Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Different Deaf Religous People Think About Future DBC Supporters

Of course there are MANY Different Religous Church do STILL INVOLVED Government Politics and Fundies now these days! This is my feedbacks for different Deaf religious who really cares about future Deaf children to get their Deaf Bilingural education.

This video for "RUSH" or "IN A HURRY" viewers to learn about Different Relgions do involved Government and Fundies:

Or view this video for "relaxing" or "taking own time" viewers:

This video for "RUSH" or "IN A HURRY" viewers need to think about their own performing different than my "NOT OFFICIAL Catholic's Lord's Prayer" in their home hearing mainstream local church:

Or view this video for "relaxing" or "taking own time" viewers:

Well, see my lord's prayer seems not right but someone did asked us Deaf Catholics for more need feedbacks to support ASL not English Lord's Prayer. That's why I just happened to volunteer but don't take my Lord's Prayer seriously, please!!! I just want to help future DBC because so many local churches did helped many hearing parents to save their own money by sending their own Deaf child to Orally Deaf Catholic School, SJI (St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf)..

Thanks for your understanding! Smile and Bless you all! Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with your family!

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