Sunday, October 07, 2007

My Reading Skills Level Low on Bible?????

Here's the transcript on below:



Karen Mayes said...


Everyone has his/her own interpretation of the Bible... it has nothing to do with the reading skills. It is how we apply Bible to our ongoing lives.

Bible is one of the most difficult book to read and to interpret. It is also the most widely translated book. It has undergone through MANY editions (changing grammar, thus altering the meaning of the passages, etc.)

Even the brillant people are stumped by the Bible.

What is important is you have God in your heart, let Bible speak to your heart.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Shawn,

Smile. Nah, you're normal, lol. About the Bible, there are so many, many interpretation on each verse, unforuately. Some verses has a few interprtation, while other has countless interpretation. What the Bible offered may be limited, but yet plenty information, depending on what the verse presents. Like you said, what the Bible said about the deaf man offers almost none other than him being deaf, nothing about his background. So, we are stuck with this information. We can imgaine how he got his deafness. This is some comfort for us, tho.

Perhaps Jesus was not ready to reveal his true self as Jesus at that time? This only could leave us to imagine why Jesus ever mentioned, "do not tell anyone."


Anonymous said...

Shawn, I promise this is not related to oppression of the deaf.
Jesus is a great lover of all.

The study note in my Bible states that "In the vicinity of Galilee Jesus often cautioned people whom He healed not to spread the story of the miracle. His great popularity with the people, coupled with the growing opposition from the religious leaders, could have precipitated a crisis before Jesus' ministry was completed. John's Gospel will express the concept that his hour was not yet come."

I hope this helps. :)


ASL Risen said...

Karen Mayes,
OIC.. Yes, it's important for me to have God in my heart while I am still Catholic to support to have first Deaf Saint. Why??? I do NOT see any Deaf Saints??? All are hearing Saints... That's why I am still waiting for a group (dosen't matter different religion people who want to be involve) to have a trip to Rome and make a motion to Vatican to have Laurent Clerc to become first Deaf Saint. Thanks, Karen for your comment.

ASL Risen said...

Hi deafk,

Yes right that we are STUCK with no info from Bible!

Thanks, Shawn

ASL Risen said...


Whew!!! Glad to know that Jesus do still love ASL Deaf people, too! But I feel that we, different Deaf religion people should get together and go Galilee or other place to find more info or details about Deaf man's life backgrounds.

Oh well, I better go get ready to work on Sabbath's Day. Shawn

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well, there are bounty of information from Jesus' time how things happened. Custom, clothes, how people said, habits, food and things for food, housing, nature, geophric (lands), and others will help you to understand why the verse presented the information.

thanks, deafk

Anonymous said...

I am so curious, what is ur religious kind? Christian or Catholic?

FRED said...

I appreciate people studying the bible, and yes I agree with several who mentioned the aspect of difficulty in reading, and it's translation.

Having graduated from a seminary, myself, I found several scholars who have encountered the same experiences as you, but it takes a favorable amount of time, prayer, and honest-open revelation from God through His spirit.(not just, He told me so and so... but showing, leading, and enlightening us).

Three basic areas to consider in reading, and studying the texts of the bible:
1. Read it as a whole ...
2. What is the purpose of these texts ...
3. Understand the time-frame, environment, culture, and educationa status of everyone living those days.

I hope this helps in understanding the scriptures a lot more.

Enjoy as I will do ...

DeafSpook said...

Good topic! Don't you ever forget how some hearing people, even CODA or SODA, takes advantage of this misperception of reading levels, to engage in Audism. Oppression! That's hardly a practicing Christian here.
Why do you think many religion programs controlled by hearing? Stick to your own personal relationship Christ and you know he loves you no matter what!

Jean Boutcher said...

The Holy See of the Vatican has upheld its laws in regard to canonisation. One of the laws holds it that the Church will not canonise any person as a saint if he or she has not performed any miracle witnessed by people.

It is sad (and embarrassing) that whereas several hearing universities awarded Clerc an honourably doctorate degree Gallaudet University has never awarded him one. I and several Deaf people proposed it to a BoT member in 2004. No response!

We can call Clerc the world's greatest humanitarian of the deaf because he gave up the life of the city of the Eternal Light like Paris for the rural America in 1816 to help found America's first school for the deaf. You may visit my art works of Clerc at, Look for "artists" and click it. Then look for my name Jean Boutcher and click it to see my paintings.

