Friday, July 20, 2007

Why NO Inclusive Signing CODAs

(04:16 video clip):

I support SIGNS FOR A LIFETIME for all Deaf and Hearing (CODA and KODA)children to be inclusive! So that will help our future children to build up their own more positive self esteems! I do not understand why someone did mentioned that that "AGBell is very inclusive group" while there was an harmful attacked toward on my Deaf son's forehead when he was in mainstream public school. My Deaf son cannot go to my hearing son's public elementary school because that public elementary school rejected my Deaf son who did already know how to use sign language at his age 5 years old (kindergarten)!

Thanks for your own time to read my short msg and watch my video clip!

Respectfully Signs For A Lifetime Inclusively yours! Shawn

Monday, July 16, 2007

Wondering Alexander Graham Bell ???

My 5 and half minutes video clip.

Wondering about those 4 Candidates who will be running for AG Bell Board Candidates will be supporting "Bilingual" during the term from 2007 to 2010???? Please go read on this link:

Have a very good day! Shawn