Monday, October 22, 2007

SEE Do Not Know How Support Domestic Violence Programs!

This October 27th, 2007 will be 30th Anniversary to honor the First Black American MSD's 1977 Fall Homecoming Queen! We, the hearing and Deaf Federal workers will ALWAYS miss her and her hearing mom and her hearing sweet CODA daughter! God bless her ASL soul and her family!

I want to thank my manager and supervisor who gave up allowing me to get this weekend off from my work to honor my very good friend by going to MSD's Football Fall Homecoming game playing against Ohio School for the Deaf. Deep sighs, I will be working straight 9 days with no day off from work. I will be DEAD TIRED from working too many hours! Have a very good week!!!

Respectfully yours, Shawn


Anonymous said...

Huh? what does Mainstreamed SE use with it?? Any kind of communication method or school can be part of it. You really are pathetic. You are the example of the deafhood-destroy'er'.

ASL Risen said...

Thanks Anon at 9:27 AM,

What about you??? You are also pathetic, too! There are a lot of lack of education about Domestic Violence while I did used SEE myself and I had NO COMMON SENSE to understand the moral family values while I used SEE... DUH????

- Ron - said...

That is really shame and I hope he is jailed for rest of his life. Wonder when did it happen and is her daughter Deaf? I agree that there is a serious lack of education about domestic violence in the Deaf community.

Many Deaf female and male victims often feel frustrated and helpless because many intervention and counseling services don't have professional people who are fluent in using ASL and numerous interpreters often misunderstand Deaf victims. This may explain why many Deaf victims were murdered or ended up in the long-term mental health program.

C said...

Anonymous, ASL Risen is a former oralist, not by choice, who embraces ASL. Why are you attacking her? You're the deafhood destroyer! Don't you have better use of your time?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

To anonymous:

You are deafhood destroyer while Shawn is deafhood supporter!

So back off!

ASL Risen said...

Anonymous said...
Hey Shawn:

Glad to know you are thinking of her. We do miss her and her beautiful personality.

That b**** a.k.a. S/C should be guilty for being involved in the murder and that husband had an affair with her.

She has bad personal hygiene and everyone is complaining about her body odor.

She is stupid and selfish.

She has no business scolding you for having friends with anyone you choose.

She won't last long as most of us are backing away from her. We get tired of her lies.

Be Strong and you will do ok!

Fight back!

Posted by Anonymous to ASLisRisen at 9:23 PM

ASL Risen said...


I am tryinng to remember what year was that but I remember it was happened on August. Her beautiful daughter is hearing... Thanks for your comments. I agreed.

ASL Risen said...

Hi C,

Thank you so much! Hugs, Shawn

ASL Risen said...

Annon at 9:23 PM,

Thank you so much but I had to remove the bad word from this comment but I did removed a full real name. Hugs, Shawn

ASL Risen said...

Annon at 9:24 pm,

Thank you so much! Shawn