Thursday, April 26, 2007

Me Pro Oralist or Not Pro Oralist?

It is really so hard to be unity because we do not know how to be good teamwork by our education in Deaf Oral Program!

This is my last video clip! Shawn


Anonymous said...

Hi,Shawn That is very hurtful in your childhood. I suggest that you should look for an information to find your old classmate what nuns hurt them in the past then have a group to talk thier or your feeling out of their and your chest. That should have a team to inform people about your old school.I am not akind polication lol but I just suggest you to think about it

ASL Risen said...

Hi anoynymous,

Thanks for your suggestions! But I am still waiting for teamwork to get together working by letting me know. I cannot do all the work alone! I cannot force SJI Alumnus who have bad scars because I respect their feelings that they had been working so hard to develop their own self esteem. They have hard time to deveolop and improve with better attitude and trying so hard to develop their own writing skills, reading skills and language expressive skills in their late age with heavy bad scars.

Good morning Elizabeth! I am still waiting for your response on your personal email address because I do not know if you want me to publish your email address on this comment! I have to respect your personal email address first before I need to know your permission for me to reject or publish your comments on my v/blog.

IamMine said...

Wow... I'm just at loss of words!!

You cannot STOP vlogging.

This is VERY powerful tool you can share, Shawn.

This is strong evidence, you know?

I know it hurts, but it will help us and others understand and hopefully, more people will come out to raise the numbers of evidences!

You are a great mother, as I've said many times, for doing the best thing YOU feel is right.

No one should take that away from you, nor should they treat you differently for that. :S

I hope Elizabeth has good advices - she usually does!

Please keep us informed - this is too important to keep this to yourself.

Keep telling us stories.

ASL Risen said...

Good morning, Iam Mine!

I don't know if I could be able do the video clip again. Glad that you are back to DR again! We need your support too! I cannot lose you again! I will take my own time to think about vlogging or not vlogging for a while.


Anonymous said...


You really touched my heart. You are a good person. I respect you greatly. I don't know why we are not proactive in Deaf community. Not many people are comfortable to look back and wanted to move on future and forget the bad times. It is critical for them to look back and heal their wound and move on. They can be a great advocator for Deaf children after they realize and heal their own wound. Without doing this, they would be in denial mode and they couldn’t support Deaf children. It is because they spend so much their energy and time repressing their memories.


ASL Risen said...

Oh forgot to tell you, IamMine. It's not that Elizabeth from DR. The other Elziabeth! I have to respect her personal email address that she may not want to publish in public...

Hugs, Shawn

ASL Risen said...

Greetings Aidan!

I agreed with your comments!


DS said...

Get a box of soap and a bottle of water (write down "hot water" ) .. wrap them with a lousy color .. like a black and white wrapper and give it to her! ... *Evil Grin*

Squ65 said...

Why stop vlogging? Vlogging is powerful message to all of us.

Deaf Advocate said...

Hey Shawn:

I am glad you are progressing successfully in carrying the message to the public about oral abuses!

You are becoming a better person by doing that!

Keep up the good work!


Dianne K said...

Hi Shawn,
You raised many good points related with the oral program, nuns, the treatment toward you and your son by others because you know sign language. I really do feel the same way as you do about those children who are in oral programs, and wishing to rescue them, but it will be very messy, and they can cause big conflicts with parents, teachers, and maybe even children who are brainwashed against deaf people who use sign language. I remember that I used to think that people who use sign language are "evil." I am so glad to get out of there, but think about those children who still have that mindset against people who use sign language, and if we try to fight for them, they probably will hate us. It can make it very difficult for them to realize why the oral program is not that great. That is very sticky. I think that it is best to leave them alone, and pray that they will find their own way. Someone told me that our experience as oralists are like being in closet, being cut off from family, friends, and people. That was the hardest part to deal with while growing up and then when we learn sign language, we realized how much we missed out in our childhood. It is a lot to take in emotionally and mentally. How to reach them? I have not found the answer to that. Do I want to think about the past? No, I don't want to because it is all done with in the past, and I become a better person. I have so many blessings in life now. I want to focus on them and move on in life. I think that's the reasons about if we try to rescue these deaf children, we probably could make it worse, do we want to be reminded of the pains and hurts from past, we don't want to, and staying focused on our family. You can ask alumni in private why they would honor people who have abused you. Maybe bring friends who are not afraid to speak up with you. It can't hurt to try, but I must tell you that most people like to follow traditions rather than checking on their behaviors. Can you consider of moving away from the area that still bothers you? Maybe find better school for your son in other place? Think about different possiblities for yourself and your family.

