Friday, November 09, 2007

Can Laurent Clerc Become Deaf Saint?????

To inform you that there are some hearing Saints who are NOT Catholics!!!! What's the difference??? It is really not making any sense that Laurent Clerc cannot become Saint because he married to his not Catholic Deaf wife! That is so much insulting and discriminating to have NO DEAF SAINT!!!! Some Saints are not making their own miracles but they do have good heart for the global community. So it is time for us to honor and respect Laurent Clerc to become Deaf Saint because he did worked so hard to educate Deaf children and community.

Here's the update latest news for the American Catholic Delegation to the International Deaf Community MILAN PADUA VENICE PISA FLORENCE ASSISI ROME, June 16 – 27, 2008 on this blog link: . Just wondering about Papal Audience June 25, 2008. Could we, the International Deaf Community request the Pope to have Louis Laurent Marie Clerc to become Saint and celebrate on every year on December 26. That will help our future Deaf children education rights to use sign language to prevent the early language development delayed. It is NOW time to stop the abuse sign language education in our global world community!

I would suggest to have Ella Lentz to be a keynote speaker to explain to the Pope to understand why it is important to recognize to have Laurent Clerc to become a Saint for our future Deaf children education rights. Or have Ella Lentz refer someone who can be able replace her if she cannot make to Rome on that date from June 16 to 27, 2008.

November 10, 2007:

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Have a good holiday weekend. I need to spend more time with my Deaf son before go work today because he has to go back dorm tmw (Sunday) and has class on Veteran's Day!!!


cnkatz said...

While I am not so sure if Clerc should be canonized by the Catholic Church, I most definitely should support the concept that Clerc should be esteemed ("prayed") by the deaf community like a saint!


ASL Risen said...


Thanks for your comment. It will NOT HARM us to ask the Pope to have Clerc to be canonized as a Saint by the Catholic Church.

Thanks so much for giving us very interesting link. We could be more cheerful to celebrate on every Dec 26 for Laurent Clerc's birthdate.

Anonymous said...

While I am not a Catholic, but I am a Christian. It is true ACCORDING to the worldly standards and catholicism that there is a need for a Deaf Saint. But I want to state that only through God's son Jesus Christ we can be saved. If we have to pray to Saint Clerc to be saved, rather than the Son of God Jesus himself, then I think we are mistaken. I just rather for Clerc to "save ASL" and to use Clerc as a model to promote and preserve ASL and to present Clerc as our historic leader in all Deaf schools as he already is. But to have Clerc canonized as a Saint by the Catholic Church? That is for the Vatican to decide. They would have recognized him by now. Under heaven and in earth it is not impossible to recognize one as a saint given his life of ministry and of holiness.

Although I do support a "Laurent Clerc Day" on a Dec 26, or any other date. We can recognize a man for his achievements, Clerc has his reward from Deaf people. But what we want to see is Clerc praying to God for our salvation in secret to our Father in heaven, and God will reward him openly before all men. The Vactican might make decisions, but it is God who openly rewards before all men.

ASL Risen said...

Anon at 10:07 AM,

Thank you so MUCH for all your support "Laurent Clerc's Day" on every DEC 26.

Smile and I gotta go ready myself work..

Anonymous said...

Why worship Clerc?

Father Ethan said...

I am a Deaf priest and I don't think there are any non-Catholic Saints on the Roman lturgical calendar. Other western and eastern rites have some Old Testament saints on their liturgical calendar. I don't think the Church will canonize Laurent Clerc, however, there is no doubt he is in the communion of Saints. He dedicated his life to an oppressed group, the Deaf, and built up the Deaf Culture and ASL. If I were you, I would try to get a state, like Maryland, Connecticut, or even Washington DC to have a Laurent Clerc Day with great festivities, parades, and, perhaps, a moment when we can remember those, hearing and Deaf, who gave their entire lives to making our lives worth living.

Ella Lentz said...

I agree this is an idea worthy of exploration....that Clerc be recognized in the Catholic Church for his important influence and gift to Deaf people in America and elsewhere.
I am of course flattered that you named me to go..thank you for the honor, however I would recommend you consider those who are working for the Church like Patrick Graybill, Fr. Ray Fleming, Fr. Tom Coughlin, and several Deaf nuns that I know and heard about, or Connie Wild, the Deaf director of National Catholic Office for Deaf, etc etc.
Your ideas are great...keep them up! Blessings.

sunsawed said...

Part of the cannonization process is to prove that you have performed three MIRACLES. What metaphysical NONSENSE!!!

A person can liberate an entire segment of the population for a country, but we still need proof that he is MAGIC??? That's total CRAP.

And Catholicism is supposed to be the side of Christianity that believes in WORKS. Not just in Faith and Divine Grace. (I was raised Protestant.)

The idea of Mahatma Ghandi going to Hell simply because he wasn't a Christian at all really makes me want to REJECT the whole SYSTEM.

Who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell isn't the POPE'S decision, it's GOD'S. Probably half the "Saints" are in Hell because of the awful things they did in their lives, yet got cannonized because of POLITICAL PRESSURE. We should revere people, like Clerc, not by what a Pope might say, but how they lived out their lives.

Ambassdor for said...

In response to Anonymous, please read Hebrews 9:27..It says "And as it is appointed unto men once to die but after this the judgment". It may be too late for him to pray to God for our salvation because everyone is accountable to himself when he or she dies and stand before Jesus Christ. John 14:6 says that "Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life: no man can come to the Father (God) but by me (Jesus Christ)". We do not need any saints to help us go to Jesus Christ. I am very grateful that Jesus Christ died for my sins.

Jean Boutcher said...

To Father Ethan,

Laurent Clerc was born to the Catholic parents and was baptised in LaBalme, France, He grew up as a Catholic at St. Jacques's School for the Deaf. When he went to America, l'Abbé Sicard told him to promise himself never to marry to a Protestant because America was strongly Protestant. Clerc assured l'Abbé that he would remain Catholic. But when he fell in love with a lovely deaf woman named Elizabeth Boardman, he was told that her parents would not allow Elizabeth to marry to any Catholic. So Clerc had to become Episcopolian in order to marry her.

Clerc was extremely intelligent (see his life story in Harlan Lane's compendium history, "When the Mind Hears" (1984). He knew world literature, philosophy, the world of arts, and was multilingual: French, LSF, English, and ASL. He gave up his sophisticated bistro life in the Left Bank for the rural America.

I very strongly recommendd that deaf Americans read Harlan Lane's
book "When the Mind Hears" about
Clerc's life story.

ASL Risen said...

Jean Boutcher,

Thanks for your info for Fr. Ethan but of course, I will read them too when I will have time. I feel it's important for us Deaf Americans to learn about Clerc's life! Smile. Shawn