Thursday, October 18, 2007

Not Deaf Enough Book Written by WHO?????

I feel that Ricky Taylor from should have get a job as a Chief of WAPO as soon as possible because I strongly know that Ricky protect the DBC. WAPO did their poor job by spreading out the media news to destroy the DBC..

Don't bother me by begging me to have my video subtitled because I have a RIGHT to POSTPONE until I retire from my oppressive federal work floor everyday. Perhaps I will work on subtitling when I become 80 years old after I recover or get healing from the oppressors on this earth!

Thanks for your time watching my videos! Hope you will have a very blessing day in this OPPRESSIVE hearing world!!!

ASL Respectfully Yours, Shawn

For my video response on 6 comments from down on below:

WAPO is more POWERFUL media news for all over the world than our local home media news. That's why we need Ricky to help WAPO to get President Bush more attention to protect his first dog from a terrorist, Jenny Botero who did harmed an innocent DBC Child, Brianna! So the WAPO should report on the popular media news so we the local will be more aware than the regular local media news from DC Examiner! That's my opinion. I better get ready go work. Have a very good day! Shawn


Anonymous said...

Afraid of a book?

How surprising.

Deb Ann said...

what a powerful vlog!
Oh, I feel so disappointed about that book. Thank you for sharing, ASLisRisen. I think the DEAF community needs to continue on fighting for DEAF's rights, etc.

I think not said...

Ricky Taylor? You mean Ridor? I think not. He is an excellent writer but terrible with his attitude -- enjoys staying home often and does blogging.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shawn:

It is time to stop supporting Ridor as he has been insulting deaf people around him. His popularity is going down. It is time to stop supporting him as he insulted some of friends I know.

He is NOT worth it!

He is nothing but liar!

So please dont support him anymore!

Anonymous said...

Book is very important for everyone read and understand about Not Deaf Enough

Anonymous said...

Book is very important to everyone read and understand about Not Deaf Enough.

BEG said...

of course...some of us wish for subtitles on asl vlogs because we were denied asl growing up and didn't learn it in the first place...

i understand your vlog now, but i would not have last year, and there are of course others like me...and some may not have the time or talent to learn a new language.

very very difficult. you've got a good message there, though.

ASL Risen said...

Good early morning, BEG!

It has been LONG time no seeing you on your v/blog! I do really miss you!

I understand what you mean about subtitling but I have to balance my own time from my work place. I have to see how many percents of oppression per day on work floor, outside of home and other places where ever I go. Sometimes I have to find my own peace with no oppression and stress.

Good to read from your msg, BEG (Brown Eyes Girl-me too!) Hope you are doing okay. Smile. Shawn

Anonymous said...

Oh I understand that you can't and that's fine -- I'm just commenting on the irony there. And I do understand most of your posts which I think is great! (Both your posts and my understanding them.)

I kind of took the summer off -- am trying to get back in the swing of things. I have two posts in mind, one vlog, one post and hopefully will get them out soon.