Friday, September 28, 2007

Deaf Oral Kids Suffered From Abused Straight Nuns & Women

View this part 2 video clips with subtitled or closed captioning.


Anonymous said...

True Story:

I am male. I was a prep. student at Gally. I was dating a Catholic Priest. Yes, I had a relationship with him for 2 years. I never regret it at all. It was the best experience ! It is not sexual abuse at all because I decided to have sex with him. so does he. No one is perfect.

ASL Risen said...

Thanks, True Story!

I wish there will be open Nuns to give more support for Gay Priests too! Oh well.

Seek Geo said...


Oh no.. I'm so sorry what you had to go through being abusive. I can imagine there were some bad teachers out there like I had one at elementary school, she slapped me all the time for every little thing I did wrong.

Anyways, yes you made some good point about some kids trying to learn how to speak well over and over for long years rather than learning the real education like every kids are suppose to when they goes to school.

That's why parents need to realize that learning education is far more important than learning how to speak.

Know how to speak do not guarantee someone to become success. :-)

By the way, great about subtitle, good job! I know it's no easy.


ASL Risen said...

Hello Seek Geo!

I always did enjoyed watching your videos too. I cannot imagine how much time you did worked with subtitling or captioning! Wow, you did always bright my moods from watching all of your videos! I happened work on close captioning or subtitling while my 2 boys are at their schools during the morning. Boy, yes very hard work but it sure did killed my boring time.

Smile and I better go get ready work soon. hugs, Shawn

mishkazena said...

Abuse of the children has nothing to do with the teachers and nun's sexual orientations. Abusers come in all form, straight, gay, married, partnered, single, white, black, yellow, short, tall, thin, fat, so forth.

Really, it is painful to hear these stories. I am glad you are courageous enough to share them with us. No children should experience them at all. Has the school ever taken any responsibility for their abuse of the children?

ASL Risen said...

We do have language communication problems with our parents. That's why we do not know how to explain our parents from our ORAL language problems which we do not develop our language in our young ages.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing story you had in front of audience! It has stricken my heart, and I think you have been expressing them freely so you will not be bothered by hidden things. I know you are not only one of those who have had been abused by adults at school or everywhere, even in a church. I saw a blogger ask you to discuss as I thought you would do that. Go to hell, child abusers and pedophiles!!
I am so proud of you for bravery to tell in public. You have gotten my affection for you!!

ASL Risen said...


Thank you and hugs, Shawn

Lisa Marie said...

My friend was molested by a gay English Teacher who invented SEE.

He chose a helper in the class...that helper was gay and his lover. They flirted each other front of us, the students in the classroom. We don't say anything.

I decided to share my experiences with my mom when I was in late 30's..She was really upset and wish that she she would dom something about it.

I told her that her "best friend"...that she abused me when I was little...pinched me on my arms...really often! My mom and her "best friend" were interpreters..Now my mom was really upset and asked her, " why did you do that to my daughter???" And then she stopped coming to our house for a long time..then she decided to say that she's sorry. They became friends again. My mom was so upset about many things I went through...I think Deaf children have HIGHLY chances to be abused in many ways than hearing children because they can't communicate or talk openly with their parents. What do you think?

Lisa Marie said...

And I am proud of you for if hearing parents watch your vlog, they would be aware about that for their deaf children. They need their hearing parents to be there for them.

Sheri Farinha Mutti said...

The point of your message is that you were not abe to learn anything with the oral approach entagled with abuse from these nuns regardless of their sexual orientation, they were cruel. I am glad you came out to share this horrifying experience with all of us. I hope it helps your own healing process too. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I reacalled a catholic priest having several different gay experiences with several different students or other people learning how to become a priest. I worked in the same office with him so I know he was cheating the people he served. I wanted to disclose his behavior to others but instead I kept it to myself because no one would of believed me.; I look back and wonder how many people did this man hurt
I have no idea whether this man is still on campus practicing his ministries..

ASL Risen said...

Lisa Marie,

From our work floor, if any (I mean both) male and lady want to force me to do with them, I happen to say "No Thanks!". If they refused to accept my no, I will warn them if they do not leave me alone. After 3 strikes, I will have to go EEO to file complaint if I ask a friend or anyone who witnesses.

