Thursday, September 06, 2007

Not Alone Feeling Oppress by Hearings & Deaf

My video message for Roehm, the Nesmuth and other Deaf who may be ALONE feeling OPPRESSED by hearings and Deaf for many years. I hope you will understand some of us Deaf did felt oppressed by hearing controllers with the lack of Deaf Education for so many years!

Here's my 2nd video important message for one of the Interpreter Agencies here in St. Louis who already got contract from my work company. Please do your honor to watch from this video link:

FYI: Interpreter Agent, last week my hearing co-workers and my hearing supervisors did informed me that they were satisfied with that interpreter who has level 4 from Missouri Interpreter Certification but has Level 5 under NAD Interpreter Certication. Possible hearing Missouri Interpreter Evaluators were jealous of that interpreter who has fabulous ASL skills and voicing skills. My meeting with my manager who has disability and my Union Representative will be next week. Hope my manager will feel better herself by developing good teamwork on my work floor. I don't know if my manager knew about ADA and I will need to check with her first next week. Or up to you may possible find top qualified level 5 under Missouri Interpreter for my next week meeting. Thank you.



OCDAC said...

I'm not oppressed by hearing people. I'm not alone in this.

In fact I landed a big big contract yesterday from the hearing people.

ASL Risen said...

Roehm from OCDAC,

You did talked ASL Knives on your back. I hope you will understand some of us Deaf who did felt oppressed by hearing controllers.
Undy? Shawn

Misha said...

Hello, ASL Risen,
I've been there and done with that series of oppressions from hearing people at a couple of work places I've had been in. It wasn't easy. But luckily, I could talk pretty well but not at the best, however I've been tough. I've been in heat-butt feast with my ex-supervisors and usually won the most of time.
So I wonder if you or your manager could request the same interpreter that you both like so much to Interpreting Dept.? I don't know much about your home state. But here in Connecticut, we could request a certain interpreter if possible and an alternate interpreter in any case the first choice may be full booked. Usually, we get an interpreter who could sign ASL and PSE since my husband prefers ASL while I prefer PSE. But in the last few years, I finally got to master ASL after years of using PSE which I still do sometimes.
Misha :-)

Misha said...

D'oh, I mean head-butt, not heat-butt. Bad typo on my part.

Misha :-D

ASL Risen said...


Wow thanks for sharing your experience from your work life! You are so AMAZING woman!!!

Well my supervisors did always shared their feedbacks to me if they are satisfy or not with the interpreter.. So sometimes the interpreter agency did sent Level 3 or less on my work place, my supervisors and my hearing co workers did always let me know if they do not understand the interpreter's voicing problems.. So, I hope the interpreter agency will be aware of our work needs top qualified level 5 under Missouri Interpreter Certification or Level 5 under NAD Interpreter Certification for next week private meeting plan.

Smile, Shawn