Saturday, July 28, 2007

No Love for Parents, Kids and Babies from AGBAD!

2 Video Clips:

(first video clip about 2 and half minutes)

Makes me wonder why NTID did asked us donate our money for NTID but they will give whole money to AGBAD to attack toward on us our family??? Not worth to feel bear (suffer)living in too much oppressive world from community, job, and everywhere on this earth!

(2nd 4 minutes video clip)

Sure no problem, Amy! Hope all of us do vent out our feelings to help us feel more better and more stronger!

Have a very nice weekend! Shawn

Friday, July 27, 2007

How Alexander Graham Bell Lied and Hurt Deaf Women!

(my under 6 minutes video clip)

Dear Honorable Deaf Bilinqual Coalition,

I’ll be keeping my prayers and will be thinking of you all for the sake of our Deaf and HH children while I will be at work today and tomorrow!

Respectfully Hugs, Shawn

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Response LaRonda, Hearing Loss Soldiers and Baby Signs

(less than 3 minutes video clip)

LaRonda, WHEW thank you SO MUCH for not giving up your story from your own v-blog! Please do remember that WE NEED YOU (I need you too)!!! Why? We need to understand the hearing loss culture from the war!!!

Any Baby Signs DVD to sell for sponsoring DBC (Deaf Bilingual Coalition)? Please do let me know asap!

Have a very nice week! Shawn