Saturday, September 01, 2007

Representating Role for Future Deaf Community?

Good afternoon it's Labor's Day Weekend!

I want to express my thoughts from my own perspective as a (either Deaf or Hearing) Mom or Parents representating for Future Deaf Community from Sharon Duchesneau's "Communication Abuse and Deaf People" on her ASC's vlog link:

This is what I am concern for our future Deaf /hard of hearing/CODA Children's role for Future Deaf Community with Equal Communication Access Needs with a better positive attitude model role representative without attacking ASL. To let you know that I would like to borrow famous Deaf Frank Turk from South Dakota's quote "T.E.A.M." as "Together Everyone Achieve More".

It is very important for us all to have good teamwork to more positive attitude model role representating for the Future Deaf Community with respect Equal Communication Access Needs without oppressing ASL access. It will be so hard for us to improve as TEAMwork as for our Future Deaf Community need while there are some people who want to keep English Language in more power of control to confuse and oppress some of our brains, souls, spirits, identity and minds.

My lonely dog is now happy to be with my Deaf son at home. My Deaf son is now home for a long Labor's Day weekend. Please pardon me recently I was watching the cable national news about a married man, Republican US Senator from Idaho… Wow very interesting news!! I couldn’t imagine myself as his wife with kids!! It’s gonna be very INTERESTING since he did said himself “never been gay” but but he has been strong against gay marriage!!

To let you know that there was very interesting histroy and article info about US Sentor from Idaho on this link:

Hope you will enjoy Labor’s Day weekend! Shawn

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Not Against Gay/Lesbian/Straight Deaf/HOH/Hearing Humans

My lonely dog who sat and sleeping on my lap while I was uploading and working on this v/blog. My lonely dog and I want to express you all "Good Morning!"

I am NOT against gay/lesbian/straight! I do have several hearing and Deaf friends who are gay/lesbian/straight. I sometimes wonder about my dear Deaf friend who graduated from my old oral deaf school, SJI here in St. Louis and got killed herself while I was second pregnant in 1993. I cannot go funeral in San Francisco while I needed to save up 6 weeks of maternity leave from my work after my 2nd baby was born in 1993. I cannot fly out in a very expensive far trip out there from here St. Louis. Sad there was no photo of the funeral in San Francisco Bay that I did missed it!!!

Thanks for understanding! Yes, Gary is right about important for us all to take the STRESS off from our chests and emotions to make us feel MORE BETTER! My concern about Social Peer Pressures Counselor for all public hearing schools for Deaf mainstream students, Oral Deaf Schools and America Schools for the Deaf now these days to help and develop the Deaf/HOH students to become MORE RESPECT for Unity!

Hope you all will have a very good and Happy Thursday!
Respectfully Hugs Yours, Shawn

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where's "RESPECT"????!!!!

My thoughts about Deaf students do have their own rights to withdraw and changed class just like the same with hearing public high schools. Why new Deaf students from hearing schools do NOT have education about "HARASSING" gay/lesbian/straight? Again go read on this "NEA's Safe Schools for Everyone" link:

To my concern thoughts about Where's "RESPECT"????!!!! Thank you. Shawn