Sunday, July 29, 2007

WHAT John ABC the Always Be Cool!!!

(View on my under one minute video clip)

I was so disgusted to read what John, ABC (Always Be Cool)'s comment on "This Is Only The Beginning!" from Ricky Taylor's blog! You can go find Ricky Taylor's title "This Is Only The Beginning" from the Deafread!

I don't understand what's going on with John, the ABC! I will lose my motivation skills from advocating for the Deaf children's sakes!!! It will be a waste of time from the beginning for the DBC (Deaf Bilingual Coaltion)!!! I am so impressed with the DBC's and Amy Cohen-Efron's hard work!!!

I am taking a long break from my vlog because I am feeling so DISGUSTED!

Thanks for your understanding! Shawn


Oscar the Observer said...

I checked it. It just said "ABC", not JohnABC. John always sign "JohnABC" so don't worry. It was not John Lestino. If he knows this, he would be shocked and hurt that whoeve3r used ABC used that.

ASL Risen said...

Thanks, Oscar!

It's an example of losing our motivation skills.. We already experienced from no good teamwork..


Oscar the Observer said...

Just trust me, it is not John Lestina of "Always Be Cool" fame, okay? This blog is yours to use in any way you want but I personally think it is wiser to take down or change what you said and yell at the person pretending to be John instead of at John himself. From his vlog, I get the feeling that he SUPPORT ASL. Just saying :). Take care!

drmzz said...


Anonymous said...

Oscar is right, that is not JohnABC (bright white teeth) Lestino.

deafk said...

you may discard this vlog, if you want. you may ask Tayler Mayer for help...

I know, it happens... easily confused... Oscar is right, John would have said JohnABC...


Cy said...


I highly doubt it was John Lestina of ABC who made all those comments on Ridorlive. I know John and his wife was a college classmate of mine. John embraces ASL and you can see that on his vlogs. He ridicules oralism - remember the one when we did vlogs for "worst vlogs ever made" and John spoke in an exereggated way to mock orlaism. Yes, both John and Jill can speak, but they are not advocates of oralism. John spoke out of necessity to communicate with his parents who did not sign. I imagine the same is true for Jill and thousands other deaf adults. Simply because one is capable of speaking does not mean the person promotes oralism.

Whoever made those posts misled us into thinking it was JohnABC, but one commentor is right - John's signature comment ID is JohnABC as well as that he would hyerlink his comment ID with blue to indicate a blog owner which he usually does on my blog. On Ridorlive, there was no blue highlight so it is a strong clue it was not John Lestina.

Mikey said...


You're jumping into conclusions. You're making swift decisions that could result you losing motivation. Relax. Sit. Back.

If you see something not right. Investigate. When I first saw it, I thought two possible people:

ABC: Amy B. Cohen Efron
ABC: John Lester

Then I read on and I know these two are not the same person/idiot as ABC. So relax. Maybe this topic is sensitive to you. Most important advise for you...

Don't REACT. Just listen and ACT on it. Okay? You'll do fine.

Anonymous said...

Shawn, don't give up! be stubborn as a mule! :-) I went to the protest last Friday. it was worth it. I could not come to the protest last Saturday (already planned! :-() WE fight until AGBell crumbles. :-)

Vans said...

check this link to see what john has to say... :)

Anonymous said...

Hey what's your problems ? I don't understand about JohnABC..... so please explain us what's going on ?

Deaf Advocate said...


You cannot give up! The matter about abc situation is nothing. You can be bold and move on!

He does not know what he is talking about so the main point is he is just like others who have "lost" their place. Not worth getting upset or be distracted.

There is other things to do and the future belongs to the young. It is important to invest in the youth to have them be responsible for the future.

So as we are around to help the young understand future and guide them along.

No need to give up! I know the going is tough, but the bottom line is the reward is there at the end of the road someday!

Be patient and be bold!

Hang in there! =)

Susan said...

click here to go to JohnABC (the real one)'s reply to your vlog if you haven't seen it:

sorry I forgot how to make it clickable... you can copy it and paste it

(trying to make it clickable:)


John Lestina --- said...

Response to ASLisRisen: CLICK HERE