Monday, December 10, 2007

Deaf Become Slaves Again Just Like Roman Catholic Empire History?

From my own time researching on this History of Catholic Popes from this link:

The problem is that I do not see where is Pope Felix V who was already a Married Man from his Papacy Year (1439 - 1449) on this original List of Popes' link: . Can you see the number 208th and 209th Pope??? Why was Pope Felix V not on the List of Popes?

About the priests wives were thrown off to the slaves, go read down on 7th to around 14th paragraphs on this link:

Wondering if we Deaf still have to be slaves for the Hearing People by forcing us, the Deaf to become "hearing minds" and force us to use English Sign Language (forbid using our natural ASL)?? Just wondering if we, Deaf have to be suffer SLAVES from Hearing People again by covering up our Deaf Culture and history just like Roman Catholic tried to cover up their own messed up Roman Catholic Empire history????

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Deb M said...

Hi, this is educational information you shared about Pope. I am curious. How did you obtain this information? Is these information is a fact?

Thank you and Happy New Year