Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oral Deaf Children: To Be Mainstream OR Not To Be Mainstream

My home local public elementary school district of hearing parents of hearing children and I went to night meeting. Several hearing parents who live in my home local district did complaint about FM Systems in the classrooms because the sounds were disturbing and confusing some of their hearing children in the classrooms. FM system speakers confused some hearing children in classrooms because the sounds were not the same in their outside hearing world!!!! What's the points for parents (including Deaf and hearing) of Deaf Oral mainstream students who live from far outside of my home district did took advantage of us, the Ladue District parents taxpayers???

I will make this video clip subtitling later for my home district parents of hearing children to save our taxpayers when I have more time. Have a very blessing day!


Karen Mayes said...

I went to Ladue (Horton Watkins High School) for a year, from 1979 to 1980, from University City. There were about 10 deaf kids (those who could not afford to go to CID/STJ) of us and their English level was very low (of course, the deaf education was not very advanced in 1970's), but my knowledge of English syntax was very high, so I quickly became disqualified from attending Ladue (I could not get the services... even though I was profoundly deaf.) But then I did not like Horton Watkins because lots of kids were snobs there (hey, Ladue is an upper class town anyway...) I went to University City and I loved it... full of rich cultures, black people, Jewish people, etc. I felt more accepted there... lots of minorities there.

My son uses FM system and there is no problem with it in his mainstream school... in fact, people think it is cool that they have a deaf kid sitting in their classes and who knows ASL and who could talk English as well as they do.

ASL Risen said...

Now these days Ladue are not many snobby people... There are some middle family income, some black, some Christians, some Jewish, some foreign, and different religious people.. Everything big change in Ladue now than your time 1970's!!!

ASL Risen said...

But Karen, now the State gov't do pay the Deaf kids go to SJI, CID and MOOG for up age to 3 only.

Anonymous said...

FM systems suck! Annoying in my classes. They don't care.

Anonymous said...

My experience wasn't the same as yours. I was the late-deafened member of my classes, at the Georgia School for the Deaf, in the mid-'70's.
The administrations would emphasize that the other Deaf kids had to strive to learn to speak as well as I could.
The problem was (and I fought it) that the principal didn't mention that I had heard FOR TEN LONG YEARS, which made English and speech easier for me.
It was also, while I waas there that a new principal came in, who demanded total communication.
This idiot didn't stop to think that the majority of those Deaf kids had no ability (training) to speak, but he demanded total communication anyway.
I got in his face a lot....I wouldn't let him treat my friends like dirt.