Same thing that the parents should be responsible to take care of their own kids by educating them in privately like baseball game with the 3rd strikes by warnings.
The parents should know from their kids. Communication is very important part for close bondings and self esteems.

People should respect if anyone said "No thanks", that will be good spirit and soul. Know what I mean?

Thanks, Shawn

ASL Risen said...

Sheri Farinha Mutti,

Thanks so much for your comment. Healing process is very long hard way to recover! I was lucky to have a Deaf friend (advocate) who helped me to learn and understand about Deaf Culture and Deaf history since my Deaf son was born while I am a full time working mom.

Smile, Shawn

ASL Risen said...

Anon-6:00 pm,

That's sad that several priests who do not know how to respect the community services but I know NOT all priests do that! Perhaps several priests were not happy themselves. They, several priests do really need some treatments just like some nuns, too.


Anonymous said...

Wow, such horror stories that you are going on and on with and as this series spreads all over the Internet, I hope you are prepared to have the proof should an entity, like the school/church brings a suit against you. Best wishes...

ASL Risen said...

Anon at 7:34 am,

Do you wish that we need to swallow our feelings inside to make our health NO GOOD??? Are you trying to SCARE us by suffering to swallow our feelings too much???

Thank you for your comment anyway?

Bug said...

To Anonymous (#1),

Dating and having sex with Catholic Priest is more than sin. The Catholic priests are supposed to do their "holy duty", not just having the sexual relationship or should I say that they should not be in any kind of relationship (passion, love, kiss, hold hands, etc) with male or female? to me it is more than sexual abuse. They are not supposed to have sex with anyone no matter what age is. They take vows to stay celibacy. Same thing with nuns.

ASL Risen,

So sorry about your unhappy experience. I am impressed that you are brave to speak out so other victims can feel close to you.


ASL Risen said...


Thank you. There are some Married Popes though out History.. Here's copied and pasted from this link:

Good night, Shawn

ccm14er said...

Big Announcement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh I hate Sr Laurentine. The biggest Sucker in world. She abuse everything in all of us -- she want perfect voice. Hell no !!!!!! Sr Laurentine (the Hell Speech Teacher -- better yet call her the Hell Dragon Teacher). I was former SJI and felt so much Sucked that speech teacher with so much abuse.

In fact, I am ACTUALLY glad for one reason !!!!!! I did "return" the favor with my "Hitler-style" attacks on her ... pow pow bang bang on her. Lot of my classmates knows I am Sr. Laurentine "famous" beater .... yaaaaahhhhoooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!

hahahahahha I like beat her ... because what she did to me !!!!!!

I look back in history. I like that. I pull back on her Nun hair, bang her tiny body on Cupboard -- so hard. I did three times ... very proud. I like it. because what SJI mean Nuns did to us. Also I broke her "point to blackboard" long stick (to show something on blackboard) twice. I have NO regrets. Oh of course, after I graduated (leave SJI), I become so good and no more "beaters from teachers" anymore because they (in H.S. or college or whatever) never did to me -- except oh of course sometimes they are mean (for short time) like common to all deafies and hearies. But Sr Sucker Laurentine did physically beat me up in many different ways. Like spank on my nude butt and grab my chests alot etc.

Yeah its OVER !!!! New Laws -- I am so happy to protect the children. No more pull up hairs, spank nude butts, grab-squeeze chest up, etc. The teachers can't do that anymore.

THANK GOD for new laws. I have ONE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT ... ready, all SJI old students and you and me:

SR LAURENTINE HAD JUST DIED RECENTLY -- likely few days ago. Oh boyyeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!

SO HAPPY (in our "way" because of what she did ABUSE us all SJI students ... its like "rape in ass"


Former SJI student, Charles (graduate in 1979).

Anonymous said...


She WAS really a voodoo.

As soon as you get the information, will please give us the status of that queen b***h? I am definitely that there will very few ole' students to visit her funeral to pay some respects.

Hey Charles, how did you find out about (no longer calling her "sister" -- out of respect) Suck Laurentine's death? Hell, I know who you are! ;-)

I never forget her what I did to her.

White Ghost

ccm14er said...




Obtained from STL TODAY:

Tuesday, Oct. 02 2007

Sister Mary Laurentine Lorenz, a longtime teacher at St. Joseph Institute for
the Deaf, died Sunday (Sept. 30, 2007) of respiratory failure at DePaul Health
Center in Bridgeton. She was 93.

Born in St. Joseph, Mo., Sister Lorenz entered the Sisters of St. Joseph of
Carondelet in 1936 and professed final vows in 1942.

She graduated in 1936 with a bachelor's degree in art and certificate in
teaching from Fontbonne College (now Fontbonne University). She earned a
master's degree in deaf education from Kentucky State University in 1960.

In 1939, Sister Lorenz began her teaching career at St. Joseph Institute for
the Deaf in St. Louis. In 1992, she retired from full-time teaching at the
institute. She then stayed on as a volunteer with the school until she retired
to Nazareth Living Center in south St. Louis County in 2005.

Visitation will be from 3 to 7 p.m. Wednesday and 9 to 10 a.m. Thursday until
the funeral Mass, to be celebrated at 10 a.m. Thursday at Nazareth Living
Center Chapel, 2 Nazareth Lane in South County. Burial will follow at Nazareth

Sister Lorenz had no immediate survivors.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet,
St. Louis Province, 6400 Minnesota Avenue, St. Louis, Mo. 63111-2899.

"THAT'S ALL FOLKS" !!!!!!!


Charles (former SJI student - Grad' 1979)

ASL Risen said...

Thank you, Charles for your AWESOME info!!!! Hope to see you someday soon!


Anonymous said...

I am heavily numb to learn that Suck Laurentine stayed at SJI until she retired in 2005.

New modern generations for SJI! Needless to say, I am truly jealous of the students at SJI. In fact, they do NOT have to worry about dealing with all of the s**t from her. I am relived to know that the SJI students are in the safe and sound without her.

There is a but.

There are thousands and thousands of the SJI students have lived with many scars from her. We need to embrace every one of each SJI students. We also need to honor these SJI victims as well.

I'm numb and I've gotten my goosebumps.

Hugs and ILY,

White Ghost '77

ASL Risen said...

Yeah right on, White Ghost, 77 that we should honor ourselves who have bad scars from that Sr. Nazi Speech teacher!

I love you, too! Shawn

Anonymous said...

I think you should post your blog about her death in the, so that way, SJI alumni from USA can be informed.

(I do not have my own blog, though, I am really chickened out!) ;-)


White Ghost

ASL Risen said...

Oh okay, White Ghost!

Thanks for your respectfully advise!

ASL Hugs, Shawn

Dann said...

Thanks for sharing the information about "abuse" of all kinds happening at SJI. I attended SJI for 7 years and yes, I have seen and have been abused by the nuns at SJI.
To share this: I attended SJIAA reunion in 1997 (I think? with CID at the same time) when SJI will move to a new buiding/campus later in the year. I thought it would be a good closure for me to attend and see the building and see old classmates/friends as well as meeting new ones. My purpose was to close the past and its experiences and move on. It helps.
Now, talking about "abuse" experiences at SJI; I wonder if we have a website or blog focusing on SJI (like St. Rita's School) to assist former SJI students and to assist them to move on in their lives. Yes, it is hard, but nice to let them know there is something for them to "talk" with us due to similiar experiences. It would be nice to have nuns who were there to listen/read our experiences and see what they can do about it.
I also want to add this: when I was there, I was glad to hear that they have psychologist on site to talk with students and I think that stopped the abuse happenings.
I have mixed feelings when I was watching both vlogs. I am myself gay male and I see there is alot of "assumed" sexual orientation among nuns and priests (except for Sr. Laurentine & Sr. Patricia who are obviously together alot while they think we do not know of their relationship). Sexual orientation has nothing to do with abuse. The fact is that alot of straight men (not gay men) who abused children in general. In SJI, in my opinion, the nuns used their "POWER" to control our lives and yes they abused emotional, psychologicial, and phyiscal areas. I am not sure about sexually abuse that I am not aware from SJI classmates and friends.
Just an idea, for the next reunion, maybe we should have a time slot to discuss this and i dont know if it is worth of their time during "reunion"/fun time? Just a thought to encourage former SJI to speak out of "unspoken abuse experiences"

Again, thanks for being brave to share this and hoping to hear more from SJI former students.


ASL Risen said...

Hi Dann!

Thanks so much for your comment.