Thursday, October 25, 2007

Deaf Oral and Mainstream Education Harm Family Values!

Just want to express my own opinions and thoughts to support and give more feed backs by helping other Deaf vloggers to create their own express on their own video clips. Let us keep on saving ASL education for Family Values forever! Sorry I cannot make this transcript because I am not in the mood and need to get some more sleeping hours before go work and will be busy this weekend.

Oh one more thing before I forgot to let you know that I got email from NAD last Tuseday, October 23, 2007 about 2pm to response back my video comment on this link: Her reply on down below was:

Hi Shawn,

Thanks for submitting your comment about NAD Takes Action for Deaf Babies. We are developing more material for the EHDI section of the web site, and we hope to do more vlogs in the future. I agree with you that state EHDI panels need to be more open to ASL. I hope to post some information about deaf community representation on EHDI panels soon.

Thanks again.

Barbara Raimondo, Esq.
National Association of the Deaf
8630 Fenton Street
Suite 820
Silver Spring, MD 20910
301 587 1789 tty
301 587 1788 voice
301 587 1791 fax

Monday, October 22, 2007

SEE Do Not Know How Support Domestic Violence Programs!

This October 27th, 2007 will be 30th Anniversary to honor the First Black American MSD's 1977 Fall Homecoming Queen! We, the hearing and Deaf Federal workers will ALWAYS miss her and her hearing mom and her hearing sweet CODA daughter! God bless her ASL soul and her family!

I want to thank my manager and supervisor who gave up allowing me to get this weekend off from my work to honor my very good friend by going to MSD's Football Fall Homecoming game playing against Ohio School for the Deaf. Deep sighs, I will be working straight 9 days with no day off from work. I will be DEAD TIRED from working too many hours! Have a very good week!!!

Respectfully yours, Shawn