Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Alumni Leaders? My Report and My Deaf Son

Greetings SJI Alumni Officers and SJIAA members (now free charges to all SJIAA members including Left Students and Graduates)!!!

Here's currently 2 photos from St Joseph's Conversations (formerly SJI Trumpet newsletter)that I got in the mail yesterday.. Interesting about one SJI Graduate and one SJI Left Student did meet the Nation's Capitol. I know those 2 SJI members who are not heavily social with the Deaf community and they both do not have their own experiences by raising Deaf Child themselves because they do not have children at all....

Have a very good Tuseday!!! I need go zoom my work today! Enjoy your day! Shawn


ckblythe said...

Hello Shawn,

I'm not sure what you said, but I think you mentioned that your son goes to CID. Why choose CID, an oral school?

Anyway, if he goes to CID, does he use sign language with his peers? In secrecy?

Just curious, Chris

Anonymous said...

Oh, Hopkin. It's good to see you on the Vlog, at least. I have known you when I was working at MSD. Hope you can step in more often since you have a lot of abilities and leadership that I have seen you back at MSD.

Anonymous said...

I think your son is natural with his signs. I think the sign for you is very special! He can sign MOTHER for all other mothers but yours is special! I forgot how old he is?

ASL Risen said...


My Deaf son left CID.

Anonymous, thanks, I did tried best balance my working schedule and visit both sons' different school schedules.

Carl, thank you and he's 13.

mochame said...

It's very interesting what you was saying and Your son can sign, that show ASL power!

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with your saying that just because those alumni do not have Deaf children, they are not suitable representatives of the Deaf community on the Hill. Deaf people need all the advocates we can get, and that includes those advocates who for their own reasons have decided not to be heavily social within the Deaf community. I personally know both individuals and I don't see how their lack of children is relevant to the issue. They were deaf children themselves.

I had no problem understanding your son's signing. I think it is very touching that he has his own special sign for you.

I don't blame you for being turned off that the teacher and interpreter focused on that one student who could speak, read, and write better than his peers. However, this happens in the hearing world as well. Children fall through the cracks all the time, and it is up to the parents to get involved and advocate for their children, like you have been doing.

As an SJI alumnus myself, I am involved with both the Deaf community and the hearing world.

IamMine said...

Your son is so adorable!

I love how he has his own special sign for his mother!

I agree with Carl that he can sign that for other mothers but that one just for you! :)

He is not afraid to show his affection for his mother - especially on a VLOG!

My 13 years old would not DARE to do that! He does not want to hug me in public!


ASL Risen said...

Thanks IamMine for your response!

Yeah, my 13 years old do not want me to hug him in front of his friends before he has to go in the bus back to his dorm! He told me that he do not want to be embarrassed if I give him my goodbye hugs! Crazy? huh?