Monday, July 16, 2007

Wondering Alexander Graham Bell ???

My 5 and half minutes video clip.

Wondering about those 4 Candidates who will be running for AG Bell Board Candidates will be supporting "Bilingual" during the term from 2007 to 2010???? Please go read on this link:

Have a very good day! Shawn


drmzz said...

It's unfortunate that some "role models" are assumed for some deaf people. Hard to live up to. Love the individual, not the image.

Joey Baer said...

Shawn - thanks for sharing a story about your and your mother's experience at CID. It is clear that AGBell is very inclusive group. At anytime, a child who couldnt hear or speak, they will simply reject them and the Deaf community will end up taking care of those Deaf children!

As for AGB Board candidates, it is my guess that 3 of 4 candidates are hearing. Even AGB's own hard of hearing members do NOT have a chance to run for AGB board. It shows that hearing is still controlling deaf people! That's the mentality there. Sad!!

ASL Risen said...

Good morning, Joey!

My mom do not have experience in CID but she already experienced as a member of AG Bell and then quit because she felt so embarrassed with my no good reading and writing skills. My mom felt hurt that AG Bell do not care about my writing and reading skills when I was very small girl..

So right now I am wondering about AG Bell do not care about the parents of Deaf Children who may fail in writing and reading skills in their young age while if they do not have good audititory (sounds) and speaking skills???

Yes, true drmzz, about model role!!!

Thanks for your comments! Have a wonderful day! Shawn

michele said...

Hi Shawn,

I wonder if maybe you could send your vlog with the link of Deafread to AGBELL, you may have to add subtitles so they can understand what you are saying and see if they will give you a response?

What do you think?

ASL Risen said...


Good idea but how subtitle from DeafRead? Me type?? Too much work for me.. Thanks. Shawn

Anonymous said...

Betsy will be elected to be board, easily... Why? AGBELL will get money from the Moog family. Easy answer, is'nt it?

Anonymous said...

Moogs are bunch of hyprocrites! They take advantage of poor deaf children!

Jean and her daughter need to be shot at the dawn for their lies and manipulation!

They are evil!