Saturday, January 26, 2008

History of St. Joseph Inst. for the Deaf Mutes Research

(View on less than 3 minutes subtitling video)

SJI was educated in Sign Language in St. Louis from 1837 to 1934. 97 years of Sign Language Education for the Deaf!
SJI is not diversity educate by using only oralism for about 73 years to now.

Hello Tar! Thank you so much for your wonderful educating me with subtitling. I enjoyed experiement after I downloaded to save my first part of video then have that first video part to be made in Double Up Speed from my Windows Movie Maker. It works well with my other part of my 2nd video to research on my way to the French Revolutionary War. Just wondering how Deaf people survived in French Revolutionary War. Gotta go grab my sleeping hours before go work.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Why Deaf Oral Schools No Report? Not Right Force CI Problems!

Research on Oral Deaf School after I did read on Jamie Burke's blog about great schools internet. Thanks to Carl Schroeder for suggesting to have Deaf School to be tested in ASL!

About Gallaudet's Cochlear Implant Center on below this video:

Hope you will have a very Happy Martin Luther King's Dreaming Day!