Wednesday, May 16, 2007

AG donated $10 to NAD for Alice and Gallaudet Statute?

1. Who was the inventor of the telephone in America ?

a. Alexander Graham Bell
b. Gardiner Greene Hubbard
c. Thomas Alva Edison
d. Antonio Meucci
e. Elisha Gray

2. Who was the first American telephone millionaire** ?
** Meaning the first to make one million dollars from the telephone business or any share in it.

a. Alexander Graham Bell
b. Mabel (Hubbard) Bell
c. Thomas Sanders
d. Elisha Gray
e. William Hathaway Forbes
f. Theodore Newton Vail
g. John Pierpont Morgan

You will find out those "dark red fonts" answer to those 2 questions by keep on strolling down from this link:

Get it clue? Mabel got 10 shares from AG Bell before she got married him on July 11, 1877. Could you figure how many shares does Mabel have in 12 years later on June 1889 with that Alice and Gallaudet Statute? Cheap? huh?

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Anonymous said...

Mabel Hubbard received "all but ten of his shares," in other words she got 1497 shares. She was the "first American telephone millionaire," how is that cheap?Also, $10.00 is a lot of money for 1889, you need to take into value the growth of the U.S. dollar between 1889 and 2007. Bell was certainly not a supporter of sign language, but I wouldn't call him cheap.

Read the article carefully before you post misleading statements.