Saturday, December 01, 2007

My Video Msg for Honorable Prez SDAD and Officers!

This video clip will go this SDAD's contact link:

Dear Honorable President of SDAD and SDAD Officers,

I feel that both Aidan Mack and Jack's eyes did gave us very appropriately information. Let me try to express my feelings to you.. Hope that you, the SDAD officers do not mind to go ahead make appt to talk with CSD to find a way to remove our guilty from using our pagers and paying monthly services to support the Cochlear Implants Fundings Only now these days. It will not hurt you all, SDAD Officers to go make appointment with the CSD's Headquarter. SDAD is very nearby the CSD's headquarter??? Me Right or Wrong???? Hope that SDAD and CSD will NOT GIVE UP to find a way stop the bill and have it expired, nulled and voided. Are there any possible way to have more than 80 percents to support ASL/Global International Sign Language Program Fundings from our pager monthly services???

Good luck with your success! Thank you all, SDAD Officers for your own time reading and watching my vlog. I need to go out of town as soon as possible from the BIG 4 Powerful Oral Deaf Schools here in the state of Missouri.... Bye... Shawn


Anonymous said...

How about donate Deaf Bilingual Coalition?

ASL Risen said...

Yes, that will be SO COOL and FABULOUS to have that funding support Deaf Bilingual Coalition! Thanks for your brilliant idea, Anon 11:11am!!! Oh geez, I gotta go work now! Bye! Have a good blessing weekend! DBC Supportively hugs, Shawn

marronyeux said...

Whoa that video is so fast - can you pls post the original clip at normal speed pls, I can't read that fast! : )