Friday, September 07, 2007

Why Not Enuff Deaf Male Actors????!!!!

I praised Gary Brook brought up his own perspective for needing more Deaf Male Actors! You can go find and click on his own video clip called "Why Some Deaf Actors Are @&!%@#!?!?!" on this vlog link:

Oh yes, I wish there are more Deaf actors like CJ Jones!!! I did watched his performance at MSD's high school graduation ceromony! Gosh, he made me laugh so hard!!! CJ Jones is so awesome Deaf actor!!!

And also I would like to see older Deaf male actors to perfom in Rated "R" movies to help me and other Deaf women to understand and know what to do with our Middle Age Crisis relationship life! I do not want to see the Rated XXX porn movies because I want to see more Deaf Culture movies with Rated R to educated us what the real serious relationship life looks like. We need to know what is the real relationship life look like before we the Deaf decide to keep our marriages and other partners more healthy serious relationship stronger.

I do have a question for ChrisH !!! Bye, I gotta go start my engine now and go out of town for a whole long weekend. Will be back home on Tuseday! Hope you will enjoy your weekend!


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Anonymous said...

yeah! i agree him
there should be more actors
my dream was become actor