Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Deaf Still Slave Face Hearing Salespersons????

I am still facing in Deaf Court with an Honorable Deaf Judge Anything from his own vlog link: (pls view on my about 2 minutes video)

Here's the map of St. Louis city and county with 3 black X marks for Powerful Oral Deaf schools and plus 3 blue/green X marks as for ASL classes but I do not know where 2 other more ASL Classes in St. Louis County:

Here's my experience as a Deaf Customer in the city of St. Louis (under 2 minutes and half video):

Heres my response to Toby's vlog link:

See the map with one black X mark where the Oral Deaf School in Columbia! 2 ASL Classes in Columbia with only 2 hearing colleges and 3 ASL Classes in Fulton: WWU (Williams Wood University, Hearing Baptist Church and Fulton Public High School and one Deaf school, Missouri School for the Deaf.

My less stress experiences as Deaf Customer in Fulton, Missouri in regard to response Toby's vlog link:

(view on my less than 3 minutes video):

My Warning to Deaf Columbia Customers (about 2 minutes video):

Just my thoughts sharing my suggestions with you all, Deaf to see your opinions if it is okay to put up the bulletin board in any stores by advertising ASL Classes to communicate with any of us, Deaf Customers (under 1 minute video):

Have a wonderful week! Shawn


DeafMom3 said...

Hi! Enjoyed viewing your several Vlogs! You're my neighbor - I live in KC area. Curious.. you know a lot about Moog? Why is she fired from CID? How did she get money, support and building for the oral school? Private funds? It's something for us to learn and get something done for our Deaf bilingual children.

Thanks, Kim

ASL Risen said...

Hello Kim,

Moog did resigned from CID before she was fired. You have a very good question about how she got a lot of money. You can go ahead study by copying and pasting on her link:

I agreed with you that we need to learn and get something done for our better Deaf Education!

Have a very nice day!


Anonymous said...

Whining about paper and pen? whining about oral deaf kids/adults
whining about everything?

Karen Mayes said...

Hi, my father was friends with Dr. Moog... he told me that Dr. Moog was dissatisfied with the way CID was going (more into research than into oral education). She set up her own school, yup... less research, more oral education. So she spoke against it and got fired. Ten teachers resigned to protest the firing.

You forgot one more college in Fulton... Westminster College :o). I went there for three years...

Have a good day,
Karen Mayes

ASL Risen said...

Hallo Karen Mayes,

I didn't know about Westminister College do have ASL Class? But I did looked up at MCDHH's website by copy and paste:

I don't think Westminister do have ASL classes this time. Thanks for more information about Dr. Moog.

Have a great day!


Dennis Bacon said...

Westminister College in Fulton, Mo. do have ASL and Deaf Culture courses for interpreting programs.It can be done in 2 years Assoc. degree(I think)or 4 years for B.A. degree(for sure).

I do know about Moog School in Columbia which I saw in Columbia Newspaper that shocked me a bit. It was about 1/8 miles away from my house, jeez!!

Dennis Bacon said...

Williams Wood University is women college that do have ASL Courses. Westminister College is men college but can go over WWU for ASL courses. Both are neighbors and wild students! LOL.. They are good colleges.

Anonymous said...

Seeing all of these vlogs was quite a treat!

YES, please post the ASL class flyer around at restaurants, etc. You could volunteer to teach one or two classes for free, and I bet people would go. Bring your family. It would be SO COOL for those people. I know my former college had Deaf Awareness Week and had a free sign class one night. A lot of people went, and ASL gained some exposure.
-- Kate

JABParis said...

To ASLisRisen -- I enjoyed your several great vlogs. Keep it up to inform the vloggers and bloggers community.

Columbia have only one ASL class for the community and I am not sure if they still exist. There are two college/university that are teaching "ASL", and one by late deafened adult and one by hearing interpreter.

Keep us informed!! SMile

To anonymous -- stop pushing people's button and get a life.

Judy B

Judge said...

The court room is closed at this hour.


ASL Risen said...

Thanks Dennis! I didn't know about Westminister do have ASL classes!

Judy, thanks so much for your information about Columbia!

Thanks Kate and Judge!

Iam going to bed now. I'm dead tired from work. Shawn

Karen Mayes said...

Dennis, Westminster College USED to be all men college until 1981. It became co-ed... I enrolled there in 1983 (no, I did not finish it... I left in 1986, one year shy of graduating.)

Same goes for WWU (William Woods U.), which also became coed after being all women college.

;o) Karen

Mikey said...

Hi guys,

May I please apologize in advance on what I’m about to say here…

I do not agree with the Judge or other comments about signing ASL to hearing salespeople. This shows entitlement. It is not good.

As an ASL instructor for over 20 years, I’ve learned that in order for the hearing students to learn ASL, they need to feel “safe”. You cannot expect your hearing students to learn ASL effectively if you’re hostile toward them.

There’s one incident that happened to a group of Deaf and Interpreters here in Boston. One summer we went out to dinner at one trendy restaurant, this Deaf person (who I know has excellent speech) decided to order “WATER” by signing without mouth movement. The waitress did not understand her, this Deaf person continue to sign “WATER” without mouth movement. I decided to jump in and said “water” and sim com “THANK YOU”. The waitress looked at me and signed THANK YOU. I looked at her and asked her “how the heck do you expect her to understand you? You’re not meeting her halfway communication-wise” Then we got into a bit of a pissy fit about it for like couple of seconds then we dropped it. When we ordered food, this Deaf person pointed the menu. Before the night was over, I gently told her that she has some anger issues and she needs to see someone professionally to have this resolved. She was taken back on what I said and said she’ll check into it (being sarcastic).

Fast foward: I saw this Deaf person recently, I noticed she appears to be more relaxed. I brought up this restaurant episode, she laughed and said to me that I was right about her being angry and she already saw someone professionally to resolve some of her issues toward hearing people. I asked her what she would do differently, she said she would sim com or ask her (in gestures) to get pen and paper.

The bottomline here is: If we meet hearing salespeople halfway, they will most likely in the future will serve Deaf population better by becoming more aware of our communication needs, even if you have some time, teach them few signs that they can use at their workplace (hoping they’ll take sign classes later on).

We, the Deaf community, are teachers by nature. We need to educate the Hearing world.

Again, my apologies if any of you get upset over this… just wanted to make a point here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mikey

Many good points about dealing with hearing people working in a restaurant or shop. And also adult students in an ASL course. If they feel good about themselves and their progress, they will stay and learn more.

In a restaurant, I don't sign to a waiter. I simply point at the selected dish (in the menu) I want to order and also use my voice and gestures for specific food. If not, I use pen and paper. As one says, KISS. Keep it simple and short.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shawn

It was cool wearing a T-shirt with a pocket full of pens!!! Just loved your story about your husband and son unadvertently taking someone's pen and putting it in their pockets. I do that quite a lot!! Once I had a very expensive and heavy pen. Nowadays, I pay attention to what I am doing and try to return pens to the hearing person. I smiled when your husband offered to do the laundry in your honor and to end up with some clothes with ink stains!!

ASL Risen said...

Yes, me too have to remembering return the pen back to the hearies if it is too expensive or heavy pens! Sigh, been busy myself full time working mother. Too much things to do when my 2 kids's school are out for this summer!

Smile. Shawn

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, Mikey! I'm with you 100%.
Granted, there are some hearing people that are beyond teachable (and not worth our energy), but generally, there are lots of hearing people that want to meet halfway and we need to do that, too. We cannot expect them to know exactly what we're talking about, without us meeting halfway. The time and energy we give them in the beginning will be worthwhile in the long run.