Vive Laurent Clerc!

Kim said...

I found this website and enjoyed reading it. It's the 'parable' for today. Many of us are spiritually deaf & blind..

Hope it helps! Hey, I have Master degree and still have some struggles understanding the bible. I read the child & teenage bible to get more clear concept.. There are many bibles in those age for tweens/young adults.

I consider King James Verison the most difficult bible to read because it's written in Old English with thee, thou, shalt, etc..

Good luck in your spiritual journey! God bless you! - Kim in KS

ocean said...

Interesting perspective. You got me thinking Like someone said, Bible is hard to read. I beleive its orgin was Greece. Then some translation got lost in the process.

People, let alone pastors, interprets BIBLE differently. Who is right? Who is wrong? I cant answer that. Look at all the churches in the world. Enough to make my head spin.

Some may recall Father Tom Chouglin established deaf camp, selecting ot use one of the bible which is MARK7 based on the deaf man. Father Tom Coughlin had interesting interpretation of this miracle. I could not argue with him on that one. Simply, I never thought of it, let alone give my own perspective/interpretation.

To get LAURENT CLERC entered as a saint. If I understood catholic rule correctly. Correct me, if i am wrong. Someone would need to show prove, Laurent healed this person of their physical ailment when they pray to him.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! No time for church??? please read Hebrews 10:25. If you think Jesus oppressed a deaf man in the bible. No oppression from Jesus Christ. You only misunderstood what Jesus Christ said. Please read similar verses like Matthew 8:4, 16:20, Mark 1:44..Notice that Jesus Christ said the same thing to different people, not only to the deaf man.

Being a catholic person does not help you going to heaven. Please read John 14:6. You must believe in Jesus Christ with your whole heart and mind. Should you die, you will go home to be with Jesus Christ. Any church is nothing to us. Just a place of worship Jesus Christ. If you read John 14:6, Jesus is the way, the truth and the life: no man comes to the Father but by me (Jesus Christ). It did not say Catholic church is the way, the truth and the life.... Suggest that you need to confess your sins to Jesus Christ with your sincere heart and mind, not to the Catholic church. Holy Spirit will come to your heart and help and guide you to understand Jesus Christ at His own time, not your own time. Please do not say that you have no time for church. It sounds like you do not have time for Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ does know that you are not honest with Him.

Deaf Socrate'sTrail said...

No, your comphensive reading skills might not be a real important but you will not be able to understand whole things in Bible because Bible is full of sound of the words that you can not hear the sound of words that is what Bible is the sound of the word from God's words. I do not believe every Deaf person can understand that book. I am very good reading at many books, some are difficult to understand or grasp the concept because of the sound like Shakesappears or Bible is full sound of words that is very hard to understand you have to repeat reading several times might help you and me too, NOT worry about your skills on reading!

ASL Risen said...

Wow, so MANY comments today while I was at work today! Thank you so much for your feedbacks! Myself that I am not strong Catholic but I do have a heart for God and Jesus no matter what.

Well, actually that I feel Laurent Clerc should be Saint because he gave so much sign language to bring over here in America from France!

DeafSpook, SODA and CODA are very much WELCOME to join a group dosen't matter different religions they have! Together will be GREAT to support Deaf Saint, so we can celebrate St. Laurent Clerc on every year Dec. 26!!!!

I need go get some sleep.. Good night! Thanks again for all of your comments. Good night! Shawn

Anonymous said...

What is so important to have a deaf or whoever as a saint? Believing in saints will not help you go to Heaven. Jesus Christ is the only way, the truth, and the life: no man can come to Heaven but by Him. Ii is noticeable that many Catholic people like to pray for those saints. It is worthless to pray for those saints because they cannot help you at all. To respond to some comments, the source of the Bible is Greek and Hebrew. If you seek to understand God, you have to pray and study the Bible with proper attitude first. God has several methods of communicating with people.

ASL Risen said...

I would like to see Deaf Saint to support some of us Deaf who suffered from the Oppressors. So that's why we want to honor Laurent Clerc to become Saint since the Catholic do not have any Deaf Saint.. Dosen't matter because all different religions are NOT perfect people! As long as we have our own heart and spirit to thank Laurent Clerc to bring sign language from France and did educated some Deaf to become teachers for the Deaf children in Golden Age Years before the Milan 1880's wiped ASL out from some America Schools for the Deaf.

