Thursday, October 04, 2007

ORAL Hurts People????????

Have a good day! Shawn


Anonymous said...

Hey Shawn!

Ax to Richard Roehm!

I do not see any differences...that is where many hearing people who spoke english have hurted other people!

Of course, many oral people have hurted other oral people,too.

Come on, Richard Roehm, don't be coy with us!

Shawn, I am gonna to give you a BIG kiss!

\m/ and your ASL forever,

White Ghost

Anonymous said...

You Are Sick!!!!!!!!!!

B.A.D. said...

Hi Shawn!

I could not review your Vlog??

Was anyone else having problem? Hope you can post it again.


Anonymous said...

Thumbs Up for your clip!

Just keep away from militants or backstabbers.

Strive for what is excellency for yourself!!


ASL Risen said...

Thank you commenters!

Im back from funeral! Felt good myself for standing up strong in front of the audiences at the closing mass:

"For some of us who experienced hurt from her abusing us, (interupted by one of Deaf day students signing "NO NO NO NO"!) Oh yes, she did abused me, hope there will be forgiving and may her REST IN PEACE".

Then while walking back to my seats, all FEIRCING eyes on me and asking others "WHO is she???"... They orally said "it's SHAWN ELFRINK"...

After the coffin was away from the mass, some of the nun greeted me so nicely and agreed with me! But one nun said that I should not said that.. OH well, that's life!!!

I better go change my clothes for work. And rest a bit before start my engine. Hugs, Shawn

OCDAC said...

The only difference is the oralists do not have a kappa gamma like gang to export hate to people who dont use or embrace oralism.

That's the differnce.

Richard Roehm

Squ65 said...

*hands waving for Shawn (and Carl) ... Will make a nice friendly vlog about this tonite. Ehe hehe ... ASL must be preserved as always!

ASL Risen said...

Squ65, thank you.. Hugs, Shawn

Anonymous said...


Make note that I am in the computer lab while my kids are in the activities. That is why the computer I am using has a different IPs.

Anyway, Richard Roehm!

As a Gallaudet almunus, I have seen many ex-oralists who have joined the Kappa Gamma fraternity over the years! They have united many ex-oralists from many different old schools.

I can see that you are corruptly pathetic person!

Anyway, Shawn,

I am very proud of you for speaking up at the funeral. It is a good cause you have shown everybody that you have embraced every victims whereas they are in a good and safe place to live. I wish I could see you what you were saying....:-)

White Ghost

ASL Risen said...

Ok White Ghost, I will do that later. Thanks, Shawn