Saturday, February 09, 2008

US Deaf Taxpayers & Voters VS Eugenics????

Deaf Taxpayer & Registered Voter (new vlogger) meet my home!

Sorry this video removed!!!

What happen to Deaf Republican Blog? (my subtitled video clip about 1 minute and half)

I agreed with Hoeyhemp's subtitle video "My Decision on Signing".

Hearing People's video about "E U G E N I C S" with no subtitles on video tube links:










10. you can type on "Eugenics" on search channel on this video link:

Thanks for understand and saving my neck!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Trust AgBAD's Lobbists at the US Capitol Hill???

Hello Everyone!

First thanks to Jay's vlog called "Take a Peek (look) at AgBAD's Tax Returns" on somewhere on DeafRead...

We, the Deaf taxpayers and Registered Voters should know that AgBAD do have their own lobbists to pull the US Goverment (US Senators and US Congressmen and US Congresswomen) in the US Capitol Hill to pull more attention by AgBAD's $232,505.00 expenses by oppressing us, the Deaf that we are "Hearing Impaired"!!!!!!! Does that means that AgBAD do have rights to tell the US Senators and US Congressmen and US Congresswomen that we are not Deaf but we are "Hearing Impaired"????? Get lost, AgBAD !!! Volta building is located in DC area (close to the US Capitol Hill or White House)???? AgBAD is wasting our Deaf Taxpayers!!!!

You can find on page 25 for your own eyes with real proof from this link:

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

AgBAD's Lover Hillary leads the Primary 2008 Votes??

Oh please, AG Bell's lover, Hillary Clinton is leading in Missouri 2008 votes!
Checking in Missouri 2008 Vote for my own sake while I am at work from this link:

Of course I already know that Hillary is leading the votes in Missouri or if you may want to check in your own state for Super Tuseday 2008 Votes on this link:

FYI: McCain is leading the Republican Votes??? eeeeckk (eyes rolled up)! Gotta go work now! Do NOT FORGET TO VOTE TODAY until 6 or 7pm? Done with my voting!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Get Lost AGBAD!!!!!! Big Cheers for PepsiCO!!!!!!!

About "Hearing Culture Joke" called "AMP JUMPSTART" (Warning: Do NOT ATTEMPT! Do NOT Try that yourself and other people!) You can find and click on 4th quarter and then click: "Amp: Jump Start" on down below:

What's the point for the AGBAD and other Deaf complain about Deaf Joke from Bob House while the Hearing Culture did enjoyed their own joke from Amp: Jump Start on the 4th quarter commercial!!!! Get Lost, AGBell = AgBAD !!!

Thank you, Patty Durr and Ridor for wanting my second attempt from my artwork picture called "Vistors Plans" from Deaf Catholic Oral School on down below:

This down below picture explained about "Born Deaf Shawn (me) from hearing parents VS Not Born Deaf Laughing Mike from hearing parents too! Think about it too!!!!: