Saturday, March 31, 2007

Must Protect Deaf History!

While I was waiting for the google video link to be processed, I just thought about saving MTB on the photo of cloudy morning downtown in the city of St. Louis.

I did thought about our needs to protect Deaf History for a long time since I did watched this Pure Deaf, Edward Nugent's "Nuke Deaf World" on this vlog link:

Edward, the Pure Deaf warned us WAKE UP and start building our fort to PROTECT our Deaf History, our beautiful language and Deaf Culture! Sometimes I got so tired of Oralists and Hearing Oppressors did fooled and bragged about Deaf History. I got so FED UP with the Oralists and Hearing Oppressors who tried to steal Deaf History away from our Deaf Culture!!! It's NOT RIGHT for us to be MIXED UP with our Deaf History!!! Edward was right about "Secret Weapons"!!! I was thinking about the factory which were made telephones and cellphones that sold to billions of people who need for their own home and work...

That's why I am so seriously concerned about "Saving Mary Thornberry Building" (MTB) to protect our Deaf History from the large group of Hearing/Speech on each floor in SLCC. We need to protect our Deaf History from our any mistakes. Pls go look and read on the error comment from this I was wrong about AG Bell vlog link :

Carl Schroeder, Deaf Professor did his fabulous job to educated us how to preserve our Deaf History about Mary Thornberry on his article link:

I am so grateful to have Carl to teach us about Mary Thornberry because I do not know about Mary Thornberry until Carl did wrote a very interesting Deaf History article about Mary Thornberry!!!! Thank you, Deaf Professor Carl!!!

We MUST PROTECT OUR DEAF HISTORY by perserving and saving the MTB!!!! We cannot trust the hearing/speech to change and steal our Deaf Culture, our language and Deaf History!!! They had already been very good experienced to FOOL and OPPRESS us, the Deaf since the Laurent Clerc Center was built in 1990's (about 16 years ago IJK, JKF and Paul Kelly were in charge of those Gallaudet campus)!!!



David said...


That is why I asked "Where is American Deaf Culture Centre????" in my blog.

The real purpose of Deaf Culture Centre is to preserve Deaf histories, arts, ASL and many other Deaf stuffs. It will always been controlled by Deaf people.


mochame said...

Yeah, that's true! We need preserved the deaf history will have well-worth keeper. A must!