Saturday, April 21, 2007

Deaf Missourians: Deaf Children 's Bill of Rights

Greetings All Deaf Missourians!

You can do your best to write email to MCDHH and cc to President of MoAD to ask MCDHH to set up the vlogs with any related to Deaf Issues on Missouri Legisliations to help us understand better with more visual language than MCDHH's announcement email or MCDHH's website.

Here is the MCDHH's email address is:
CC to President of MoAD:

To inform you that interpreter who did pushed and bad mouthing to that Deaf student, got a job working in Missouri DESE....

My next vlog will be about Deaf Oral Education Problems because I do not see any Deaf oral education policy on HCR 43, Deaf Children's Bill of Rights.

Hope you all Deaf Missourians will consider join MoAD to become united members if we are too busy with our working schedules , families and do have NOT much time to attend to any MoAD meetings!

See you on my next vlog later after this weekend. Hope you all have a very good weekend! Shawn


Anonymous said...

What years were u at SJI in Missouri?

CSDVRS said...

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RLM said...

Excellent suggestion to the MCDHH for posting the vlog presentation on Missouri Deaf Children's Bill of Rights for visually-oriented deaf populace.

I once was employed with the Office of Honorable Kit Bond, R-MO, U.S. Senate for just two and half years. I knew pretty much about the state of Missouri which I felt kindred with Missourians.

I am kinda surprised that Jerry Covell did not really consider about the vlog accessibility. What's matter with him and his staff? Is Mr. Covell still the Executive Director of MCDHH or what?

The public officials do have responsiblities and duties to make any legislation proposals free from any kind of gobblelkydys (msp.) language. The legislative bills should be in simple English language, not full with "legalse". Thanks for bringing this issue to me and other deaf vloggers and bloggers and readers.

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Aaron Valentine said...

You havent send me email and yet you deleted my comment.

ASL Risen said...

anonymous, 1970's.

csdvrs, thanks!

RLM- oh Jerry Covell is not working MCD anymore... He's gone out of Missouri already! Some of us Deaf do miss him!

Thanks. I better go get some sleep! Good night! Shawn

ASL Risen said...


I was at work.. I work on WEEKENDS!!! I will be start working at night shift hours soon and also have to work on weekends, too!!!

I couldn't get my sidekick 3 pager to access my vblog to allow the comments???? I am not used to new technology pager!

Have a good Sunday! Shawn