Thursday, May 03, 2007

Secret: Oralisms/Mainstream "Snake Oil"??

I hope some Deaf people to observed any Oral Deaf Schools' links and start make action to help the Deaf Schools by using the "Critical Thinking" of how to beat that Oral deaf schools published their own advertising links. Please go look and read on one of the Deaf oral program's published advertising link:

Those 2 pictures were made from my Deaf son's "Big Brother" who is a Future Gallaudet Student!

Thanks and hope you will have blessing day! Gotta go work now! Shawn


Karen Mayes said...

Oh my gosh, your son is very talented! I love the painting of trees... wow!

Yeah, I know the subject "oracy" (remember, there is insufficient information on oracy, compared to oralism which has a lot of information) is very sticky, causing strong, often negative emotions. I feel bad about it, but it needs to be discussed anyway, since it benefits SOME (I never said ALL...) deaf children who have aptitude for it.

Anyway, I read the SJI's link and I DISAGREE with one statement... that oral method improves reading/writing. The evidence again and again shows that the majority of deaf people still have 4th grade reading level... and the majority of them born to hearing families and having received oral method.

That statement misleads the hearing parents to decide to send their deaf children to oral schools, without doing additional research. My parents told me when they visited Kentucky School for the Deaf in 1960's, after finding out I was deaf, and they witnessed a teacher locking one deaf child in the darkened closet in the classroom as part of disciplining the child, it turned my parents off. So they decided to send me to CID, after visiting CID and seeing a lot of "love" and "attention" from CID teachers. Remember, my parents were grieving my deafness, soooo... and there was insufficient information on deaf education in 1960's.

Keep talking about oral deaf education...

Dennis said...

Hey, I'm a talkie who is just learning to sign, so I can't read your video yet. From what I can make out you are against oralism?

If I'm right, I'd like to clarify a little. You're against teaching deaf children to speak, or to speak without teaching ASL?

I read the FAQ you pointed to, the school seems to offer all sorts of options and leaves it up to the parents. Isn't that a good thing? Letting the parents decide?

I mean I can certainly understand where hearing parents may not want to teach their deaf children ASL, only to talk, and I agree that's stupid. They would be cut off, until they learned on their own to sign, from the richness of the deaf community. But isn't that ultimately the parents decision whether we like it or not?


Jean Boutcher said...

Hi Shawn,

You hit the nail on the head! You use a right term: "Snail Oil".

Many hearing parents get excited,
"My son can pronunce "butterfly" perfectly. Now he has 15 words in his vocabulary." I would swallow a huge lump in my throat because deaf children from SIGNING parents have over 500 words of ASL in their vocabulary.

Through ASL do deaf children make a smooth transition from ASL to English and become bilingual.

ASL Risen said...

My video comments for Dennis and Karen Mayes:


ASL Risen said...

Jean Boutcher!

Good morning.. Thanks for sharing your comments!

Hope you will have good day, too!


Karen Mayes said...

Ha, ha, day school, not deaf school... guess you need coffee ;-p.

Oh, I got it. I read it wrong... yup, you said Big Brother... I need stronger glasses!

I knew one person who graduated from CID and struggled with mainstreaming for a while before her parents decided to send her to MSD, in 1980's... her family is from California, MO... you might know her... Beth Proctor? Heard she was a lot happier at MSD.


ASL Risen said...

Karen Mayes,

Oh geez, I don't which one Gallaudet Day School for the Deaf or Gallaudet School for the Deaf here in St. Louis!

Yes you RIGHT!! I need more STRONGER coffee!!!

Hugs back to you, Shawn

ccm14er said...


Yes, I understand the "marketability" the way the SJID market the sophistically-worded SJI FAQ regarding about its "famed" (yeah its a joke to me) oralism. You know, the culture around the creativity of its FAQ readability for the "whole public" scope. To make the hearing people look at as the same way as they would think as if they could communicate to anyone. I am saying about WHAT their (oralism people) own perceptive view of little deaf children. IT IS REALLY SAD AND ACTUALLY SHAME (in a way because jeez, they want to get "ahead" of "the deaf education SCOREBOARD" game. As i see, I wish the deaf side (ASL AND ALL OTHER SUPPORTERS TO KEEP THE DEAF TOGETHER AS UNITY) to set up strong opposition against this powerful (yet sad) SJI FAQ.

I knew that NAD leadership in DC is pretty much WEAK and EFFORTLESS (because that's what I saw inside NAD building a while ago -- its dark and gloomy and looking-poor quality of business view). NAD should have BROADEN UP the "DEAF WAY" (for audism -- sign language and around that etc -- no matter what, as long as they show UNITY for this sake in future).

Now, I, exact like Shawn, was former SJI student and graduate -- it is very surreal and extremely narrow-mind scope atmosphere at SJI. YEAH, just like what Karen Mayes had said in comment, during the 1960's and 1970's times, the oralism culture had been increased so powerfully -- why ?? because in audism (sign language) culture, back in that old time, the "leadership" people were so terrible and treated very poorly. That's why my parents were turned off too from VSD because the people were so "arrogant" in responding the answers for my parents to ask questions etc. Its like VSD slap on them "too fast" (like being blown out of window) ... and come to visit many oral schools to see that they are so much friendly and sweet to them .... aaaahhhhh -- that's why I say (in my research) its "marketability" to make them "think in that way" -- how sad !!!!! IF IF IF (yes i said three times), deaf schools "leaders" should be open and sweet etc etc ... lot of deaf schools will be great by today. Remember, lot of deaf kids was born from hearing parents --- sooooo that's why they act that way. We (deaf schools and all other school that support sign language) all need to prepare and show PROFESSIONALLY to make them say "WOW, WOW, WOW" ... they will give serious thoughts !!!!!!!

I hope NEXT 20 YEARS, the deaf culture will come back to show the hearing people into say "WOW, WOW, WOW" like we all can show AWESOME !!!!

ASL Risen said...


Thank you for your comments! Yeah you RIGHT!


Icedtea said...


I came across your vlogs on YouTube while viewing Karen Mayes and Erick K's vlogs. All of these vlogs are an eye-opener! :)

Are you deaf? You always mention "deaf" along with "husband", "father", and "son".

I don't understand why you wanted your son to keep speech classes if your husband is going blind. Wouldn't close-signing or tactile-signing be easier for your husband to follow? Yes, I know you said he was oral. But isn't signreading better than speechreading for the Deaf-Blind (My father is oral, too, and picked up sign language later when he had two deaf and my sister).

I'll read your blog and vlog from top and bottom and see if I can get more info on your background and family. I'm just very very curious about you, Karen and Erick. :) Thanks.

ASL Risen said...

Good morning icedtea,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. At first I did respected my Deaf son who wants transferred to Deaf school from mainstream. My Deaf husband was afraid that he may not understand my Deaf son's fast signing skills because my Deaf husband grew up oralist but he knows some ASL from one of Deaf college. One Deaf college did gave my Deaf husband's eye exams but not enough information after gave him glasses if he will go blind or not.

So it's up to my Deaf husband to go laser but he had bad experience with his one eye blind that caused him blinded by old time laser.. He will think about booking appt with new modern time laser.. I have to respect him to take his own time to think about booking appt with new modern time laser.

Thanks so much for your concern about my Deaf husband and my Deaf son's communication.

I best go get ready myself to work today! Gosh, I cannot catch up all Deaf Read today this morning! Shawn