. You did a great job, Keep Vlogging!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shawn, I also attended SJI and I'd like to talk to you about it. I tried to find an e-mail address for you but couldn't find it. You can e-mail me back here.

Hope to hear from you,

ASL Risen said...

fireprizm said...

You are amazing and well-respected and open-minded woman and mother! Two simple words, RESPECT and ACCEPT, are very important in our lives, or if not then ANY relationship will be NO "fun". Respect and accept no matter what ... and then we will be happy ... believe me because I know. Too bad for others do stubbornly not use those two important words, their problem. With all our efforts, then don't bother them, it's wasting our time ... just respect and move on.