It's important for us all to honor and recognize Laurent Clerc every year on Dec 26 with Deaf workers and people who did experience from the heavy oppressions for so MANY years. I know that some Catholics are GOOD and some are NOT good people just like other different religions..

Thanks, Shawn

Tooty said...

Greetings from Ireland

I just saw your message on the blogs and want to says something to you.

I'm deaf and am catholic too.

I agree with others that this has nothing to do with your reading skills. The bible is the most difficults for everyone to read and understand it (Maybe not all of them).

They are right that there are many differents interpretation in each verse of the bible.

The most important is that you have a god and Jesus, in your own heart.

Good day to all of you and Shawn too ! Take good care and Mind yourself too.


P.S Oh, I forgot to mention that In UK, the BSL Bible Translation Project has been set up to translate the whole christian bible into British Sign Language. Team of bilingual deaf and hearing people including the bible expert have began to translate parts of the bibles. More info can be found at;

ASL Risen said...

I am NOT strong Catholic myself as long as I do not hang around with the other Deaf Catholics (some former Day students whom they are Speech teacher nuns' favorite pets) like to watch us some former dorm students who experienced abuse from some nuns. They the former day students did acted glad or turned their face away from some of us former dorm students. So that's why I have to stand strong myself supporting the victims who suffered from the oppressions.. It is pay back from the Catholic to give some donation money to some of us who suffered from PHYSICALLY ABUSED or some did expirienced with some of us did blocked Deaf education for so many years with our heavy scars..

Pls do go copy and paste from the currently updated news from San Diego Catholic Diocese link:

But I wonder if some Catholic Diocese will donate some money for the brothers and sisters who suffered from "Physically Abuse", also???

Understand my points??? See other different religion churches did abused other people, too. Not only one Catholic have the big problems.

Thanks, Shawn

Anonymous said...

Interesting topic.

Carl Schroeder is right at this point.

Here is

Therefore, it does *not* exist.

I am practically not religious person.

Frankly, I have never understand the bible. It's too complicating to debate. My weakness is to comprehend the language in the bible, too.

I am embarrassing that my alma mater did not make the motion, Laurent Clerc to obtain the honorary doctorate degree to the BOTs as Jean Boutcher mentioned.

What a shame.

Good debate, though.

White Ghost

Dianrez said...

The Bible is one of many holy scriptures collected by the Catholic Church and other religions, such as the Jews and Muslims, have vast collections of scriptures, too.

These are reviewed in each major religion and parts are rewritten or eliminated, so this is why we have many versions of each scripture.

Over time, languages and meanings change, as do customs, so we lose some meaning.

There are several ways to get a better understanding of the scriptures: one is to view it as a history of people learning to live together and to help each other.

Another way is to view it as God's word written down by men, who are imperfect beings with limited understanding of such a huge deity.

More ways to view it or understand it: through knowledge of the history of the area and its people; by reading scriptures of other groups living there; by reading similar scriptures written by different people.

We often cannot do this deep study ourselves for many reasons, so we depend on the churches and wise men who have gone through years of education in the Bible. These teachers give us their interpretations that may help us understand.

And in the end, there is your own conscience. This was put there by God, and it can help you make sense of what you are learning. If your conscience tells you a scripture interpretation is right, it probably is. Using that and the consciences of wise people around you to understand the Bible is probably the most useful tool.

Susan said...

I am snickering about the conservation over the bible for one on earth is more than aware of what the bible has to say even though many pastors give messages, none of them understand at 100% for sure. I am no longer a churchgoer since my deaf brother died - he was repeatedly raped by the priest since he was 10 year old! Nice try to believe the churches or pastors, but they are just hypcroists as far as I know...Trust in your heart...Smile!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shawn!

I've been watching your vlog for a while, but I'm shy. Now I finally feel it's time to write a comment!

I'm deaf and I went to a Catholic deaf school ('83-'92) and the older nuns just think that deaf people (or their mothers/families)are being punished from doing a grave sin and that's how we became deaf. So stupid... they can be so incredibly cruel and heartless. It's strange how they're nuns in the first place!

I hope that the nun's death will bring you some sort of closure somehow to know that she won't hurt anyone ever again.

