Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oral Deaf Children: To Be Mainstream OR Not To Be Mainstream

My home local public elementary school district of hearing parents of hearing children and I went to night meeting. Several hearing parents who live in my home local district did complaint about FM Systems in the classrooms because the sounds were disturbing and confusing some of their hearing children in the classrooms. FM system speakers confused some hearing children in classrooms because the sounds were not the same in their outside hearing world!!!! What's the points for parents (including Deaf and hearing) of Deaf Oral mainstream students who live from far outside of my home district did took advantage of us, the Ladue District parents taxpayers???

I will make this video clip subtitling later for my home district parents of hearing children to save our taxpayers when I have more time. Have a very blessing day!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Differences Both NTID Students Were from Orally SJI Graduated Got Killed

I was thinking "Why that Hearing Orally SJI Nun Principal do NOT send us letter to us all SJI Class of 1978 about our "day student sister" who got killed from a car crash on the way to NTID from here in St. Louis???? Why does that Hearing Orally SJI Nun Principal did sent the letter to a whole SJI Class of 1980 about "our dorm student brother" who got killed from jumping off the top of Empire State Building while he was a student of NTID???? Know who was that hearing Orally SJI Nun principal??? You can go figure out yourself with who is that Hearing Orally SJI Principal Nun from reading on this blog link: