Saturday, September 01, 2007

Representating Role for Future Deaf Community?

Good afternoon it's Labor's Day Weekend!

I want to express my thoughts from my own perspective as a (either Deaf or Hearing) Mom or Parents representating for Future Deaf Community from Sharon Duchesneau's "Communication Abuse and Deaf People" on her ASC's vlog link:

This is what I am concern for our future Deaf /hard of hearing/CODA Children's role for Future Deaf Community with Equal Communication Access Needs with a better positive attitude model role representative without attacking ASL. To let you know that I would like to borrow famous Deaf Frank Turk from South Dakota's quote "T.E.A.M." as "Together Everyone Achieve More".

It is very important for us all to have good teamwork to more positive attitude model role representating for the Future Deaf Community with respect Equal Communication Access Needs without oppressing ASL access. It will be so hard for us to improve as TEAMwork as for our Future Deaf Community need while there are some people who want to keep English Language in more power of control to confuse and oppress some of our brains, souls, spirits, identity and minds.

My lonely dog is now happy to be with my Deaf son at home. My Deaf son is now home for a long Labor's Day weekend. Please pardon me recently I was watching the cable national news about a married man, Republican US Senator from Idaho… Wow very interesting news!! I couldn’t imagine myself as his wife with kids!! It’s gonna be very INTERESTING since he did said himself “never been gay” but but he has been strong against gay marriage!!

To let you know that there was very interesting histroy and article info about US Sentor from Idaho on this link:

Hope you will enjoy Labor’s Day weekend! Shawn


DE said...

Agreed. Every member of the Deaf community needs to work together to ensure that every Deaf child has language and education.

Hope your meeting with the teacher & principal goes well. If not, vlog it!


ASL Risen said...

Yes, DE! I will do! Thanks, Shawn

Stephen J. Hardy said...

Make sure the school follows the IEP (Individual Education Plan) to meet your sons communication, educational and activity needs. If not, contact the Office of Civil Rights at:

Be very careful what they put on the IEP such as "interpreters" and make sure you define an interpreter as a professional communication facilitator who has been trained and tested by an interpreter agency ( and with knowledgeable of educational vocabularies.

Too many parents overlooked at that part and the school will say "We provided an interpreter" but a qualified interpreter?

You must have all facts to use and that is where OCR and NAD comes in with a "Talk-Sheet" to help to get what your child needs to become successful academically and socially.

Anonymous said...


I am happy your vlogged about your experience with your Deaf son and his teacher. I know you are not alone and there are many more Deaf parents who have the same kinds of concerns.

If I remember correctly from one of your other vlogs and your Deaf son goes to a Deaf school, maybe you can talk with some of the other parents and find out if their children are also having trouble understanding the teacher. If so, then there is strength in numbers. If you can educate these parents and their children about their right to clear communication at school, you may all be able to work together to get changes made.

Even if you are the only concerned parent and have to work alone, don't give up. You can be an excellent role model to other parents - and you are teaching your son how to stand up for his rights. I think what you are planning to do is great! Your Deaf son is very lucky that you are willing to fight for him.

Please do come back and vlog about your meeting, however it goes.

Sharon Duchesneau

Deafpeace said...

Talking about parent and deaf children has rights and empowerment than school district want to decide for themselves to do with your son instead of what you want for your son with special needs. That meaning IEP (LEA) school of district does not get meet your goal for your son special needs.
GETTING mention person to support you to get an interpreter at public school.
Here to offer you to look at www.

"Resource Guide for Parents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children"

through alot of information into different states to get advice .

Your struggle with deaf ED Rights in public school same time oral students there which hard time to accept for other parents rights to put separted divide oral and asl student in other classroom. That is school of district responible to deal with your rights to get your son deaf ED with special needs which choice use tools sign language interpreter inside public school and after school deaf tutor and Bi-Bi class for general studies.

My son is age 11 now and he goes to middle school 6 grades Deaf Teacher with Deaf ED Program only deaf and hard of hearing students in classroom at public school,hmm.
His classmates total is small number 4 deaf students out of 630 hearing students . They have one sign language interpreter for computer,PE / gym,library and after school. I think there will getting another interpreter extra like for sub or else reasonable.

Good Luck to fighting for you and your son rights - get empowerment deaf community:)

Jac said...

First: to set up a date to have a meeting with your deaf son's teacher and principal.

If it is not success, just report to an education of director or board of director at your local community school about that.

hope it works for you and your son, good luck.

ASL Risen said...

That's right about IEP meeting. So it's important for parents to go in the classroom and watch the interpreter's qualification. Sometimes the school do have contract with the interpreter just like in college.

Most college have contract with the interpreter do not meet the student's language which it may waste some money to enroll hearing college. Best thing to check college's contract before deciding enroll college.

Thanks. Shawn

ASL Risen said...

Stephen J Hardy,

Yes that's right! I was not impressed with the mainstream elementary's Special School District with Level 2 educational interpreter qualified. I did went IEP meeting and ended up long 4 hours battle of war IEP meeting..

I do not want to wait too long until my Deaf child to become 6th grade to get qualifed interpreter. It will cause delayed education in mainstream public school.

Stephen, you are right about interpreter not qualified.

I gotta go work now today as Labor Day! Talk with you later. Shawn