Thursday, September 27, 2007

Deaf Oral Children Suffered From Abused Lesbian Catholic Nuns

View this subtitling or closed captioning video clip for not Deaf people or not hearing people.


mishkazena said...

Hmm, how do you know they were lesbians?

Anonymous said...

those who molest children are not gay or lesbian. So, they are called pedophiles.

pe·do·phile is an adult who is sexually attracted to young children.

Never say gay, lesbian or straight when you describe how awful they sexually molest children. Sickening!!!


Anonymous said...

After a final download of your video into my computer, I fully comprehend what you spoke of abusive nuns. I agree with you that they need help, but I rather have them be kicked out of school in order to prevent children from being mistreated in various ways. Thank to God that I had not been in a Catholic school. Remember those who have harmed children should be kicked out of school at once, no more chances for them to remain in teaching small children.
Thanks for the videoclip you have for us to look at your opinions. Please link me to Cait's message.


Susan said...

Hi! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I am a founder of St. Rita's Deaf Child Abuse Survivors, Inc. You guys are very welcome to join us and exercise your therapized feelings. Please feel free to contact me, Susan - good luck

Susan said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. I am a founder of St. Rita's Deaf Child Abuse Survivors, Inc. since March 25, 2001. Hope you be able to participate in our organization. Feel free to contact me at wish you best

Anonymous said...

This is one of the most ignorant commentaries I have ever seen. First, how do you know your teachers were lesbians? Second, they were not abusive because they were lesbians.

Research has shown that most people that sexually abuse others are straight. Research has also shown that most people who physically abuse others are straight. I am not sure what your agenda was in sharing your experience/commentary, but the whole thing sounded homophobic to me.

Anonymous said...

How do you know they were lesbian? Did they ever tell you "Hey, I am lesbian"? or have you seen them in bed together? Why should we take your word for it? I personally think that Catholic nuns don't tell you straight saying "Im lesbian"?

ASL Risen said...

Commenters, thank you so much. The answer will be next vlog while I will try to work on subtitle or close captioning tmw morning before I have to go work.

Really St. Rita's Child Abuse Survivor, where?? Is that in Ohio? If yes, that is too far away from my home!

Today I had to work early with Appreciation Day and got shocked myself that I got a Performance Award from my work floor.

Hopefully part 2 will be done with captioning by tmw. And part 3 will be later...

Good night! Shawn

Jean Boutcher said...

Myself, I attended a private oral school at St. Francis Xavier's. All nuns were very gentle, tender, loving, and cuddleable. I adored them. The nuns slept individually. The doors to their bedrooms were always locked, so that the nuns's prayers and mediations would not be interferred. Their beds were very narrow. Carpetless.

After the ordination, the nuns are espoused to Jesus forever. That is why they wear a wedding ring all the time.

Yes, it is quite possible for a nun to fall in love with a priest and they volunteer to leave to marry one another.

As of priests, some of them are pedophiles (ones who like to molest pre-teenagers). They commit a crime.

I must admit that your story is the first story I have ever heard. Have you read the biographies of St. Teresa of Avila. She was so crazy about men she punished herself by becoming a cloistered nun, depriving herself of the worldly company of men for life.

Elizabeth said...

hmm, from your comments, I think I can figure out who you are talking about because I went to the same school as you did.

I don't think gay/lesbian have anything to do with being the abuser. I think being Catholic and even at a Catholic oral school, we were raised under a very strict environment and unfortunately, nuns follow the very strict and rigid punishments that are extreme. I don't think it has anything to do with their sexuality. Sure, I do suspect that some of the nuns are lesbians which goes back to the first comment I made. Do I have proof? No, but I have my own suspicious.

You have my email address as I am the same person who contacted you a while ago. I know your past childhood friend, M.B. Feel free to contact me.

Anyway, will wait until your next vlog.

Anonymous said...

OMG! That's horrible. Did you share your experience with your parents? Take you out of that sickening school immediately? Thanks for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

OMG! That's horrible. Did you share your experience with your parents? Take you out of that sickening school immediately? Thanks for your sharing.

Katherine said...

I agree with others that this vlog is inappropriate. I think you should consider removing it. You can talk about children being abused by nuns, but to label nuns lesbians, you are hurting the gay/lesbian community. There are many straight nuns who have abused children, too. Stereotypes are harmful. I suggest that you remove your vlog.

ASL Risen said...

Elizabeth, actually I lost your email address. Sorry! We were born not the same year. I guess they did stopped doing this after I talked loud to my mom. Oooops, my bad becauze I cannot stand that Speech teacher checked on my classmate in Math class too often since her speech classroom was a next door to a Math classroom in Upper School from 6th to 8th grades during that time!

ASL Risen said...

Oh Deafster!

