Thursday, July 26, 2007

Response LaRonda, Hearing Loss Soldiers and Baby Signs

(less than 3 minutes video clip)

LaRonda, WHEW thank you SO MUCH for not giving up your story from your own v-blog! Please do remember that WE NEED YOU (I need you too)!!! Why? We need to understand the hearing loss culture from the war!!!

Any Baby Signs DVD to sell for sponsoring DBC (Deaf Bilingual Coalition)? Please do let me know asap!

Have a very nice week! Shawn


Candace A. McCullough said...

I agree with you that it is so good to see LaRonda back with her stories!

B.A.D. said...

Shawn -

Yeah - it is surely WONDERFUL to have LaRonda baaaaaack, I don't think she'd leave us HANGING!! LOL! She ROCKS!!

As for DVD, I suggest go to google, and type in what you want. Like for example "DVD for babies" or "DVD to support signing for babies" etc........

Jean Boutcher said...

Hi Shawn,

I am happy that LaRonda
has resumed with her autobiography.

As of the DVD, I have
good news for you.
Both Barnes & Noble
and Borders' bookstores
carrty "Baby Sign"
software propgram in
a big box. When entering
a bookstore, look for
a section called "Kids".
If not, ask a salesclerk.

LaRonda said...

Thank you so much, Shawn. I feel humbled and honored. I had no idea so many people were actually reading and following along with my stories. It means a great deal to me, especially that DeafRead recognizes my stories as valuable.

For those reading along, you will soon hear about my story when i got hearing aids. I wore them for about 4 years and then, like the senior citizen you talked with, I tossed them! ;) no longer needed them now that I knew ASL and the no longer benefitted me. I went through a big transition. Keep reading to find out how....

Thanks again for your special vlog.


~ LaRonda

ASL Risen said...

Oh boy, LaRonda! I cannot wait to read your more stories from your v-blog!

Thanks b.a.d and jean boutcher for your help but first thing I prefer to wait for CAD's announcement from this copied and pasted website: (California Association of the Deaf)- go see if any company donated and support for the Deaf Bilingual Coalition. Then I will respect and shop the company the Baby Signs DVDs.. Thanks again. Shawn