Saturday, April 21, 2007

Deaf Missourians: Deaf Children 's Bill of Rights

Greetings All Deaf Missourians!

You can do your best to write email to MCDHH and cc to President of MoAD to ask MCDHH to set up the vlogs with any related to Deaf Issues on Missouri Legisliations to help us understand better with more visual language than MCDHH's announcement email or MCDHH's website.

Here is the MCDHH's email address is:
CC to President of MoAD:

To inform you that interpreter who did pushed and bad mouthing to that Deaf student, got a job working in Missouri DESE....

My next vlog will be about Deaf Oral Education Problems because I do not see any Deaf oral education policy on HCR 43, Deaf Children's Bill of Rights.

Hope you all Deaf Missourians will consider join MoAD to become united members if we are too busy with our working schedules , families and do have NOT much time to attend to any MoAD meetings!

See you on my next vlog later after this weekend. Hope you all have a very good weekend! Shawn

Thursday, April 19, 2007

MO DESE reported me that 1,000 Deaf students enroll Orally SJI ????

SJIAA Officers??? Where are you???

I got someone from MO DESE (Missouri Department of Education Secondary and Elementary) reported me personally about 1,000 Deaf students are now enrolling in Orally SJI... I do not believe that person who works for MO DESE because I know there is no REAL PROOF OR EVIDENCE!!!

To let you know that I got email from one of SJIAA who wants to nominating me to run for SJIAA Treasurer in 2008 because of SJIAA do not have their own BANK to invest for the alumnians to donate and support some of the Deaf workshops... I told someone that we, the SJIAA members have to vote for the SJIAA to get their own bank first. Someone told me that the SJI Nuns did took all of the money from SJIAA and support the teachers and some Retired SJI nuns (not for the Deaf children)...

I did told someone that I am not interested to run for SJIAA Treasurer because I do not know and I am NOT EXPERT how to take care of the Section 501 (c) 3 at all !!! I did informed someone that I know that I have a big pressures with my full time working schedules and taking care of my 2 kids and my home...

I understand that someone who wants SJIAA to set up their own bank and support to donate the MO DARA and MoAD to set up the Deaf mental workshops by the ADARA and NAD.... But we, SJIAA members must vote through on the internet because most of us could NOT afford to attend the meetings by paying the flight trips, expensive hotel and gas expenses.

Of course, I did told someone that I know that one of the CID professional did asked me because she thought I graduate from CID and did suggested me go ask for CIDAA officers to support my Deaf son by enrolling in CID... That's something I learn from CID professional.

I do not even KNOW why the SJI nuns did took all of SJIAA members' money !!! I know that SJIAA have no BANK to support the Deaf children education needs!!!

Seems SJI nuns do NOT EVEN get the clue of what's their educating role for the Deaf children to grow up in their own real future life needs!!! Most of the SJIAA members do not have job!!! Why??? The nuns seems focus on the money issues with the TAX Return to support themselves for their own SJI nun's fancy retirement life and their own some security needs from the lack of Deaf communicate education in this modern world???

As though I know that there are 2 members of SJIAA did slready met the US Capitol but I wonder if they both knew about Deaf education needs??? I did know one who left SJI after finished 5th grade and he was a former president of AG Bell in the year of 2000.. I am not really sure if they are totally support the Deaf children to be educated in only one oral program at SJI... Pls do click and read those 2 photos of this 2 links:

and this:

I will be grateful if NAD and someone who live in close by Washington DC area and they better go check with those 2 SJIAA members that are currently work closely with the US Capitol for our Deaf Education needs...

What bothers me that one person who works for MO DESE (Missouri Dept of Education of Secondary and Elemantary) did reported me that there are now 1,000 students enrolled in SJI??? How come the SJIAA officers do not report us, the SJIAA members about the number of students are NOW enrolling in SJI this year??? What's wrong with their own communication??? Are they being educated to learn how to become lack of communication from St. Joseph's???? I do not buy and not TRUST this person who works for MO DESE !!!

I want to thank someone who wants to nominating me to run for SJIAA Treasurer but NO THANKS, I am NOT interested to run for SJIAA Treasurer!!! Have a very good day!!! Shawn

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Alumni Leaders? My Report and My Deaf Son

Greetings SJI Alumni Officers and SJIAA members (now free charges to all SJIAA members including Left Students and Graduates)!!!

Here's currently 2 photos from St Joseph's Conversations (formerly SJI Trumpet newsletter)that I got in the mail yesterday.. Interesting about one SJI Graduate and one SJI Left Student did meet the Nation's Capitol. I know those 2 SJI members who are not heavily social with the Deaf community and they both do not have their own experiences by raising Deaf Child themselves because they do not have children at all....

Have a very good Tuseday!!! I need go zoom my work today! Enjoy your day! Shawn