Saturday, June 16, 2007

Deaf Mom Stands Firm to Request Archbishop Burke to RESIGN!

Below is the information I submitted:
Mrs. Shawn Elfrink

Dear Archbishop Burke -
Blindcopied: Deaf Missouri Advocates
CC: St. Louis Post Newspaper Editors
CC: The Polish Heritage Center, Saint Stanislaus’ Parish Staff
CC: Honorable Missouri Governor Blunt
CC: 2 Missouri US Senators (both Republic and Democrat US Senates)
CC: 1 US Missouri Congressman
CC: Missouri Senator
CC: Missouri House Rep
Blindcopied: Deaf and Hearing Catholic Missouri members
Blindcopied: (National-USA and International Global) Deaf community

Archbishop Burke, I am standing firm to request you resign immediately for the best future St. Louis Community.. I do not see any more respect here Deaf St. Louis Community. Of course we do need to have good leadership and teamwork model role. Please do go view on my 4 minutes google video link:

Archbishop Burke, please do consider yourself to resign and leave (get out) from here St. Louis community and state of Missouri.. This will be very blessing appreciated for you to resign and get out of here state of Missouri.. We need healthy, understanding and better attitude archbishop and leader here in St. Louis Catholic Community.

Archbishop Burke, St. Louis Post Newspaper Editors, Saint Stanislaus’ Parish Staff, and hearing Catholic members, please do contact me if you need to understand from my 4 minutes video clip, I will be so happy to give you a list of qualified certifed ASL (American Sign Language) Interpreters so you can contact them by through via phone.

St. Louis Post Dispatch Editors, you can have my permission to send my email to Sheryl Crow. I feel that she is so wonderful mom of new adoption baby!

Respectfully yours, Shawn (dosen't matter both Republican and Democrat because I prefer to vote for RIGHT person who can be good leader for the State of Missouri)