Thursday, May 17, 2007

Parents Need Education: "It's OK Love Their Own Deaf Baby!

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My Dear Deaf Vloggers!

Hope you will consider to make film or video clips to educate Hearing Parents (including if Oral Deaf Parents like me) better than my video clip because I am too busy full time working mom. Hope you all Deaf Vloggers will make the video clips to educate many parents that "It is okay to have their Deaf baby and Deaf Child" by using ASL no matter if they need to develop early cognitive for their own Deaf Education needs!

Those 2 pictures were made by my Deaf Son, Hopkin's Fall Cross Country meet on down below! My BIG Smile!

Hope you will enjoy your day! Now I am done with washing my face before I need to take a long walk and I need go work later today! Smile. Shawn


Oscar the Observer said...

Amy Cohen Efron did start off with "The Greatest Irony". However I agree with you that there CAN be more and more video clips or films continually emphasizing the importance of ASL for deaf children! That was a very good proposal! I am not a professional film maker but more of a "writer" type so I tend ot speak in ASL in my video clips than making the films like awesome Aidan mack, Teri, and Gary Brooks and whoever else that I don't know of. If ever I come across any more information or story that must be said I will speak of that in my ASL vlog.

ASL Risen said...

Wow, Oscar, you fast making comments before I almost gone out of the door! I was checking my email recently from my hearing son's teacher!

Oscar, thanks for your comments and I hope you will have more ideas of how to educate other parents in other way if you can! Smile.. Gotta go for a long walk.. Time zooms!

Smile. Shawn

Karen Mayes said...

Your son dyed his hair??? :o)

ASL Risen said...

Hello Karen!

Boy done with my walking for 30 minutes! Yes, my Deaf son did dyed his hair because he wanted to have his own experiences as a "Blonde" fella and he did learned from his Deaf friends who did dyed their own hair, too!

Ha! My Deaf son do not want to dye his hair again because he did enjoyed and learned his own lessons from other people who made their own comments about his hair! That's good experience for him in his own age!!!

Smile. Shawn

Anonymous said...

I really think that every vlog is a testament to the fact that deaf children will grow up and be fine. The problem is that hearing parents are not confronted with this information at the appropriate times. There are plenty of books out there about people who saw the ASL light. Alandra's Lilacs, Deaf Like Me, Train Go Sorry (to a certain extent).

There have already been so many vlogs on this isue, if someone would just write up a transcript or make captions and put them on one easy-to-find site, then there would be a wealth of information for parents. I know your vlogs are very powerful in that regard - the nun who cut your hair! Oh my God, I couldn't get that image out of my head for days. Aidan too, about being an "oral failure," and everyone has touched on this issue at one time or another. It's so powerful, all of your voices coming together. It's so very HUMAN. I think that any parent would be aghast at knowing that the medical choices will fail their child in the long-run.

I would volunteer to do these things myself but I am not tech savvy, and I am hearing so am afraid I'd translate wrong. Maybe Teri? That would be so powerful. Hey, let's email computer science students at Gallaudet and see if they will take it on as a project? That could be interesting. Anyway, thanks.


Angie said...


I watched your vlog with interest. Again and again I am listening to the deaf talk about how hearing parents do not love their deaf children or are shocked and devastated by them being deaf.

I am here to represent a hearing mom who was neither shocked or devastated upon learning my oldest son was deaf. He knows ASL and he is oral. I agree that doctors push hearing parents into a pathological mindset. I grew up admiring ASL even though I didn't know it. So I knew my son would have a language - I am please he actually has two.

Please let it be known that not all hearing parents oppress their deaf children and try to make them oral or hearing. I love my son more than life itself as I do my other hearing children. The other hearing moms I know love their deaf children and we struggle everyday to make the best decisions possible for them. If you feel judged as a deaf person, imagine how judged we feel as hearing parents of deaf children. Don't alienate us from the deaf world - invite is in.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...


ASL Risen said...


Depends on where the doctors and professionals did influenced and gave wrong advise to many parents that their Deaf children and babies NOT to learn ASL; they were so WRONG advising for not respect ASL...

I am glad that you allowed your oldest son to learn 2 languages! I know that my Deaf son's first language is ASL and English as his 2nd language! The law for age 0 to 3 with no ASL program did made me feel LOUSY mother for so many years!

I do not want the law with "NO ASL for age 0 to 3" to cause so many parents to become "LOUSY" caretaking for their own Deaf child. I do not want other parents of Deaf children to become "LOUSY and OPPRESSIVE" PARENTS like me and my husband!

Of course you are WELCOME to the DEAF WORLD!!!