Karen Mayes said...

Check out my response:

Anonymous said...

Hi, You really touched my heart. Let the Lord heals you with your bad experienced in the past. May God bless you..

mishkazena said...

Shawn, this is a powerful vlog and I can feel your pain, too. It's also very important for the parents to know what happened in that school. Can you share this vlog with the parents and the public, perhaps having it transcribed by someone else, if not you? Because too many parents remain ignorant of the abuses going on at deaf oral schools.

David said...

I feel your frustration and angry about SJI and its misbehaviour toward Deaf children and parents.

The only way to do is to set up a new organization called Victims of SJI. It's mission is to take SJI to justice and to support victims mentally, physically, spiritually and financially.

Of course you cannot do it alone. It happened in Ontario and the organization successfully sued Ontario government for physical, mental and sexual abuses. Many victims got compensation and support depending on their situation. It took many years to achieve that.

You have to rememeber that you cannot do everything at once and overnight. It will take time to build network wisely. You need strong alliances and even laywers to support "Victims of SJI" group to bring SJI and its abusing teachers and/or staff members to justice.

As you mentioned you met someone who has bad experiences, get him and some more. Just get them and build a new network and get lawyer (must have a good one who respects and understands victims).

Don't quit vlogging unless you feel otherwise. I understand.

That is my opinion. It is up to you and I respect your decision to go ahead or not.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Yes, please don't stop vlogging. You're great. The world needs to see your perspective, it really does. Someone should really set up a website for the parents of deaf children. Many hearing people are sooo ignorant about the issues surrounding deafness. If I knew how to set up a website, I'd just do it. Imagine all the video clips that could be up there - yours, Aidan's, I Am Mine's, Barb's! Don't stop vlogging, you can reach a wide audience. You CAN rescue deaf children. It takes a leader to act.

ASL Risen said...

Hello E!

I already did deleted some of your 2 email messages in regard to respect one person's name and need to share your messages to all of us in regard to help to save ASL by helping us to have speeding recover from our heavy scars with health care insurance covered. Thanks so much for your response on my private email.
First email:
Hi, I am also SJIAA. I graduated 1990's. I went to that school for 11 years. I tried to look for your email address but I can't find it. Maybe I overlook it on your blog. Anyway, email me at (removed email address) as I would like to talk with you. Smile.
Second email:
Im not sure if we met because I went to the SJIAA reunion last 1996????

Did you grow up with M.B. at SJI because she often talks about you "Shawn" and the stories she shared growing up in the dorm with her and other girls? Your name sounds distantly familiar.

And.... no, don't publish my email address on your blog. smile. Thanks for keeping post about SJI and what's going on with the SJIAA. I have been so out of the loop from this because, like you, I experienced abuse. I was one of the many people who sent letters to SJI to remove Sr. Joyce Buckler and that was very painful to rehash all the memories from what she did. and even... she DENIED. Oh wow, I had to learn to let it between GOD and Sr. Joyce that she will have to answer HIM someday.

I was SHOCKED to hear from some people AFTER I graduated from SJI that they were abused as well, in many different ways. This affected me and I am sure others in their future life, relationship, self esteem, anger issues, etc. My mother was so upset that she regret sending me there but at the time she felt she had no choice so I don't blame her. I told her it's not her fault because she put me in the hands of nuns and staff, believing they would take care of me properly.

