Saturday, July 14, 2007

Roehm vs Ridoraudismil Tonic

Roehm, pls do WAKE UP and view on my 4 minutes 8 seconds video clip. Thank you for giving me a chance to get my own freedom of expressions (speech, opinions)!@

We need to grow more ASL groups by supporting more Deaf Bilingual Movement NOW!!

I gotta go now! Have a very nice weekend! Shawn


Anonymous said...

I don't blame u to get mad at Richard Roehm. U know RR is the worst OUT OF CONTROL of deaf vlogs in the world. That's for sure. Pssssst... basically, he must have mental illness.

Deaf Hawk

Anonymous said...

Oh Roehm sounds like a roach! Just ignore him since he is not important and many people know that he is just a gnat. You go, girl!

water said...

Right! Rohem waste our time. He is so full of it. Full of hot air. The list goes on. He rants, accuses other for his problem. Sad part is, he does not listen to anyone and busy telling everyone why he is so important. GAG!!!!

Roehm said...

mission accomplished. This respnse I was expecting. Perhaps you didnt dicipher the cryptic message. and I'll pull the plug on the videoclip to activate the crypric message.

Have a nice week sweetie!

Jeremy said...

Crack Kills lady.....

Being a, I dunno, maybe, um just a TEENY bit emotional?

Anonymous said...

Oh boy... that makes me exciting to see RR, and punch break his nose, teeths, and jaw. Maybe break his arms... hmm.

Deaf Hawk

Anonymous said...

Shawn, my dear friend!

Please don't respond anymore to that nutty fruitcake, Richard Roehm. He is nothing but pervert.

His ex-wife has restraining order against him. He is a sick and dangerous man.

He preys on people like his ex-wife. He is abuser.

He can come for you!

So keep IGNORING him!

He will be in jail soon as he defrauded the foundation of $82,000.00. He does NOT deserve it and he wants to create different CART. That's laughable!

Just IGNORE him and MOVE on!

Your loyal friend!

Anonymous said...

where you saw his youtube video about ridor Audism tonic?? I once saw it. It seems gone?? Let me know thanks.

ASL Risen said...


You are right that video tube link: Fwww%2Edeafvideo%2Etv%2Fwatch%2F1848

had been removed by the user. Don't know why!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. He is loser again. You seems that you won again. Smile. Take care. Keep up your vlog. Good job.