About the Bible, it's tough. I come back every week to learn something new since it's impossible to learn on your own. That's why there's study groups so we can all support each other and try to work with the translations in Hebrew (I'm Jewish) and try to take out as much meaning as clearly as possible.

As you can see, lots of us find it tough!


ASL Risen said...


I agreed with you that the Bible is so confusing. Recently, I just found out that before 1611 (King James version) people had to pay the Catholic priest to hear the word of God. Wierd about "PAYING to hear the word of GOD"?? God is supposed to be FREE for everyone!!

And another vlog said the Bible is charging us to pay for the book... The Bible is supposed to be cost FREE.. Oh well, the church seems want to have money to pay TAX for property or something??? But I know about Matthew the Tax Collector.. Isn't he an Apostle??

ASL Risen said...

Jean Boutcher!!!

Wow, beautiful artwork!!! Oh by the way I would like to see the close up of your artwork "Older Clerc" so I can see what his face looks like so then I can put up like "Heaven Cloud with his face up like God of Deafhood Heaven" in my next painting if I have time.. Smile! Shawn

ASL Risen said...


I agreed that those HYPOCRITES nuns and priests who wants to control Deaf education and treated some of us, Deaf like ANIMALS before the cochlear implants came out!

Ouch about your Deaf brother died. I feel so BAD !!! hugs, Shawn

ASL Risen said...


Really King James are hard to read? But King James and his people did paid to go hear the words of God from the greeding Catholic church.. Huh??

ASL Risen said...


Well seems the Bible may be making many mistakes and some not true because of not published book until after the year of 1610. But there are some writings from James King like ummm around the year of 49 AD.

So... Some those current religious leaders, scientists, philosophers, theorist, and professors get together and travel many different places and to the Jerusalem to find the factual and they found nothing. They all agreed that bible is in fact more than 90% myth (false) and that leads to other religious fanatic with closed minded angry and disagreed. For example, bible mentioned about Noah’s ark and Moses incident, they found to be false. There is no such thing as Noah’s ark with the size of ship, timing frame, ages of Noah’s and his children, etc….

ASL Risen said...

Anon at 4:16 AM,

I do NOT worship the Saints! But in my thoughts, why does the Catholic do not have Deaf Saint??? Is it proof part of discriminationg or oppressions or Audism?? Huh???

Thanks, Shawn

Anonymous said...

I just saw your vlog about The Lord's Prayer in ASL today. I hope you don't mind me posting it here. Anyway, I feel it is very important for us to be careful with how to translate anything into ASL. It is not easy. Anyway, now about The Lord's Prayer...The problem is that we are not sure what the prayer really means exactly. Too many different interpretations by people all over the world. I notice some errors in ASL. For example. You signed 'carry' for deliver, but it has a different meaning which is save or rescue. Steve Hardy also has a lot of mistakes and signed mostly in English order. He signed 'owe' for debts instead of 'sins' because debts have several meanings and that one is about sins, not owe like money...Also, he signed mostly in English for "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. It doesnt make sense to Deaf people. That line means that God wants us to do things on earth just like thins are done in heaven. I wish I had courage like you and Hardy to show my vlog, but I don't. I really wish I could help explain how to do it in ASL. I am not 100% perfect, but I feel that we need to do it more conceptually accurate for Deaf ASL Users. Thanks. Oh, I am not able to post my comment anonymously on Hardy's website so if you dont mind to find time to forward this to him for me, I will really appreciate it and I hope it will help him to think about it, too. Thanks again!
Let us continue to thank God/Jesus for everything. Amen!

ASL Risen said...

Anon 11:27 am,

I do NOT mind to forward your comment msg to Stephen Hardy! Thanks for your open mind!


ASL Risen said...

Anon 11 27 am,

To proof you that I already sent my msg on his video tube email addy and plus left my comment on his vlog link (copied and pasted):

Okay with you? Shawn

ASL Risen said...

Anon at 11:37am,

I found Stephen's Lord's prayer vlog that I already left a msg for you on this link:

Yes, I did caught his signing "owe"..
thanks, Shawn

Stephen J. Hardy said...


Thank you and yes I see the information from people about what I did wrong in signing. Thank you and I accept the suggestion and corrections.

Peace and Blessings,

Stephen Hardy

Anonymous said...


Wow! You and Steve Hardy are accepting feedbacks including criticisms. You are both very courageous and wonderful about sharing God's word. : ) Amen!