Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Deaf Mainstream Meet The Parents about JrNAD?

WAKE UP NAD!!! Don't avoid this serious matter issues!!! Don't WASTE our time!!!

My response for Adain Mack and a special Guest Vlogger, Liza Offreda. I don't know if my feedbacks are good enuff because I grow up in Deaf Oral Catholic school from age up to 8th grade and myself alone at hearing Co-ed Catholic High School in my lifetime. Sorry that I do not have expereience in mainstream public school with other Deaf students. Just want to give my feedbacks of how the Deaf mainstream students meet their parents at home. Good luck with your briefing chat with other Deaf students outside of school campus or possible you will have a free time with only brief chat with mainstream students at lunch break time. This is America and you have a right to have freedom of speech (or expression). Why punish the students with free time at lunch break and after school??

What happen and what's WRONG with NAD with no response??!

Will pray and hope things will work out for JrNAD...


Anonymous said...

You are a smart lady!

B.A.D. said...

Shawn -

Thank you - thank you very much for your support!!!
It meant alot for you to do this Vlog, its time WE stand up, its time we work for ourselves, and its time to support the children at the Deaf/Mainstream School(s).
We will NOT be opressed by others saying NO to us, or we Can't do this or that. ITS DONE!!! We will march/and show who WE are!!!
Thank you for the Vlog - GOOD JOB!!!!
THank you from my heart!!!

ASL Risen said...

Anon 1:08pm,

I don't know if I am a smart lady! I just thought if my parents say NO chat with me at home about JrNAD. I will have to be calm down to tell my parents "Thank you, but I don't know if it is okay for me to ask my parents " why refuse to sit down to talk about it?" with my nice manner. If no response from my parents, I will have to inform them that Im disappointed with my calm mood then walk out to my room or go outside take my dog for a long walk or a ride a bike...

ASL Risen said...


Thank you, you too good job!! Hope that they will work out!
Hugs, Shawn

Deaf dating said...

Wow! your ASL story is superb!