Monday, July 30, 2007

Children and DBC 's Peaceful Demonstration at AGBAD Inspired Me!

(view on 7 minutes video clip)

JohnABC, thank you so much for accepting my vlog, yesterday! You ARE NOT ALONE! We, the Deaf Advocates need to be educated how to "BE ALWAYS COOL" whenever there are Deaf against Deaf, too! (Some of us, Deaf Advocates were already victims from some Deaf back stabbings,too just like hearings backstabbings on other hearings, too! There are some Deaf Oralists against some Deaf Oralists too!) Thank you so much for your response and shared your v-blog link:

We (I need) Brianna, AV-Anthony, Mark's 2 children and Jehanne to educate us how to be PEACEFUL Demonstration before we go Milwaukee, Wisconsin next year!

My opinion: YES we should go ahead to have PEACEFUL demonstration in AGBAD at Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

Of course, I will not give up myself for advocating the DBC while there are too much Deaf against Deaf. I know that someone did used White Ghost's name! But I cannot accept bad words on my vlog's comment.. Sorry!!!

Thanks so much for all who involved in last weekend with the PEACEFUL protest at AGBAD! (including vloggers, bloggers and reports from email!)



Anonymous said...

Where is your comment on Deafness a "Primary" Disability?

Domvera said...


Indeed, DBC and children are very inspired insights how encouragement we are depicting our concerns for deaf babies to make their early education without further delay in literacy. Absolutely, I agreed with you about not blaming on deaf residentials, yet the mainstream and oral programs have failed for deaf and hard of hearing indivdiuals. We must fight to be equal to each other.
Thank you for your sharing.

Nick Vera

ASL Risen said...


Sorry that my comment was not acceptable there!

Domvera or (Nick Vera),

Yes, I agreed with you! Thank you so much for your comment on my vlog!

Big smile and hugs, Shawn

Anonymous said...

Since you deleted my real comment, so, I cannot post your blog unless you set up the account. So that way, I can provide you my email address.

Sorry, I decided not to post yours from now on.

The real White Ghost

ASL Risen said...

White Ghost,

I already know someone did used your name already but I cannot accept bad words on the comment from my yesterday comment.

I already left my email addy for you, White Ghost on "No Love for Parents, Kids and Babies from AGBAD!" vlog.

I better go now sign off my computer and get ready go work soon! Have a very good day!


Anonymous said...

Good, I am glad to hear that. :-)

Now, you know you can compare between me and the impersonator.

I am not that kind of person to make the swear words.

I love my id name, White Ghost because I am honoring my favorite cartoon, Casper.

Thanks for understanding.

White Ghost ;-)

drmzz said...

Wow, you seem so inspired that you might explode! Good to see smile.

For outside vlogs, I use digital camera (not video camera) that has video option. I can shoot short video and take pictures same time. I think Jon Savage show example at his blog one time.

The kids are alright.