Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where's "RESPECT"????!!!!

My thoughts about Deaf students do have their own rights to withdraw and changed class just like the same with hearing public high schools. Why new Deaf students from hearing schools do NOT have education about "HARASSING" gay/lesbian/straight? Again go read on this "NEA's Safe Schools for Everyone" link:

To my concern thoughts about Where's "RESPECT"????!!!! Thank you. Shawn


ASL Risen said...

Excuse me for making more clarification since I got 2 personal email. To make more clarification: A new Deaf student did insulted my Deaf son that my Deaf son is GAY!!! So my thought about new Deaf students transferred to Deaf school from the hearing public schools DO NOT HAVE education about harrassing!!! Awful!!!

Thank you... I better go keep my lonely dog company before I will need take a shower and get ready to work this afternoon... Hugs.. Shawn

Deaf Dixie said...

Curion? Where did your deaf son go to school? I understand about ur point. Hope everything will solve the problem asap...


ASL Risen said...

Deaf Dixie,

Thanks! Me too hope that will be resolved problems asap! Missouri!!


Squ65 said...

Sorry for your great loss of the dog. A Beloved sister dog will be missed your lovely dog! Nearly cried! What are their name?

Typical many schools are like that ...Even if the trainings are offered in schools - Hearing and Deaf Kids still won't care. Best is to nod and ignore. That kids will regret this later.

ASL Risen said...

Hi Squi65!

Thanks but I don't know if you understand how I feel. What if you have a child, how would you feel about any other kids insulted your own child GAY???!!! There are NO workshops for parents of gay/lesbian/straight now these days!!!

My dead dog named Lady.. My lonely dog name is Hugo. Thanks. I better go check my lonely dog before I need to go out of the door for my work asap.. Bye and hugs, Shawn

IamMine said...

Hi Shawn!

I'm having trouble with youtube videos today for some reasons and can't view them now. Hmm.

I'll try again later...

But what I caught from your comments and others - I am sorry about your dog. I understand they are like another member of the family!

And about your son being insulted about being Gay and I'm assuming that nothing was done about it.

I approached a similar thing with our youngest son who stretched out in a female manner and he got made fun of and labeled as gay.

I talked to the teacher and she was so embarrassed and shocked. She talked to the class and made the kids apologize to Noah.

I did NOT even try to defend that he was NOT gay. I simply said that was totally unacceptable of kids to make others feel bad or degraded just 'cause they act or look different.

But intolerant is a problem everywhere, no matter how hard you try to provide a safe and healthy environment for your child.

It's very trying, I know!

I don't know what else you said in video, but I can imagine you won't give up and keep on the school to provide a healthy and tolerant environment for ALL kids whatever their background is.

Bug said...

Sorry about your beloved dog. :( Bless her soul.


Mish said...

ASL Risen,

First of all, I am sorry to hear about your dog. :( Give your lonely dog lots of hugs and kisses!

I do not mean to be rude but kids will always be kids. Even though there may be education about harrassement in schools, most kids do not care. It's sad. Kids will taunt other kids, whether if they are gay, fat, poor, different, or anything. However, I notice lately in schools (because of school shootings nationwide) the bully no-tolerance policy is popping up everywhere. Schools are starting to take bulliness seriously. Does your son's school have no-tolerance for bullies policy in place?

ASL Risen said...

Yes Mish!

I just took my lonely dog outside in a very cool morning weather with my coffee.. He happens jumped on my lap and my coffee spilled on my shirt. I laughed with him and smiled and kissed him.. So I brought him down with me so he loves to sit on my lap while I am reading my email and comments. I know he sorely missed his sister dog to communicate with the news about "WHO TOUCHED ON THEIR BACK YARD and FRONT YARD PROPERTY"? They did even barked at squirrels, rabbits and birds touching on our yard! Shawn