Sorry my bad because I was busy with my mind far away... Cait, other hearing groups and I were discussing about the issues from the Catholic news on this copied and pasted news link:

I feel the nuns should be out of the closet and give more support Gay priest personally.

Anonymous said...

I believe one staff did molest one deaf child at one school (I won't name the school) for the deaf! I remember during the reunion, we took a short tour at one old dormitory. It was closed for a remodeling. We went inside. A male friend told me his experience that he saw a female houseparent took a small boy in her room. She closed the door. My male friend was watching the door for a while he laid in a bed at midnight. At first he didn't understand why? Later he believed the boy was molested. In few years later He never saw the boy again. I often wonder what happened to him!
It is a state school!

ccm14er said...

Nothing new !!!! Oral people will do anything to try to rip rip deaf people because Oral want deaf people to give up deaf's identity and culture etc.

We don't need any "darwin" broom sweep on deaf people. we felt we have to fight back by attacking in system etc.

that way Pure Oral will lose ######

Bravo ########

Charles (former SJI student)

ASL Risen said...

Hallo Susan,

here is my video response link:

Hope that we could join on the internet for St. Rita's Deaf Child Abuse Survivors, Inc. to save our flight fares and gas expenses in case some of us do not have job or tight with money..

Angel hugs back to you, Shawn

ASL Risen said...

Greetings Charles. the ccm14er !!!!

Wow thanks for your BIG ANNOUNCEMENT news!! Please do go view on my copied and pasted video response link:

LONG TIME NO SEEE YOU!!! Yes I remember you so very well because I did happened saw you out the hallway with that domestic violence teacher nun while I had to go the girls bathroom!!! And also I did saw one Deaf dorm boy who graduated in 1980 and he got killed himself by falling off the Empire State Building in NYC... I feel bad that I happened saw that Speech Teacher Nun abused him in the dark room at Upper School !!! Oh I feel hurt when I found out the news about him fall of the Empire State Building while he was a college dorm Michigan student in NTID... I was heartbroken because I feel that he is my little brother!!!

Hugs, Shawn

JABParis said...


YOu are correct that there both straight and gay nuns who were abusive to Deaf children in the past at SJI. My mother went there and suffered big time. She saw few nuns making out in the next room where my mother was sleeping. Her bed was next to the room where nun slept. The door was slightly open becuze they wanted to hear the noises that Deaf children might made during bedtime. It was thier mistake for leaving door ajar. My mother saw everything and wondered why two women making out. Anyway, the point Shawn made was that both straight and gay nuns are and were abusive at SJI to many Deaf children both sexually and physically, as well as emotionally. Many of them had all those three scars...
Those nuns and priests should be banned from teaching Deaf children. They should be banned from being religions as well. NO one should abuse children.


Candace A. McCullough said...

It is great that you have a support group for survivors. I have seen many Deaf people in my work who went through a lot of abuse from their dorm staff and teachers. What about setting up a vlog site? It will be a wonderful place for Deaf people to go and talk about issues especially when everyone lives in different places. Thanks.

ASL Risen said...


Thanks for your comment! I agreed with you! Silence = Death!! It's time for us to feel better by getting out of our chest!

It will be GREAT idea about setting up Deaf Catholic Child Abuse Survivors's vlog. I do not mind helping Susan if she will allow me. I may take a trip over there and help her setting up and teach her how to use video vlog.

Susan, please do let me know if you are interested for me to fly out and see you then help you.

Hugs, Shawn

Susan said...

Thank you, Candance. I am working on a new "foundation" or a new organization all in one instead of a group. I really look forward to getting assistance from Shawn to set up the network. I have been traveling forth and back to Cincinnati, Ohio to go on protest march, invite media/press news crews to spread our word against Catholic clergy for sexual abuses in the hands of priests/nuns/lay people/staff/etc. I hope this should help others get involved in a new organization. I am working on a title or a name for the organization. Thanks again, Susan, a founder for St. Rita's Deaf Child Abuse Survivors, Inc.

Susan said...

Hi Shawn...I reviewed your vlog. My understanding is that not only in residential/dormitory at schools, but many victims/survivors didn't live in schools - yes that is included in an organization. They are welcome in this organization called St. Rita's Deaf Child Abuse Survivors, Inc; however, newcomers from different schools/churches suggested that we could use a whole one organization instead of "St. Rita". That sounds reasonable to me. I am a founder for St. Rita's Deaf Child Abuse Survivors which is locally in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am out of Ohio because many victims are also out of Ohio that usually come back to Cincinnati going on protest marches, speak out through Media (News) crews to spread all channels. I am still in a battle with the diocese of Cincinnati against abused priests and still in a battle with motherhouse against the nuns. Alot easier if we go on TV news to embarrass the diocese and motherhouse that I have done in the past. I plan to identify the pictures of clergy there next year in front of TV news crews as well. Let's talk. Smile. Hugs, Susan