Thursday, October 11, 2007

Silence = Death !!!! It's Time To Tell !!!

You are receiving this message as a fellow supporter of survivors of all forms of child abuse. I found your (Shawn's) email address by searching websites which address the issue of child abuse - but this is by no means spam or generated automatically!

Catharsis Foundation is trying to reach survivors of all forms of child abuse and requests your assistance.

We only wish to be of supportive service to survivors (entirely free) and to encourage survivors TO TELL
(tell authorities, tell in a book, tell someone close - but don't keep the secret) because telling stops abusers from hurting more children!

However, reaching survivors is a challenging task - which is why your help would be extremely appreciated! If you are able to help us reach survivors of all forms of child abuse - either by email, a link on your website, information in a newsletter or by any other means available to you, we would be extremely grateful.

Please feel free to check out our services at It is, and always will be, a work-in-progress as we grow to meet the needs and requests of survivors - suggestions are welcomed!

However, if you prefer to never receive another email from Catharsis Foundation, please reply to this message with REMOVE or NO THANKS and your email address will be removed immediately! Also, please forgive me if you accidentally receive this email more than once.
It is not our intention to irritate or anger anyone - only to help!

Very Sincerely,

Catharsis Foundation

"It's Time To Tell!"
Books By & For Survivors & Supporters of Survivors:
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(Catharsis Foundation only promotes books written by, and for, survivors of child abuse.)

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Susan said...

Good point about silence equals death! Amen!