Sunday, August 05, 2007

Something Happen In Gallaudet's Cochlear Implant Survey Committee????

1 minute and 2 seconds Video Clip was filmed last August 03, 2007, 06:02 AM (Friday morning) was already reported to make my comment on this link:

That was happening from Gallaudet's Cochlear Implant Survey Committee after I King Jordan became President of Gallaudet in 1988. The Gallaudet Cochlear Implant Survey Committee did quit after they throw the "negative survey form papers" in the trash. Some of us are concerned to know why they, the Gallaudet's Cochlear Implant Survey Committe were not in good team work to respect Deaf community around the global world to become more healthier teamwork and leaderships????

Thanks. Shawn


Anonymous said...

I dont like to see that you are alway about CI that negative story. So Positve to friendly CI and Hard of hearing and Deaf for togeather. ASL is value for sharing to learnging. Please dont negative to idea story. CI is still deaf.

Anonymous said...

Where are the facts? I am not interested in talk talk. Must show the facts!

ASL Risen said...


Some people did sent the survey to Gallaudet's Cochlear Implant Survey Committee. They did waited for them to response them back to thank their report but they have not recieved it back. We are concerned from what happend to the Gally's CI Survey Committee.

We all need to know about facts. Thanks, Shawn