I feel your pain and support through your Vlogs and I admire you for standing up to expose SJI's dealings. I have a mix of good and bad memories during my growing up. The best part was meeting friends and being michievious.

Anyway, If you would like, I could meet through VP. I live in San Diego, CA. I used to live in KC (Olathe) from when I was born until I graduated from college. Let me know.

Thanks for your quick reply. =)

Take care.

ASL Risen said...

My message for Karen, Dianne K and E from San Diego, California:

ASL Risen said...

Hello E!

Yes I do know your last name! I did met you at mixed SJIAA/CIDAA Reunion! Will keep in touch with you as soon as possible after I settle down and will let you know the time of VP... Looking forward to chat with you!


ASL Risen said...


Far out!!! I doubt that I will do that! Do you have any arts of that SOAP and and show me the photos? That will be so COOL ART! I guess you are so CREATIVE Artist! You made me LAUGH so hard!


ASL Risen said...


I agreed that vlogging is very powerful message for all of us!


ASL Risen said...

Hallo Deaf Advocate!

Thank you for your comment. Will keep in touch with you soon.

Smile, Shawn

ASL Risen said...

Anonymous at 8:34 AM,

Thanks for your blessing! And do some prayers for others who have bad scars that they do need take ASL to recover themselves and find their own identity from long term of heavy scars!

Smile, Shawn

ASL Risen said...

diane k and Deaf Chip,

I do have some supporting from friends here in all over Missouri... I am not planning to move out of Missouri and stay away from my friends who need my help. Some of my Missourah friends do not want me to move out of this state of Missouri!! So I hope that my other video message will be more helpful for them by viewing my other video link:

ASL Risen said...

Anonymous at 3:36 PM,

Thanks for your supporting Aidan's, I Am Mine's, Barb's vlogs!

And also, I do support Cy, the Deaf Tea Time too because she may have some messages that she wants to help other teachers to get more information of how to teach Deaf Children by using technology! Sometimes I am still wondering about CMP that could be useful and helpful for Deaf Children. Maybe CMP should get more Hollywood film???

Thanks so much for your supporting!


Karen Mayes said...

Got you.

Yes, Barb is great... I know her personally and she is one of my good friends (my kids played with her kids for years while my family lived in Rochester, NY.)

Keep up your good work on vlogging... you help bring out deaf people who have bad memories (what is with nuns??? It seems I hear more stories about abuse at Catholic schools for the deaf than nonCatholic schools for the deaf.)

ASL Risen said...


Thank you so much for your comment. How can I share my messages to the parents and others?


Dianne K said...

Hi Shawn,
Thank you for responding to my comments. I understand fully what you mean. I know exactly what you are talking about. Many times I work with deaf teenagers and I always feel bad for them for being stuck in school because of what their parents say. I used to be in same situation when I was a teenager too. I was reading other comments and I think it is a great idea to keep on vlogging and sharing our experiences so that we can reach more people that way. I was thinking about your son's needs and the area only have oral programs for him. It seem to be cruel to put him into oral program and others reject him because he uses sign language. That is why I suggested to think about different area for better education for your son, but that is just an idea. Bless your heart.

ASL Risen said...

Dianne K!

Thank you! Bless your heart too!


Jean Boutcher said...


You explain everything so clearly that I can feel the pain THAT you and other students have experienced FOR you and other students who are abused. The school you talk about must be closed. I would suggest that you and others who have the similar
experience write a letter to the
editor of your local newspaper as
well as to the city (local) Board
of Education about the school.
Explain to them what you have explained to us so they would get
a vividly clear picture of the pain you have gone through. Ask the
NAD for help. They have to get to end the abuse.

ASL Risen said...

Jean Boutcher,

OK. Will work on it from collecting anyone who needs to express their feelings and they have to email me personally then I will put their email in my file.

We need to help them to feel better self esteems by expressing their own feelings from their scars.

NAD will help?

Thanks for your comments.