Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Deaf Still Slave Face Hearing Salespersons????

I am still facing in Deaf Court with an Honorable Deaf Judge Anything from his own vlog link: (pls view on my about 2 minutes video)

Here's the map of St. Louis city and county with 3 black X marks for Powerful Oral Deaf schools and plus 3 blue/green X marks as for ASL classes but I do not know where 2 other more ASL Classes in St. Louis County:

Here's my experience as a Deaf Customer in the city of St. Louis (under 2 minutes and half video):

Heres my response to Toby's vlog link:

See the map with one black X mark where the Oral Deaf School in Columbia! 2 ASL Classes in Columbia with only 2 hearing colleges and 3 ASL Classes in Fulton: WWU (Williams Wood University, Hearing Baptist Church and Fulton Public High School and one Deaf school, Missouri School for the Deaf.

My less stress experiences as Deaf Customer in Fulton, Missouri in regard to response Toby's vlog link:

(view on my less than 3 minutes video):

My Warning to Deaf Columbia Customers (about 2 minutes video):

Just my thoughts sharing my suggestions with you all, Deaf to see your opinions if it is okay to put up the bulletin board in any stores by advertising ASL Classes to communicate with any of us, Deaf Customers (under 1 minute video):

Have a wonderful week! Shawn