Friday, September 28, 2007

Deaf Oral Kids Suffered From Abused Straight Nuns & Women

View this part 2 video clips with subtitled or closed captioning.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Deaf Oral Children Suffered From Abused Lesbian Catholic Nuns

View this subtitling or closed captioning video clip for not Deaf people or not hearing people.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Deaf Dorm LIfe FUN But Dorm Grade Level Worth or FAIR????

Oh ooops my bad for stealing LaRonda's awesome stories with some brilliant and curiously fun questions recently!
I did sometimes wondered with my questions once in a while:
1. Do the Deaf Boy Dorm Students made bed better than Deaf Girl Dorm Students?
2. Do the Deaf Dorm Students made bed better than both Deaf Day and Mainstreamed Students?

I have to respect my Deaf son because he told me that he RATHER TO STAY at dorm better than staying home while his dad and I are both BUSY FULL TIME WORKING PARENTS!!! So I understand some Deaf Dorm Students do like to stay at dorm better than staying at their home while they were so boring at their home. And also their own parents are full time working parents and do want save their gas mileages from the expensive gas prices after school events and activities like sports, organizations. True!!!! And also some dorm students do have their own family problems at home like lack of communication, divorce or etc..., etc..., and etc...

I would like thank Deaf Dixie's vlog links: (You can go find her subject called "The Houseparents discipline kids to make up bed at the dorm" and click there. Enjoy!

Of course Deaf Dorm Life is so much more fun better than staying home after school on down below video clip:

Do the Dorm Grade Level worth for the Deaf Dorm Students?? I don't think it helps the Dorm Students to improve their self esteem while the Deaf Day Students do not have the dorm grade level at thier home life!!!!

Thanks, Shawn

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Experienced Mainstreamed Problems

I want to respect Gnarlydork by sharing my own experiences with struggling to get my Deaf son to get top qualified level 5 educational interpreter in mainstream for tooo long time WHILE I'm a FULL TIME WORKING MOM! But seems ADA and IDEA laws are VERY WEAK SYSTEMS for the Deaf Education!

I may be so STOOOOPID about Deaf History... I may be WRONG if that Deaf mainstreamed started in 1970's.. I am not sure because I do not have much time to take Deaf Studies while I am a full time working mom with my 2 boys..

I already know that IDEA and ADA laws are still very weak systems.. Including my Deaf and 1/2 blind husband and I are still full time working parents that we do feel so much pressures from the hearing workers on our work floor. Seems that the ADA law do not have good systems on our work floor, too!!! We do still feel oppressed from our work floor but we managed go to work and then go home. We feel that we are suffered to pay our Federal taxes and seem wasted our time with the ADA law systems that are STILL WEAK SYSTEMS!

I did had my own experience with 4 hours of battle war in my Deaf son's IEP meeting before go to work. My Deaf and 1/2 blind husband was stuck at work and couldn't go IEP meeting! I was ALONE and got suffered with my BIG HEADACHE to go work on that night!! I was WORN OUT from the 4 hours war in IEP Meeting!! Plus my Deaf and 1/2 blind husband and I grew up from lack of education from Oral Deaf school here, too! That's why we prefer to have our Deaf son to get far better Deaf education than ours while we already experienced isolated in our mainstreamed high school without educational interpreter provided before the 1990's ADA law passed!!!

Thank you, Gnarlydork for your own express from your feelings! Hope you will feel a lot better asap.. Hope you that you will understand our situation problems.. Don't give up yourself, Gnarlydork!! I better go get busy myself. Smile, Shawn

Monday, September 24, 2007

Why Some Hearing People Still Calling Me Names!

I gotta go now because I am too busy with my full time working schedule! Have a very good week! Shawn