Monday, August 13, 2007

upcoming plan from asha

(3 minutes and 37 seconds video clip)

The 2007 ASHA Convention upcoming plan info link:

One of sponsors for ASHA's 2007 Convention on that link :

See where Oral Deaf Education 's comes from and that location booth.

ASHA's Ethics from that link:

Will be away from my computer! See you later!!! Have a very nice summer and pls do stay coool! Shawn


Anonymous said...

Signing Time is going to be there. That is great for them to accept Signing Time at their booth. Will AGB accept any Sign Language booth ? not really

Anonymous said...

Hey I'd not be too concerned about the Oral Deaf Education booth being near the food court. Can you imagine people trying to talk with their mouths full of mouths?? ASL users have the advantage of being able to talk with their mouths being full. Smile