Saturday, February 02, 2008

"Visitors" Artwork (for Hearing Parents & Professionals Better Understand) at any Deaf Oral Schools????

This video of my artwork (very simple to understand without using subtitles) be helpful????

Education for all Parents of Deaf children need to understand why we HATE VISITORS!Wondering if that "Visitors" artwork will be more helpful for some (not all) "Depressing or mixed emotional" CODAs to understand from their Deaf parents who were educated from Oral Deaf Education?

I feel that any Deaf Artists need to make more creative more better in "Visitors" than my artwork because I have not painting since Sept. 2003!!! YIKES!!! I have not been working on my old hobby for so long time. My artwork about "Visitors" at Orally Saint Joseph Institute for the Deaf was made in Sept 2003 may not be good enuff education??

Would that kind of "Visitors" artwork be more helpful for all hearing parents and professionals to understand why the teachers and staff are treating us, God's lovely Deaf children like animals? How come I do NOT EARN money from the "Visitors" to help my Middle Class War parents to save their money by enrolling very expensive Oral Deaf Catholic School while that school do NOT PROVIDE Bilingual or English As 2nd Language! Enuff said!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Pepsi (Aquifina Water) Fan Snow in St Louis

I agreed with Jimactor about "Hearing Take Over". I already left my comment on this link:

There are some CODAS are far much better than poorly tasted 1/2 CODA AG Bell !!! Me right or wrong?????

Big WARM THANK YOU HUGS TO SuperCODA KEITH WANN for your surprise comment on my yesterday vlog!!!

Thanks to DeafLinkVRI for inform about State of Union with Bubble Interpreters!

Best of LUCK to all DEAFRead Nominatees on Saturday (tmw) at Banquet Awards!!!

Yes!!! You can vote this as best Superbowl commercial on AOL:

Gotta go get ready work soon! Hope I will be off from work on Superbowl Sunday!


Thursday, January 31, 2008

For Real? A SuperCODA Keith Wann a Pats Fan on PepsiCo Ad!

I almost wet my pants from what I read on Keith Wann's comment to answer my question as "Bears Fan" from this blog link:

For Pete's Sake Keith Wann made me swallow a BIG FISH about that poor Deaf Giants Fan already ate 7 hot dogs?????? I don't think I will want to eat any more food on Superbowl Sunday!!

Wonder if we can vote for ASL fingerspelled "BOB" on Pepsi AD on this link:

Just wait for ASL "BOB" to be appear.. Sorry for this confuse!!! Have a very RELAXING SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Need More Empower Deaf Marketing on Superbowl Ads????

Hmmmm, interesting that Deaf Old Guard seems doesn’t have good sense of humor!!!!??? How VERY sad!!!!????

Hey Deaf Old Guard???? Got another job for you!!!! Maybe you need to understand that every year, Super Bowl ads always show humor and funny with hearing actors/actresses in it. Not that serious, just jokes…same with deaf actors in new Super Bowl ad. Just once for Super Bowl tv…not everyday. Got it, Deaf Old Guard? Maybe the Deaf Old Guard need to take sense of humor medicine???? Why can't the Deaf Old Guard need focus to help T-Mobile Company or other Pager so we, the Deaf will enjoy more Deaf actors in thier own Pagers ads to help more EMPOWER the Deaf Marketings!!!??? Just throw my 2 cents thoughts!!!!

Sincerely yours, A Deaf Water Fan

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Support Education Needs for the Mutes!

Sorry that I am not in the mood to make subtitling today video because it will gulped my time and I need to enjoy my day before go work. And also I need to apologize for my yesterday subtitle video that I didn't give my info about my researching the SJI History since I already know that St. Louis was French and Spanish before it was American :

Sisters of St. Joseph's History for the nuns' MISSION PLANS to set up more MEDICATION (more Hospitals) and education (schools) all over USA Links:



3. I learned something that related from French and Spainish here in St. Louis History before become Americans as the same problem in Le Puy-en-Velay had been the center of Marian pilgrimages since early medieval times and a crossroads for the exchange of culture between Catholic France and Muslim Spain from the first paragraph on 2nd sentences on this blog link:


Pray and hope you all will have a very good RELAXING day!